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Get Huge Arms with Euro Pharmacies


In this special Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 episode #12, Steve and Mobster give tips on training strategies and steroids from Euro Pharmacies that will help you to get huge arms.  If you are struggling to bring up your biceps and triceps, or you want to take things to another level entirely, then this is the podcast for you to pay close attention to.

Why do people love big arms?

Mobster starts the show by bringing up a good point about when people are told to flex it is always them flexing their arms in a single or double classic bicep pose.  Even in sports unrelated to bodybuilding, when they get a game-winning play or score they will give a bicep pose to the crowd or camera to show off.  When it comes to weight training, there is nothing more incredible than arm pumps which make it hard to even drive home.

Steve brings up the point that you cannot see abs when you have a shirt on, however with a T-shirt or tank top you can always see the arms of a person.  So arms are a very visible part of the body.  Also when someone hugs you they will feel your arms, but nobody is going to touch your abs as that is considered taboo.   If you want to be a true alpha your arms must be shown off.

Why Euro Pharmacies is so recommended

Euro Pharmacies is an approved brand and source of anabolic steroids. They are very highly rated because Steve and Mobster have personally used them so they know they are high-quality gear. Mobster mentions that in his office drawer there are Euro Pharmacies products that he has saved up for his next few cycles because he trusts them.

Steve says that steroids do work, but they have to be good quality and real products. A lot of sources and brands sell fake steroids, and have no way of even knowing what they are doing, because they aren't serious about their business. Euro Pharmacies is different, because they are a large manufacturer of steroids, and they take their business very seriously.  Their products are made by professionals in actual labs who know what they are doing.

Those amazing arm pumps

Mobster and Steve spend a few minutes reflecting on when they first started lifting weights and enjoyed those incredible pumps.  Steve says when he was 14, he can remember training his arms and not understanding what that burning sensation was, but he realized that the more he got that feeling, the more his arms tended to react.  Today, he understands that what he was feeling was those muscles swelling up and the changes to blood flow going into the muscle.  All those nutrients and blood flowing into the muscle in a short period, causes that muscle to blow up like a balloon while you train, and you get a burning sensation.  Anabolic steroids can increase these pumps further and help you get bigger arms in the process.

Dianabol for arms

Dianabol is a classic oral steroid that has been used in bodybuilding for over 50 years.  It grew in popularity during the golden age of bodybuilding due to its ease of access, price, and how effective it was.  Mobster loves Euro Pharmacies EP Dbol and will use it solo at 30-40mgs a day for weeks at a time. After about a week of being on the steroid, the arm pumps and growth can be seen, which makes this steroid very appealing to those who want quick results.

Steve says that Dbol is one of the most dummy-proof steroids, because it doesn't matter what level of steroid user you are, you are likely to get crazy good arm results and pumps while using it.  Steve loves using dbol, and  doing high repetitions, because the pumps you get on it are very unique to any of the other steroids.

Anadrol effects

Mobster says that although Anadrol isn't his favorite steroid, Euro Pharmacies sells a really good EP version that can be used at 50mgs a day.  This is another steroid that you can use for only 4 or 5 weeks and get very fast results with your arms, while also saving a ton of money since it is so cheap.

Steve says that Anadrol is a very good one, although he says it tends to take a little longer to get those crazy pumps that you would get with dbol.  Since Anadrol is a DHT derivative, you tend to get more of a harder pump on it vs. Dbol which will give you a water balloon pump.

Anavar effects on arms

Another oral steroid that Mobster loves is Anavar and Euro Pharmacies has you covered here too.  This is one of the more pricey steroids, but if you are willing to pay a bit more you will get some nice arm growth and pumps on this steroid.  This is a unique steroid because you won't gain a massive amount of size on Anavar, but you will get more hardness and vascularity, which is something a lot of people are after.  The guys recommend  40-50mgs a day.

Does Tren cause arm pumps?

Steve talks about the amazing Trenbolone pumps in this segement which surprised a lot of people. Tren is one of the best steroids out there if you want sheer size and vascularity, and it does indeed cause some crippling pumps, especially if you learn how to manipulate your carb and electrolytes ahead of a workout.  Steve likes the EP Tren and recommends up to 400mgs a week.

Winstrol pumps the best?

Steve says perhaps the best steroid of all time for arm pumps may be Winstrol. EP Winstrol comes in both oral form and injectable, depending on what you prefer.  It can be run at 25-50mgs a day and stacked with most steroids out there.  The pumps on Winstrol are extremely intense and they are very dry, so if you want that hard and vascular look for your arms this is the one to use.

Tips for growing big arms

The guys mention they like utilizing drop sets and high repetitions with arms. However, Steve says that over-training arms usually ends poorly for most and that you should train them hard twice a week at most because they are small muscles.

Other tips the guys recommend are weighted pullups and weighted dips to force growth.  Steve says he is tired of seeing guys with skinny arms wasting their time doing curls when they should be doing monkey bars and pull-ups instead.

In terms of increasing pumps ahead of a workout, generally, you will want to take in a lot of water and complex carbs. Some guys will also take nitric oxide supplements.


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