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HCG Dangers Exposed

These days, it's hard to separate fact from fiction, especially with the myriad of information floating out there on the internet. As a result, I've been more and more amazed by the continued abuse of HCG in bodybuilding. It seems users think human chorionic gonadotropin, better known as HCG, will help them recover post cycle or during cycle without side effects? How does this kind of misinformation spread is beyond me. As a result, I'd like to discuss the DANGERS of HCG use.

Before we begin, let me explain to you the LH/GnRH function in the body:

When you use steroids, the high levels of hormones in the body tell the hypothalamus to turn-off the production of GnRH from the hypothalamus. Once GnRH is gone, luteinizing hormone (LH) is no longer released. Usually, LH goes from the pituitary gland to the tested where it forces the testes to produce testosterone. However, once LH is gone, your testes shrink and become like small peanuts.

Let's go through some facts and myths with HCG.

  • FACT: Did you know that HCG is extracted from pregnant female urine? That's right, you are injecting dry urine from a pregnant female into your body! How can that be safe? Think about it!

hcg pregnant female urine

Pregnant Female Urine Sample

  • FACT: HCG that is used for too long or in high enough doses will inhibit your own testosterone production due to the negative feedback via the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Meaning: If you use the wrong amount of HCG, you will actually get SHUT DOWN not recover! You read that correct, using HCG can actually inhibit your natural testosterone production.
  • FACT: HCG causes estrogen to go up, giving you female-like side effects. Do you want to look and feel like a woman?
  • FACT: HCG gives you gynecomastia (puffy nipps/gyno) that's not easy to get rid of and causes you to look like a woman who needs a bra.
  • FACT: HCG makes you puffy and bloated. You'll feel depressed during your HCG run and you'll have a very soft look.

Well, what's the alternative???

I'm a believer in herbs and natural methods that don't involve injecting pregnant female urine into myself. As a result, the best natural replacement for HCG is HCGenerate. It's a product you probably heard a lot about. Basically, HCGenerate works by helping restore natural testosterone (T) production by triggering the production and release of T in your testes. It's essentially the best of both worlds, it does the same thing as HCG, but it does it naturally without side effects.

Currently, there are 2 version of HCGenerate, Classic and ES (Extra Strength). I've tried both versions and found ES to be superior for PCT, while Classic is best for on-cycle prevention of suppression.


[YOUTUBE] HCGenerate facts and lies revealed

Where do I pick up HCGenerate?

Right now, N2BM is the most trusted brand of HCGenerate on the market, check it out.

Want to know more about HCG Dangers? Read Part 2 of HCG Dangers exposed:  https://www.evolutionary.org/hcg-is-dangerous-part-2/

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Albert Wolfgang is a professional medical writer with over 20 years of experience. He hold multiple personal training certifications, including the coveted NASM and AFAA certificates. He graduated with honors with a B.S. and M.S. in biochemistry with a minor in physical studies. Albert and his team have trained over 100 IFBB professional bodybuilders, including Hollywood stars and many up and coming fitness stars.

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