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HGH and Trenbolone Bulking Para Pharma


Welcome to another version of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0.  In this episode #43, Steve and Mobster discuss HGH and Trenbolone Bulking using Para Pharma.  This is the episode where you can learn about how best to stack these two compounds to help you bulk up.

Para Pharma promo

Steve starts the podcast off by stating that Para Pharma has been around for over 12 years and is well-known on many bodybuilding forums.  They have a cult-like following due to the popularity of their products and many people trust and depend on Para Pharma to deliver them high-quality products.  Para Pharma is also a one-stop shop because they carry not just great steroids, but great HGH, and other ancillaries you need on or off cycle.   They also have promotions to save you money on their products.  Finally, you can see certificates of analysis on their products including HGH where you can see the test results to prove they are actually what they claim to be.

Mobster says when you order Para Pharma you are getting pharmacy quality gear at an excellent price.  They have a reputation that has grown over time and they keep getting stronger.  This is why people who use Para Pharma products keep coming back over and over.


Bulking description

Mobster says that in the old days, bulking was described as putting on a little bit of fat, water, and muscle mass.  However, today he says that it's more of a lean bulk where people don't necessarily blow up 20 or 30 pounds.

Steve's view on bulking is simple:  Increasing your body mass.  Steve says muscle tissue is not the same thing as muscle because muscles are mostly made up of water. He can put anybody on a bulking stack of lots of testosterone and Dianabol and you would bulk up 15 or 20 pounds with no problem, but this is not true bulking, it is just water weight.

The question becomes do you want to just get big like a perma bulker? Or do you want to get big and still be lean?  The nice thing about HGH and Tren is that they are one of the best at building actual muscle tissue, which is far better than other methods.

HGH information

Steve says that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is used in medicine for children who aren't growing properly.  In terms of bodybuilding uses, we use it to give us a PED advantage.  Steve explains as we get older our natural levels of growth hormone begin to rapidly drop, this means it will become harder to recover from workouts, harder to slow down aging, and harder to avoid other negative issues associated with getting older.  HGH also is capable of splitting and growing cells, which is why the top pro bodybuilders use a lot of it with their cycles.

You can go to an anti-aging clinic and spend a fortune to get a prescription for HGH, or you can order Para Pharma HGH and save a boatload of money in the process.  They carry what is called Paratropin which is a kit of 100iu's/ 10 vials x 10iu.

When HGH is stacked with Tren it will cause incredible growth, which is why every person standing on the Mr. Olympia stage is using a lot of both.

The benefits of HGH in bodybuilding are:

Deep Sleep

Fat loss


Skin improvements

Immune system boost

More libido and energy

More endurance and performance

Better cholesterol health

Fast recovery

The downside of using HGH is minimal if you use it properly.  Mobster says there is no reason for someone to exceed 3iu's per day, if it is high quality like from Para Pharma, unless they are a top-level professional bodybuilder.

If you do decide to run an excessive dose for long periods of time you can deal with several side effects including:


Joint pain

carpal tunnel

water retention

GH gut caused by organ growth

unwanted fatigue

Cancer cell growth


Tren information

Tren became very popular in bodybuilding during the 80's and has been used in the cattle industry to increase the body mass of the animals.   A human-grade version was produced by Negma France called Parabolan, but discontinued in 1997 due to stricter steroid laws.  After that, bodybuilders started to produce Tren from cattle pellets under the Finaplix H brand.  Luckily for us, underground labs now do the dirty work and produce high-quality Trenbolone at a very affordable price.

Tren has changed bodybuilding and it can transform your physique in a very amount of time.  It is considered a fantastic bulker and Steve says he used Tren to twice set new personal records in both body weight and strength.

Para Pharma carries several different options when it comes to Trenbolone.

Para Pharma Tren ace 100: This is a short ester version of Tren which should be injected every 1-3 days.

Para Pharma Tren Enanthate 200:  This is a longer ester of Tren which should be injected once or twice a week.

With either option, you can stack HGH with them.

Tren Mix 350 - Tren E 100mgs, Test E 250:  This is great for those who want to run a 2.5/1 ratio of Test/Tren along with HGH.

Long Stack 300 Masteron E, Test E, and Tren E 100mgs each:  This is a great option for those who want to keep a 1:1:1 ratio of Mast/Test/Tren and only have to inject once or twice a week due to the Enanthate esters.

Mobster says that Tren is truly the Nectar of the Gods and the king of all steroids.  Steve says you must not use Tren unless you are experienced with steroids as it is too powerful.

How to stack both HGH and Tren

Opioid epidemic, drug abuse concept with closeup on two heroin syringes or other narcotics surrounded by scattered prescription opioids. Oxycodone is the generic name for a range of opioid painkillers

The guys say that HGH can be run from 1-3IU's per day and Tren can be run from 200-500mgs per week total.

Steve recommends you start using HGH ahead of time for 8 weeks, then take Tren for a maximum of 8 weeks, and then continue using HGH after that.  HGH can be run for many months.


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