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Why HGH Supplements are Total Garbage?

....HGH Supplements are FAKE!....

Human growth hormone (HGH) is highly coveted for its strong benefits, including fat loss, anti-aging effects, increased IGF-1 production, rapid injury healing, better sleep quality, and enhanced athletic performance. But there are two main downsides to HGH:

  • It's costly — as you'd expect from such a powerful drug.
  • You need to deliver this compound through injection.

People who are looking for a cheaper and needle-free way to unlock growth hormone benefits often consider supplements. HGH supplements, also called GH supplements, have become big business for supplement retailers. These products promise big benefits in the form of a yummy powder, small pill, or nasal spray.

But can you really unlock the power of growth hormone through a store-bought supplement? Keep reading as I answer this question and get to the truth of the matter.

Delivery Method

....Only One True Delivery Method for Growth Hormone....

To quickly answer the question that I posed above, no, HGH supplements don't work as advertised. One main reason why is because you can't deliver the growth hormone protein molecule orally or through the nose.

HGH supplement

HGH supplement

HGH might look like a simple liquid solution. But on a microscopic level, the protein molecules found in this solution are quite large and fully alive! These active proteins start to die immediate after mixing with NACL/BAC water therefore it is critical to inject and use the solution quickly. GH protein molecules are so large, in fact, that the membranes in your nose and stomach can't absorb them.

Even if a supplement retailer could produce these protein molecules in their product—which isn't the case—your body simply can't absorb them. Therefore, any company claiming that their concoction works like real HGH is completely lying.

HGH Protein Molecule

....The HGH Protein Molecule Must be Handled with Care....

Human Growth Hormone isn't just something that you can dump into a bottle, then throw in your mouth for maximum results. Instead, HGH is a fragile protein molecule that must be injected before you see the amazing benefits.

HGH molecule

HGH molecule

HGH supplements, meanwhile, pass through your digestive system. Along the way, they're dissolved by stomach acid. This would obliterate real GH, which quickly ends up in the liver, where it's metabolized into IGF-1.

The supplement industry doesn't seem to care about the facts, though. Some companies claim that their GH releasers are the real deal. And research shows that amino acids found in certain products can temporary double your growth hormone or better (1)(2).

But while doubling your GH level temporarily looks good on paper, the increase offered by growth hormone “releasers” and “activators” is nothing compared to the real deal.

HGH results take a few weeks to become noticeable with the authentic drug, which contains 191 amino acids. Therefore, you’re unlikely to notice any measurable results with HGH supplements.

Injection vs. Fakes

....Inject and Forget about the Pretenders....

The only real way to get HGH benefits is by using intramuscular or subcutaneous injections on a daily basis, the preferred method is a min of twice daily with new research indicating 3 or 4 times each 24 hour period, especially during the night after RAM sleep patterns.

In any case, HGH injections bypass the stomach acids that would destroy the molecules and prevent the drug from delivering its intended results.

hgh injection

Injections may sound like a scary thought to those who aren't used to self-administering. But you can quickly master the basics with minimal online research.

The key is to use high-quality HGH that's tested and trusted across the industry. Juvetrope is one of the few 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade HGH products on the market today.

hgh needle

HGH needs to be Injected!

If you want the incredible fat-loss, body-changing, anti-aging, and all-around better health benefits that come with growth hormone, then you need real HGH—not some supplement with a few herbs in it. This being said, I highly recommend that you try Juvetrope or any 100% pure HGH product.  Check juvepharma.com for more info about Juvetrope.




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