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HCGenerate ES vs. HCG

It is always amazing to hear stories from older bodybuilders and steroid users about what they used to do before they had on-cycle and post-cycle all-in-1 supplements and ancillaries. In those days, they did not have the networking to gain knowledge. There may have been a select few who secretly understood what happens when you use steroids, but the vast majority just used a lot of trial and error and hoped things would go their way. Today, with steroid forums, social media, and people being more open about this stuff, we have learned what works best when you use steroids. In this article, we will take a look at Hcgenerate ES and Hcg, and show you how they compare to each other.

What is Hcgenerate ES?

15 years ago, a natural testosterone-boosting product called Hcgenerate was formulated. It gained so much popularity that guys would start to double their dosage to get even more of a benefit while on steroids and during post-cycle therapy. To meet this demand, the supplement maker N2bm came up with a stronger and more-potent version called Hcgenerate ES (extra strength). The difference between the two products is that the ES version has more dosages of the existing ingredients, plus additional ingredients not found in the classic version. Today the product is sometimes called N2generate ES so that credit card processors do not get upset.

Each serving size is currently 5 capsules, and there are 30 servings, which are enough to last you a month.

There are a total of 17 ingredients in Hcgenerate ES (N2Generate ES). Here is what is in them and the amounts per serving size, which are made up of 5 capsules. Each bottle contains 30 servings for a total of 150 capsules.

Fenugreek PE 1200mg: You can expect lower inflammation, balancing cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and boosting insulin sensitivity. It will also raise testosterone levels.

Mucuna Pruriens 75mg: It will dramatically shorten the time period between wanting sex.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris 600mg: Used to treat low libido and erectile issues, while also raising fertility.

Fadogia Agrestis 1200mg: Boosts sexual performance, including increasing ejaculation strength and endurance.

3,4 divanil 600mg: This ingredient naturally binds to sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and causes a boost in free testosterone ratio, which is the only testosterone that matters.

Basella Alba 200mg: Great for fertility and libido.

Ginseng 125mg: A natural sex and fertility supplement.

Epimedium Extract 300mg: Contains icariin. It is a nitric oxide booster, so it will send blood to the penis and safely sprout erections.

Vitamin E 200mg: Another ingredient for erectile strength.

LJ:100 40/50 125mg: Shortens the time period of wanting sex between sessions and also helps raise free testosterone.

Zinc 7mg: An important mineral for our reproductive health.

Indole-3-carbinol 200mg: Potent ingredient that’s shown to fight cancer.

Iron Nano Beads 10mg: Helps feed your muscles with oxygen.

Magnesium Malate 28mg: A natural energy booster.

Resveratrol 150mg: A potent antioxidant that comes from the skin of fruits like grapes.

Vitamin B-12 2mg: Increases sexual well-being.

Piperin 2mg: Helps absorption of all these ingredients along with raising dopamine and serotonin too.

What is HCG?

HCG is a peptide hormone that is derived from pregnant female urine. It was created mostly to help with female infertility and has since been used for things like depression, obesity, and uterus bleeding. Steroid users started taking HCG during the 1990s to help keep their testes larger on cycle and also because they were under the false belief that it helped them recover faster post cycle.

Which you should use on cycle?

Hcgenerate ES and HCG can both help keep your libido higher on cycle, along with keeping your testes larger. However, Hcgenerate ES does things that HCG cannot do:

*Naturally increases free testosterone ratio
*Boosts antioxidants and mineral/vitamins
*Good for your organs
*Helps erections stay stronger
*Is completely natural/legal and does not require a prescription
*Does not require mixing and injecting

Which should you use during PCT?

Both products can help you feel better during PCT. However, once again, Hcgenerate ES beats HCG in several categories.

*HCG is actually suppressive, because it will mimic hormones that stimulate the Leydig cells. This will cause the pituitary glands to stay shutdown longer.

*Hcgenerate ES does not delay recovery whatsoever. In fact, it will not stand in your body's way of recovery and actually boosts the pituitary glands so that it will produce hormones itself.

*HCG can damage your HPTA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis), while Hcgenerate ES will not.

Hcgenerate ES also helps your body detox, de-stress, and stay strong while in post cycle therapy. In contrast, HCG can actually stress your body out further.

The truth is HCG should never run in PCT, but Hcgenerate ES is completely safe and advantageous during this time.

Where to buy

Hcgenerate ES can be found at N2bm.com and Amazon selling as N2generate ES.


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