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iRoids Dianabolos Review

My name is David. I'm 27 years old and I lived my whole life as a skinny punk rocker. I hung out with friends, drank and just partied. One day I saw a friend of mine get sick because of drinking too much and I decided to make a change in the way I live. I started eating healthy (did vegan for a while lol) and really working out a lot. Than after picking up a bodybuilding magazine, I saw some pictures of Frank Zane and decided I wanted to gain mass and get shredded like him. (I KNOW you guys are going to joke about it) but I really wanted to change my body. I thought about it day and night. Finally, I stumbled upon iRoids and decided to buy steroids, which was not an easy decision. Who knows right? Maybe it's a scam, maybe it's not.  Well, push comes to shove, always try new things right. I bought dianabolos and started doing an 8 week cycle. I noticed I got lean, hard and more muscular and main part, I looked a lot closer to my hero Frank Zane.  I can safely say I  got exactly what I ordered from iRoids.com

dianabolos iroids review

David, Age 27 - Before and After

My review of iRoids:

Customer service: 10 out of 10, order processed fast and speedy.

Help with products: 10 out of 10, Personal trainer called me and took care of my questions, if not I would be lost.

Shipping: 8 out of 10, Took about 6 days, and I had to go pick up the package, but no big deal. They reship from international sources and relabel, so very safe.

Price: 8 out of 10, I bought 2 bottles of Dianabolos and got 1 free, so 3 bottles for $198 wasn't a bad deal. I spent more on protein and stupid patches every month.

Overall:  I would rate my experience 8 out of 10, would shop there again.

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