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Masteron Info with Geneza Pharma



Welcome to another fun episode of Evolutionary Underground! In this #28 episode, Steve and Mobster go over all the information you need with regards to Geneza Pharma Masteron.  Steve says that Masteron is a mandatory steroid that you need to know about.  It is great for recomping, cutting, competing, photos, or looking good at the beach.  The guys hit several topics including the history, how it has been used in bodybuilding, dosages, side effects, and how to stack it.


Drostanolone is mostly sold under the brand name Masteron.  In bodybuilding circles, a lot of guys simply call it "Mast" and it is known as one of the best cosmetic steroids that exist.  Syntax Pharma first brought Anadrol to the market, and a few years later in the early 1970s, they came up with Masteron to help as an anti-estrogen.  Of course, modern medicine has developed better ways to accomplish this goal, so it is rarely prescribed by doctors in medicine.

Mobster says that during the golden age of bodybuilding, guys did not realize how beneficial this steroid could be, because in that era it was all word of mouth and many of the top pros kept their mouths shut to not tip anyone else off. However, bodybuilders started to discover its amazing benefits in the 1980's, and today it is one of the most popular steroids for those who want to cut and harden their muscles.  Geneza Pharma sells quite a bit of it to many professional bodybuilders around the globe.

Due to its excellent properties where it will blunt estrogen, it makes a fantastic stack along with Testosterone where you won't need any sort of aromatase inhibitor or anti-estrogen drug to help with water retention, assuming you are running correct dosages.

How it works


Masteron is quite an interesting anabolic steroid.  Steve explains that a sex hormone called DHT Dihydrotestosterone metabolizes in the body in small amounts from Testosterone.  In Masteron's case, it is as pure a DHT derivative as you will find, due to its addition of a carbon 2 position methyl group.  They designed it like this on purpose to help blunt estrogen as mentioned earlier in the podcast, but it is a key point to repeat.

The guys explain the structure of Masteron means that when you use this steroid you will harden your muscles up like nothing else.  It not only is a potent DHT steroid, but it also is more anabolic than straight DHT, and it binds to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) amazingly well.  This effect means it will make the other steroids in your stack even more powerful.

At the end of the day expect to cut down very hard on Masteron and experience the best vascularity and hardness of your life.  This is why competitors that Steve trains are always put on Masteron ahead of their shows.


Side effects

Steve explains that a lot of weightlifters deal with pinched nerves and disc issues along their spine. When you use a potent hardener like Masteron that makes your muscles into rocks, obviously that will cause more pinching of the nerves.

The obvious side effects of Masteron are also the DHT issues that you may experience on it.  However, Steve explains that you will experience fewer sides than you expect, because the structure of the steroid was made to cause lower side effects. That being said, Mobster explains the main DHT sides to watch out for.

  1. Frying of the head hair follicles leading to loss of scalp hair.
  2. Prostate inflammation/enlargement.
  3. Joint pain which can become frustrating for those who lift heavy or high repetitions.

Mobster explains that he has put on a lot of wear and tear over the years on his body in his 44 years of weight training.  He lifts for power and strength, so for him, Masteron isn't the best choice.

But for those who are after that beach body look, or who only care about cosmetic benefits, Masteron wins every time.  Steve says there are a lot of variations but he likes to get his guys on Masteron a few weeks ahead of their competition so they can get that hardening effect and look fantastic.

Finally, the guys encourage anyone who uses Masteron to be below 12% body fat, or else you won't be able to see your muscles that are being hardened.

How to stack and how much to use

Masteron is not a steroid to use solo. It is best used stacked and stacks well with just about every steroid out there except Winstrol (since both are strong DHTs).

If you want to add Masteron into your stack to get some of the mild benefits of SHBG binding, some hardening, some extra vascularity, and some anti-estrogen effects then you can run 200-350mgs a week.

If you want to add Masteron into your stack to get major muscle hardening, major SHBG binding, anabolic activity, more vascularity, and some moderate anti-estrogen effects then run it 500-1000mgs a week.

The most popular steroids to use with it would be GP Trenbolone, GP Testosterone, GP Primobolan, GP Equipoise, and orals like GP Dbol and GP Anavar.

Competitors have been known to throw in large amounts of Masteron along with 300-500mgs of Trenbolone leading up to a show. This will yield incredible cutting and recomp benefits.

For those who want general hardness but still want to add lean muscle mass, you can add around 250mgs of Testosterone to 500mgs of Masteron. It is smart to keep the Masteron dose at a ratio of 2:1 vs. Testosterone.

Geneza pharma and types of masteron

Steve explains that originally you could only find Masteron Propionate, but over time brands have come up with other options depending on what you are looking for. Geneza Pharma has several types of Masteron to choose from.  They have a GP Masteron Propionate and GP Masteron Enanthate. They have a Masteron mix called GP TMX400, which is a blend of Masteron, Testosterone, and Trenbolone all in Enanthate form. Finally, they have a GP Andromix blend which is also Test, Tren, and Masteron but all short esters.


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