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How To Keep Making Gains In-Between Cycles Part II

In part one we discussed, in part,  what can be done to extract the benefits of Steroids without taking suppressive compounds.  One was increasing blood volume with an exotic herb called Cassis  Grandis, thus giving you that same “PUMP” you feel from injecting the Steroids.  But  what else do steroids do to allow for muscle growth?  Well, the most obvious is increase in testosterone-like hormones in your system from a synthetic source, but that’s a little tricky mimic. There aren’t too many things that will increase Testosterone to a significant enough level to create noticeable muscle growth. There is a great natural ingredient out there that can do is put our body's Steroid ratio in our favor for growing muscle mass.  And one way to do that is to take an ingredient that will keep your body's own LH  (lutenizing hormone)  high – that’s the hormone responsible for signaling the leydig cells in your testicles to keep on making all of the body’s testosterone. LH comes from the pituitary gland in your brain, and it is the singal your Testicles need to produce Testosterone.   Levels of LH lower as we men age, this is the main reason our testicles produce less and less Testosterone as we get older, because the leydig cells in our testicles lack the stimuli from the LH. As we covered earlier, LH levels drop as we age.  One way to make sure you produce more Testosterone than normal is to keep that LH moving and carrying a signal to the leydig cells in the testes and you’ll produce as much as your body  is capable.   Injectable and Oral Steroids suppress LH function! So you have to get off them eventually once  you achieve you goals for that cycle. This is why it’s so vital for people to understand that using ANY suppressive compound during the recovery process – be it  5 mgs of d-bol or a little Testosterone – is a bad idea.   The LAST thing you need is more suppression and  more than anything, you need to get your LH  functioning at peak level in order to produce as much natural testosterone as possible.

prolactin hpta

Fig 1. HPTA Diagram

One substance that’s been shown to increase LH is Fadogia Agrestis.   That too in contained in BRIDGE. It can also be found in HCGenerate, making it a good choice to be used while ON cycle to  show down the suppression process.  The natural saponins and phytosarms in thr Fadogia Agrestis keep the levels of LH nice and high, even during heavy Steroid use, so the leydig cells in your testes never atrophy from lack of stimuli from LH.  This means your testicles stay nice and plump during the whole cycle, and help to make them come back to size for after cycle use too.

fadogia agrestis plant

Fig 2. Fadogia Agrestis

There are many other compounds to mimic the benefits of steroid use, yes steroids are very powerful, this is why we need to use several different ingredients in heavy dosages all together in Bridge, to mimic the effect of one single steroid taken at an effective dose.    When it comes to other aspects of Steroid use like elevating Growth Hormone(GH),  increased oxygen uptake, the ability to work harder and anti-catabolic factors  to reduce muscle breakdown and  recover faster. Every aspect in every one of those factors are addressed  in the BRIDGE formulation.  BRIDGE is a intricately designed combination of substances made specifically for steroid users to keep up the feeling of being on Steroids even while not taking any of these substances. This is all achieved naturally and without suppressing the body the way Steroids do.


Fig 3. HCGenerate

Want to know what HCGenerate users say about the product? Read HCGenerate reviews...

One other thing that steroids do (and maybe the most important of all) is to increase  the ANABOLIC  nature of amino acids from protein. Everyone knows the term “anabolic” but few realize what it means.  Essentially, it re-circulates  amino acids -- the nutritional building blocks of muscle tissue, creating  an elevated growth environment.   Naturally, keeping protein high is the best way to make sure that you remain in an anabolic state. Of course making sure to keep protein intake high is the way to go, but simply eating lots of protein can’t compare to the way steroids work.  But something else does.   It’s a research compound that is both safe and natural and it enters the bloodstream  at a much higher levels than amino acids from food or supplement. It’s called “Super Plasma Serum” and it’s available only In GEAR from n2bm.com  The only thing that comes close to GEAR is injectable amino acids and the old timers who used them will tell you that they spur growth like nothing else. If you had a chance between using steroids on a low protein diet, or adding super plasma serum to a standard diet,  go with the super plasma serum because you’d see better results. It’s THAT potent.

All these procedures take a commitment, but in the  end, the results are worth it.   Grow faster than ever naturally, then do a cycle and make the most of it.  Do that enough and you’ll far exceed what you ever thought you’d accomplish as a bodybuilder.  But you have to stick with it.

So where do you want to be 4 months from now? Do you want to admire the body you see in the mirror or do you want to wind up wishing you’d put the effort in?

So don’t think that just because you aren’t on cycle you can’t continue making gains. You can – if you do it right.

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