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Mark Wahlberg Steroid Cycle

mark wahlberg steroids

Mark Wahlberg is a great actor, best known for movies like the Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job, The Departed, The Fighter and Pain & Gain. The movie that really showed mark Mark Wahlberg's size was Pain & Gain, where his co-star was none other than Dwayne Johnson. The two trained together, and have multiple shots of them really pumping some serious iron. In the past, we discussed steroid use by Dwayne Johnson, and having him as a training partner would make anyone jump on steroids. Therefore, we see Mark Wahlberg as having done a fairly well put together cycle thanks to his co-star. It was rumored these two trained together for up to 6 hours per day and really stepped up their regiments and diets for the Pain & Gain movie. Let's review Mark Wahlberg's steroid use.

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Mark Wahlberg Steroid Cycle







11000 mgs/week1000 mgs/week50mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
21000 mgs/week1000 mgs/week50mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
31000 mgs/week1000 mgs/week50mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
41000 mgs/week1000 mgs/week50mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
51000 mgs/week1000 mgs/week50mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
61000 mgs/week1000 mgs/week50mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
7500 mgs/week800 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
8500 mgs/week800 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
9500 mgs/week800 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
10500 mgs/week800 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
11500 mgs/week800 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
12500 mgs/week800 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
13500 mgs/week800 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
14250 mgs/week600 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
15250 mgs/week600 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED
16250 mgs/week600 mgs/week25mgs/ED20mgs/ED1mg/ED7 caps/ED


Why did Mark Wahlberg use this compound mix?

mark wahlberg bodyPyramid: The reason he did a pyramid is because he needed to bulk but but still come in lean for the movie, and tight. That's the reason he did a pyramid down to minimize sides.

Testosterone cypionate – the reason he did testosterone is because he was looking for a good bulking agent and test always delivers, especially with the heavy bulker he was doing.

Primobolan – primo was used as something to help him maintain muscle mass while he's dieting down for the movie.

Dianabol - a great oral, used to gain that extra mass and have an edge during training.

Ostarine (MK-2866) – since he only ran dbol for 6 weeks, he switched over to ostarine to keep his strength and his hard, vascular look.

Cardarine (GW-501516) – he needed a lot of endurance and fat loss, and GW delivered, it allowed him to do a lot of cardio and lose a ton of bodyfat.

Arimidex – great aromatase inhibitor, kept estrogen sides down.

N2Guard – used as organ and liver support on his cycle.






DISCLAIMER: The cycle above is our opinion on what Mark Wahlberg could have used, this is for information and entertainment purposes only.

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