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McLaren Report Lacked Evidence Of Russian Doping Abuse

A letter, leaked by Fancy Bears hacker group, has revealed that a request by made by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren to provide proof to support the allegations made by him.

McLaren, who was the author of the WADA independent report into Russian-sponsored doping, said in his report that Russian officials were involved in state-sponsored doping program. McLaren had claimed that test samples were swapped at a WADA-accredited laboratory in Moscow and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) had assisted in the alleged plot. The WADA independent report's author also claimed the entire network had operated for the protection of doped Russian athletes within a state-directed failsafe system using the disappearing positive test methodology.

The IOC letter to McLaren includes a table with 16 names mentioned in McLaren's report as well as over 50 questions. A big majority of these questions relate to how the Canadian lawyer can demonstrate alleged links between the officials and doping practices. The letter from IOC Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Paquerette Girard Zappelli read it would be very much appreciated if you could send us all the relevant evidence in relation to each individual mentioned in the table and in particular regarding the specific questions that we have listed in the last column of the table.

In the letter, Zappelli explained that the International Olympics Committee started to convert information in the reports of McLaren into allegations in order to first request the observations by the individuals concerned and subsequently propose possible sanctions to the IOC executive board.

The IOC, in the letter, for instance asked how Irina Rodionova, the former deputy head of the Sports Preparation Center of Russia, was in charge of creating lists of clean urine samples for swapping during the Sochi Olympics, when she worked as head of Anti-Doping Monitoring and Management. The letter also asked for evidence of how it can be demonstrated that it was Rodionova who convinced the deputy minister of sports at the time to retain the doping conspiracy as claimed in the report. The IOC also asked McLaren to submit proof that Gregory Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory on whose accusations the report was initially based by McLaren, was involved in the Sochi doping swap. The IOC also asked for proof of Rodchenkov's role in creating the advanced doping cocktails that were allegedly given to the athletes, including the “Duchess” listed in the report.

The IOC also asked McLaren how the alleged involvement of the Russian FSB was proved in the doping scheme. The letter also requested for evidence of how Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko’s leadership and knowledge of the conspiracy from 2011-2015 was proven and also asked for evidence of the involvement of officials from the Department of Education and Science and the Russian anti-doping agency.

This letter was sent on December 19, 2016 and the IOC demanded feedback by January 6, 2017. The abundance of clarifications demanded by the International Olympics Committee hints that Richard McLaren had been working backwards on his highly-publicized report and he possibly drew conclusions before presenting the evidence for them.

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