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How to properly use Letrozone

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Letrozone is the awesome new estrogen inhibitor from MyProH.com.  This product can be used both during the Steroid Cycle and after the cycle is over during the crucial Post-Cycle therapy phase.

During the Steroid cycle Letrozone provides estrogen control by inhibiting the Aromatase Enzyme and keeping it from transforming Testosterone hormones into estrogen-like hormone that will cause bad side effects.  Side-effects from having too much estrogen include: water-retention, mood swings, depression and bitch-tits - which is when a guy grows boobies from having too much estrogen in their system.

Aromatase Enzyme

Fig 1. Aromatase Enzyme

Post-Cycle therapy (PCT) is the period after the cycle is done, when you should be looking to recover your natural Testosterone production, so you can keep your muscle gains after the steroids have stopped.  If you build huge amounts of muscle during a cycle, then you better be making plenty of natural testosterone to keep these gains long-term.  Without enough Testosterone all of this muscle will fade away as there are not enough androgens in your system telling the muscle cells to keep their size and strength.  Natural Testosterone levels are always low after a cycle is over because the addition of synthetic hormones creates and environment where your pituitary gland stops producing LH and FSH.  These two signal carriers are responsible for telling your testicles to produce natural testosterone.

letrozone AI

Fig 2. Letrozone Bottle

A drop in LH and FSH mainly happens when estrogen in the body is at a high level, so making sure estrogen is low during PCT is of utmost importance.  Using Letrozone during Post-Cycle really helps to keep estrogen low enough to allow your natural testosterone production to recover.  Having fully recovered testosterone production axis after cycle is the key to keeping muscle gains permanently.

There are the three ways to use Letrozone:

  1. On Cycle Support: Apply 4ml of product to the upper torso and abdomen every 12hrs
  2. Stand Alone Cutting Cycle and Muscle Builder: Apply 4ml of product to upper torso and abdomen every 8hrs.
  3. Post Cycle Therapy: Apply 2ml of product to the upper torso and abdomen, every 8-10hrs.

Always shake the product vigorously before each use. Make sure to shower and exfoliate areas of application for best results.


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