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Getting Ripped in the Spring – Euro Pharmacies



Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #9 comes your way with another fun episode. This time Steve and Da Mobster talk about Getting Ripped in the Spring using Euro Pharmacies anabolic steroids.

Springtime fun with steroids

When the seasons change to spring everyone wants to prepare for the summer to look good.  The warmth is an opportunity to shed your coats, sweaters, and pants and wear more revealing attire that can show off your lean physique.  For this reason, many people choose to run a spring-cutting cycle and plan it out ahead of beach season.  In this podcast, the guys give you some good ideas on how you can execute your springtime steroid run.

Why Euro Pharmacies

Euro Pharmacies is one of the premier steroid brands in the world because they work!

Mobster starts this segment off by going over his own experiences with Euro Pharmacies EP brand, he trusts them with his own fitness goals, and he loves that they provide certificates of analysis on their products to prove they are what they claim they are.

Steve then talks about the mistakes that people make when it comes to cutting cycles and the biggest one is they run what they think is a cutting steroid, which is not what the brand claims. For example, Anavar and Primobolan are both cutting steroids, but sources will cheat by selling cheaper steroids like Dianabol and Deca Durabolin in their place to fool the user.  This can lead to major estrogen-related problems like gynecomastia, water retention, moon face, and high blood pressure.

So you must run a legitimate brand like Euro Pharmacies that is produced in an actual lab, by medical professionals, who take their jobs seriously.


Summer cutting cycle oral

Euro Pharmacies has a product called the summer cutting cycle, which is a bag of 50 tablets.  Each tablet is 50mgs total, 30mgs is Anavar and 20mgs is Winstrol.  Steve says this is a great ratio of these 2 oral steroids because you can take 1 of these pills per day and you would be getting a solid amount of both in 1 tablet.  If you were to take 2 per day you would get double the amount, 60mgs of Anavar and 40mgs of Winstrol which is a very strong cycle.

This is a good option for those who do not want to keep needles in the house and just want to run an oral-only cycle.  Steve likes this one a lot for hardening, cutting, and vascularity.  The pumps are also ridiculous on this stack.


HGH Eurotropin

Euro Pharmacies has a really good human growth hormone HGH option called Eurotropin.  They have 2 options, which come in a 10IU vial and a 40IU vial.   You can make this last a while depending on how much you use daily. Steve recommends not to run too much HGH unless you are a professional, and likes to keep the dosage closer to 1-3ius per day.  HGH is a great fat-cutting peptide and the results start to come together once you are around 2-3 months into it and you can stack in cutting steroids with it.

Mobster chimes in and says an underrated aspect of HGH use is the anti-aging properties it can give you with skin benefits too.

The best thing here is that Euro Pharmacies sells an affordable HGH and you don't have to worry about getting underdosed or fake products which are common with this compound.


Cutting mix 200

Mobster likes another Euro Pharmacies blend and that is the cutting mix 200.  This is made of 100mgs of Trenbolone Acetate and 100mgs of Testosterone Propionate.  Mobster likes getting this stack out of the way in spring because Tren causes a lot of sweating and dehydration when you run it in the middle of the summer heat.  The downside of this stack is you need to pin it often, most users will run it EOD because these are shorter esters.



Steve talks about one of the best hardening steroids ever invented and that is Masteron.

Euro Pharmacies has 2 great Masteron options: Masteron Enanthate and Masteron Propionate.  The Enanthate version is for those who want less pinning since it is 200mgs/ml and is of course a longer ester.  The Propionate version is for those who want more flexibility since it is 100mgs/ml and you can start and stop it, kickstart it, and use it in a finisher in any cutting cycle.

Steve recommends you use Masteron as part of an overall cutting stack and you can stack it with Trenbolone, Testosterone, Equipoise, and just about every oral steroid out there.  It is very versatile, the only thing he cautions against is you should be below 12% body fat to use it otherwise you are wasting your time, since it is primarily a hardener.

T3/T4 and Turinabol

Mobster next talks about thyroid drugs that Euro Pharmacies sell in the form of T4/T3.  He says thyroid drugs are commonly used in bodybuilding to speed up metabolism.

Another one of his favorites is Turinabol Tbol.  He loves Tbol cause it is a great nonaromatizing cutting oral steroid that is easy to use and mild. You can use it in any cycle as an addition, Kickstarter, or finisher.


Rapid Cut Pro 350

The next one Steve talks about is a blend that is gaining popularity from Euro Pharmacies and it is called Rapid Cut Pro 350.

This blend is made up of 75mgs of Trenbolone Acetate, 75mgs of Masteron Propionate, 75mgs of Testosterone Propionate, and 125mgs of Testosterone Cypionate.

This is a great blend if you are a good responder to testosterone in a cutting phase.  If you are new to a blend like this he recommends you start out using 1.5CC per week.  More experienced users can run 2-3CCs per week.


Final Tips

It is very important to use steroids properly to get the best results, especially when cutting down.

Steve starts by talking about avoiding inflammatory foods which will contribute to a bloated gut.  Restaurant food, fast food, refined oils, refined flour, gluten, and dairy are the prime offenders when it comes to mistakes people are using here.

Mobster recommends being aware of how much food you are putting into your body and likes the idea of weighing your food with scales.

Another tip is before you eat a meal drink a full glass of water, that will help satiate you so you do not overeat.


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