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John Cena Steroid Cycle

John Cena is a very popular professional wrestler, television host, and actor. He is affiliated with the WWE (world wrestling entertainment), becoming well known during the 2000's for his unique 'white-boy' trash talking leading up to matches involving rapping. This skyrocketed him to becoming almost as big as The Rock Dwayne Johnson and eventually displacing him as the face of wrestling.

John Cena

Personal Details

John Cena is divorced, 41 years old as of this article, and his billed height and weight are 6'1" and 251 pounds. His various ring names include "The prototype", "Mr. P", and "John Cena".

Early life

His full birth name is John Felix Anthony Cena Jr., and he was born in April of 1977 in Northeast Massachusetts, an hour north of Boston. His grandad played baseball. Being raised as an English/Italian Catholic, he went to a Catholic High School, then Cushing Academy which is a private school. He played college football for a small school and graduated with a physiology degree, then worked as a limo driver and dabbled in bodybuilding.


A couple years post-college, Cena started to train with Rick Bassman of the UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling). He would hold the UPW Championship for a month during April of 2000 and picked up the ring name "The Prototype".


At the time the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) was called the WWF (world wrestling federation) and considered the premier wrestling media company. Many fans of the sport will tell you that they won't watch any other and consider it the absolute best.

Cena would get his first opportunity in late 2000 against Mikey Richardson and had another tryout a few months later against Aaron Aguilera at Smackdown. He was impressive enough to sign a developmental contract and sent to Ohio to wrestle at the OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling).

A year later, he made his first official television appearance at SmackDown to face Kurt Angle where he was defeated. After the match, he would get noticed by famous wrestlers of that time including Faarooq and The Undertaker. Fans also jumped on the bandwagon, enjoying his trash talking.

John Cena undertaker

Cena's popularity would skyrocket when he dressed as Vanilla Ice for a Halloween Smackdown episode and did a freestyle rap wowing the audience who may not have been used to seeing a white guy rap so good. After doing a tag team match with Dawn Marie and losing, he teamed up with Bull Buchanon (B-2) which ended up not going well either.

After various feuds with the top wrestlers including Benoit, The Undertaker, and Rhyno; Cena would finally become a bonafide fan favorite when he lost to Kurt Angle at No Mercy and joined with Benoit in a tag team on SmackDown.

WWE Champion

After several years of boosting his popularity, it was time for Cena to be the official WWE Champion after he beat JBL at WrestleMania. He would defend his title at Vengeance by beating both Christian and Chris Jericho at a triple threat match. After losing his belt and then winning it back at the Royal Rumble he would enter a new feud with Triple H. The crowd would boo Cena and cheer the intended villain Triple H during his victory at WrestleMania22. During a match with Rob Van Dam at One Night Stand, the crowd would jeer Cena cursing at him and telling him that he sucked.

John Cena wwe

During this time Cena was able to play both the hero and the villain and his 'good ole boy' look combined with his intelligence and rapping talents propelled him as one of the top 5 draws to wrestling events.


In 2007, Cena tore a pectoral muscle during a hip toss at a RAW match vs. Mr. Kennedy, concealing it from the audience. He finished the match and the post-match attack by another wrestler (remember wrestling is scripted) causing more damage. The next day, they found that the pec muscle had been completely torn off the bone and he needed surgery. This would require a year to rehab.

John Cena wrestling

This injury ended the longest WWE Championship reign in 2 decades and was so serious it caused him to visit the famous Dr. James Edwards (who treats pro-NFL players with the worst injuries).


Cena made his comeback the next year at the Royal Rumble beating his old nemesis Triple H and then beating Randy Orton on payperview. After several fights and failing to regain his championships he hurt his neck and would be injured again. Post surgery, he came back to defeat Chris Jericho and win the World Heavyweight Championship. By 2010, he had won back many Championships.

The Rock

In 2011, The Rock was announced as the guest host of WrestleMania and they would trade trash talk leading up to the event. Cena hammered the Rock with a rebuttal as a rap. They would finally meet at WrestleMania XXVIII which was hyped up for a full year and billed as the match of the lifetime. The Rock would win the match. The next night at RAW, Cena invited The Rock to the match to congratulate him but instead, Brock Lesnar showed up and attacked Cena with a takedown move.

John Cena the rock

Wrestling career overview

Cena has won a total of 25 Championships and has more than a dozen reigns as a World Champion, tying Ric Flair for most ever. He also has headlined many payperview and WrestleMania events. Critics view him as a polarizing figure, meaning some fans absolutely love him and some cannot stand him.

Film career

I will admit Cena isn't a very good actor, but he does play likable roles which are branded to the under 25 male demographic. His first movie was called "The Marines" and made under $20M. He also played roles in "12 Rounds", "Legendary", and a children's film called "Fred: The Movie". In 2015, he gained notoriety outside of his fan base by playing the warm-hearted, yet naive, meathead boyfriend of Amy Schumer in the movie "Trainwreck". His biggest movie was the atrociously awful comedy "Daddy's Home" which grossed $150M.

He has also hosted several shows including the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards from Australia.


Cena has been featured on WWE soundtrack albums. He also released albums called “You Can't See Me” which includes his entrance theme called "The Time is Now".

Steroid Use

Cena was asked in a CNN documentary if he had ever used steroids and he responded saying "I can't tell you that I haven't, but you will never prove that I have." After this came out the WWE was enraged and started spinning his response by claiming that Cena had actually said "absolutely not" but that part was edited out of the interview.

It is obvious to be able to pick up another huge grown man and throw them over and over in such a short period of time you need to be incredibly strong. You also need to be able to fight through injuries as there is no cancelling of primetime and payperview matches or you will be considered a flake and not make it long in the industry.

All in all a lot of steroid and drug use is going to be prevalent in pro wrestling. Also, the testing is very lax where a person will have to fail 3 straight times in a row, which makes it impossible to fail if you are using them smartly. Though, professional wrestling is not a real sport, it's entertainment – why test them at all?

Here is what we think he used during his peak years - John Cena Steroid Cycle *:



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John Cena steroids


*DISCLAIMER: The cycle above is our opinion on what John Cena could have used, this is for information and entertainment purposes only. There is no direct evidence that John Cena used steroids or any other drugs. This article is our freedom of speech.

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