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HGH Cycle with Euro Pharmacies

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Intro and history

euro pharmacies

Welcome to another great episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0. In episode #32, Steve and Mobster discuss doing an HGH cycle with Euro Pharmacies!  This is the podcast to listen to if you want to learn more about the best ways to use this fascinating compound.  The guys go over the history, medical uses, benefits, how to cycle/dose, and how to get Euro Pharmacies HGH.

Steve starts the show by talking about what Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is all about.  He explains that it is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth on the cellular level.  This amazing protein has endocrine functions in animals and is synthesized in cells via amino acids.   From there, HGH will stimulate cell reproduction and regeneration in humans/animals.  In fitness, we love using it for performance; while others will use it for its wonderful anti-aging properties.

HGH is very different than anabolic steroids because it can use mitogen to boost growth among cells, causing them to not just grow, but also divide and grow.  Mobster says that anabolic steroids are not able to do such a thing, so this makes HGH partly responsible for the crazy huge physiques we see in today's bodybuilding, where guys can be 280-300 pounds while also maintaining low body fat.

Age, environment, and medical uses

Steve explains that growth hormone begins to drop much earlier in life than Testosterone does in the body.  It reaches a peak in a person's teenage years as they grow, then starts to drop off rapidly once someone gets into their 20s.  By the time a person reaches their mid 30's it starts to level off and gradually decline over time.

Mobster says that these factors are also dependent on things like lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors.  If you grew up near a coal plant for example then obviously you can expect your hormones to crater much earlier.  To keep your HGH higher, it is important to make sure you stay sexually active, work out (but do not over-train), eat well, practice fasting protocols and sleep at least 7-8 hours a night consistently.

In the medical community, HGH has been prescribed to children who suffer from growth disorders and also to people with severe muscle-wasting diseases.  Sadly, in the 90s and 2000s, many AIDS patients would get HGH from their doctors and then sell them to middlemen or straight to bodybuilders. This is how it fell into the hands of pros in that era.

Today, it is widely available from anti-aging clinics, however, the price is extremely high if you source it this way with some patients foolishly paying 5 figures a year.  It is also available via the black market, however, it is important to use a trusted brand like Euro Pharmacies or you will end up with a fake product (more on this later in the podcast).

Benefits to Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders and athletes stand to gain a lot from using HGH. As mentioned already, it is essential in professional bodybuilding to be using it to keep up with competition. It is also huge in all professional sports because it is so difficult to bust someone using it. The reason for this is that it is in and out of your system quickly, so even a blood test will not detect excess IGF-1 or Growth hormone unless it is done within hours of administration.   Some of the best athletes of all time (such as Lance Armstrong) and celebrities (such as Sylvester Stallone) have either admitted to using it or have been caught with it in their possession.

The reason using it is so important is that it is amazing for recovery.  Imagine being able to recover at 40 years old like you did at 20 years old.

It also will boost endurance, performance, energy, libido, immune system, skin health, and metabolism.  It is incredible for fat loss and it also helps you sleep harder, and also helps your skin and hair health.

Side effects

There are side effects to using HGH, but they are dependent on your dosage.

Things like joint pain, carpal tunnel, feeling sleepy, water retention, and blood sugar issues can happen.  However, Steve says that if you run it at a low dosage it is highly unlikely any of those problems occur.

Cycling and Stacking it

HGH can be run solo and it is very different than anabolic steroids because it will not shut you down. Rather, when you use it you get a pulse of growth hormone which then subsides.  So you can use it at your leisure.  One of the tricks Steve recommends is to use it before you break your daily fast because while you are fasting your growth hormone will begin to rise inverse to insulin, then after you eat your growth hormone drops.  So to take advantage of the situation you should take HGH right before your first meal of the day no matter what time it happens to be.

HGH stacks well with anabolic steroids as well for those looking to recomp or bulk.  Professional bodybuilders will also add insulin as well to help bring down blood sugar and boost nutrient partitioning.

HGH dosing can range from 1IU-2.5IU's for an average Joe looking for anti-aging benefits and fat loss. Professionals will take much more, up to 20IU's per day.  If you are to run a high dosage it is strongly recommended to use insulin and possibly thyroid medication with it.

Steve says that you can get some benefits of HGH within weeks on it, however, to get the full benefits you should aim to use it at least 4-6 months.

Euro Pharmacies HGH products

Unfortunately, HGH is considered the #1 most faked performance-enhancing product. The reasons it is faked so much:

  1. Hard to source
  2. Hard to store
  3. Very expensive
  4. Easy to fake since it looks like any other powdered peptide

One of the most popular ways to fake it is using HCG in its place since both look the same and they do have some connections in terms of results and benefits.

The guys say you must use only a high-quality HGH source otherwise expect to lose a lot of money. Euro Pharmacies sells legitimate HGH and they make it extremely affordable even to someone who isn't wealthy.

They sell an HGH product called Eurotropic which comes in a 40IU vial (13.3mg) with the chemical name Somatropinum.  Euro Pharmacies also sells entire kits of the same product that are 10 vials X 10IU's which are amazingly priced.  A months worth will cost you about the same price as auto detailing your car!


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