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HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Profile

HGG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a peptide hormone found naturally in the body; contrary to popular belief, it is not an anabolic steroid. It is produced in the early stages of pregnancy in females to help balance and control the woman's hormones. Without hcg, the woman would not be able to have the fertilized egg implanted. In males, HCG acts as LH (Luteinizing Hormone) in the body, which signal the leydig cells to produce testosterone.

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Originally, scientists discovered HCG in the 1920's. Since then, the medical field has utilized hcg to help induce ovulation and treat ovarian disorders in women. In males, it's used to treat young males with undescended testicles. In recent years, hcg diet clinics have sprung up that have used hcg to help people lose weight. Although the theory has been around since the 1950's, it has been medically debunked. In 2011, the FDA stepped in and has since declared these over the counter hcg diet protocols fraudulent and illegal.

hcg structure

Fig 1. HCG Chemical Structure

Other medical uses

Aside from fertility, LH mimicking, and helping boys drop testes, HCG has other medical uses as well. In recent years, it has been used as a tumor marker to help diagnose cancers.

Use in bodybuilding

When anabolic steroids are used, the body's pituitary glands go dormant and no longer start producing LH. Without LH, the leydig cells no longer get signaled to produce testosterone anymore, so the user is dependent on exogenous testosterone injections. This is where human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) comes in. Basically, a gonadotropin is any substance that stimulates the gonads (ovary, testes). With LH being the most important gonadotropin with regards to the male HPTA (hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis). Without LH, your body cannot produce testosterone!

When you use hcg, it will mimic LH which fools the leydig cells into producing testosterone. Your testosterone levels will go up as well as estrogen (as testosterone will aromatize into estrogen). The downside is your own body's LH and FSH will become suppressed, so, for this reason, it is wise to use hcg to kickstart a post cycle therapy (PCT), and NOT to use during PCT. Keep in mind, while on anabolic steroids your LH and FSH are already suppressed.

Once hcg use is stopped, your LH, FSH will need to recover naturally; meaning, your body has to start producing these hormones on its own. The role of hcg is to help bridge your cycle to your pct and help you maintain gains as the anabolic steroids are clearing out of your system. I consider this strategy useful in giving your HPTA a 'soft landing' when your testosterone levels are elevated, even while the anabolic steroid esters are clearing out of your system. This is opposed to a hard landing where your testosterone levels crash. (Click Here to Listen to our Podcast episode discussing HCG –Profile)

Testicle size benefits

As mentioned beforehand, when you run anabolic steroids, your pituitary gland goes dormant and your body has no reason to continue producing LH, or testosterone on its own, so your testicles will begin to shrink. Since hcg mimics LH, it will fool the leydig cells into staying operational; thus, keeping your testicles from shrinking. The benefits of this are not just cosmetic! This will theoretically make recovery easier and very likely help you marginally keep your HPTA functioning. So those of you who want children in the future, and are concerned about anabolic steroid use long term, can use hcg to your benefit by using with steroid cycles.


It is important to remember that when you stimulate your leydig cells and cause a spike in testosterone, you will also cause a spike in estrogen. Those of you who are at risk for estrogenic side effects should consider running a light AI (aromatase inhibitor) like arimidex with hcg.

Other side effects

Aside from a bump in estrogen, side effects of hcg are fairly minimal. Keep in mind, if you are a tested athlete, hcg is banned by the IOC.

Half life

The half life of hcg is about 3-4 days.

How to use and dosages

HCG will come in powder form and must be mixed with bacteriostatic water and stored in the fridge. It can last about 60 days when stored properly after being mixed. You can inject either IM (intramuscular) or subQ (subcutaneous). Dosages vary wildly and many guys run very high dosages. I would recommend 250-500iu's 2-3 times per week if using on cycle.

There are many ways to use hcg, you can use it on cycle the whole way through, or you can use it as a kickstart to pct. If you use to kickstart pct, I recommend using 500IUs per day for 10 days, while the anabolic steroid esters are clearing the body. Once hcg use is stopped, begin your pct as you normally would and recovery will be a breeze.

HCG vs. HCGenerate

There is a scary part of HCG that no one talks about; human chorionic gonadotropin is made from pregnant female urine. It's an extract of the urine. Imagine, you're injecting the urine of pregnant women into your body. It's not the best idea, no matter how you slice it. This is where HCGenerate comes in. Instead of using the extract from pregnant female urine, you can use a plant that's backed by millions of users worldwide over hundreds of years. What plant is that? Fadogia Agrestis is the magical plant. It's been used for thousands of years in western Africa to improve sex drive, male potency and increase testicle size (it grows your shrunken balls). In fact, studies have shown fadogia agrestis to be one of the most potent tools to boost natural testosterone levels. Of course, this isn't the only ingredient in HCGenerate, it also has: Fenugreek, 3,4 Divanillytahydrofuran, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, LJ: 100 (Tongkat Ali), which are all potent testosterone boosters on their own. When you take all these ingredients as a whole, in 1 bottle, you get HCGenerate, which is the best natural alternative to HCG. You don't need injections, you don't need to worry about recovery. With HCGenerate, you will be able to get your body to kick start natural testosterone production without a problem.


Fig 2. HCGenerate (with fadogia agrestis) -- CLICK HERE TO READ USER REVIEWS


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