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Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)

EVO-Milk Thistle helps reduce amyloid plaque

Milk Thistle - Reduce Amyloid Plaque


I can remember once telling a friend who had liver problems to take Milk Thistle and she told me that she wanted to avoid dairy. I then calmly explained that it wasn't actually milk or any sort of dairy, but a type of herbal plant. The plant will form a purple flower and there will be white within it that resembles milk, which in folklore is said to be the Virgin Mary's milk falling onto the plant. This is how it gets its unique name.

Science behind it

Milk Thistle contains potent compounds and is an herbal remedy for various health problems. The extract of the plant is concentrated and has a very high percentage of silymarin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral. Historically, traditional medicine has leaned on it to treat the liver, but it also has been used for other organs, cancer treatment, and as a detox agent.

EVO-Milk Thistle is effective as antioxidant

Milk Thistle is effective as antioxidant

Milk thistle is the name of an annual plant with red or purple flowers and shiny green leaves. It is now found all over the world, but originally it was native to eastern Europe and Asia. Only the seeds of the plant are used in herbal liver supplements. In fact, it has been shown that the silymarin from these seeds can be life saving in cases of poisoning from death cap mushroom. Read More..


Our liver is an important organ that will detoxify metabolites, produce digestive chemicals, and increase protein synthesis. The liver is found in vertebrates. In humans, it is located in the below our diaphragm in the upper right part of our abdomen. Those who use anabolic steroids, both recreational and prescription drugs, and drink alcohol are most prone to having strained liver and this can be easily checked by running blood work.

The most popular reason for using Milk Thistle is to protect and cleanse the liver. It not only has been adopted for many years in traditional practice, but also in modern western medicine where it is used in a complementary fashion for fatty liver disease, hepatitis, liver cancer, and alcoholic liver disease. In fact, studies have shown it will improve liver function, reduce liver inflammation and lower damage.

It acts as a protector for the liver by blocking amatoxin, which is a lethal compound found in poisonous mushrooms.

EVO-increase bone mineralization

Protect liver by blocking amatoxin

Overall it is highly recommended to use it while your liver is under stress, and also use it after to prevent further problems.

Brain health

Traditional medicine has used Milk Thistle for the past 2500 years to treat Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other neurological conditions. The secret to how it works is its anti-inflammatory properties in the brain which studies have shown is due to silymarin. This compound will block oxidative damage to brain cells, helping delay mental decline as we age. One particularly interesting study showed that Milk Thistle helps reduce amyloid plaque in the brain in animals with Alzheimer's. This finding means it is a very good idea to supplement with it to keep your brain in top shape.

EVO-Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle - increase bone mineralization

Bone Health

You likely have an elderly relative who has osteoporosis. This disease has become extremely common due to our modern diets which are poor in nutrition. The scary thing is bone problems do not necessarily just affect just older people anymore. It is becoming a problem for all age groups and it will get worse and worse until one day you have a minor fall and break a bone easily.

The good news is Milk Thistle has been shown in studies to increase bone mineralization and protect against bone loss. This is especially effective when you stack it with a good diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and stack it with vitamins and minerals.


Cancer rates have been skyrocketing over the past few decades thanks to environmental factors such as plastics, pesticides, depleted soil, chemical exposure, and poor diets. Milk Thistle is effective as an antioxidant, once again thanks to silymarin, which has anticancer properties. It not only helps prevention, but studies have shown it helps to reduce the trauma from cancer treatment too, specifically it helps improve chemotherapy effects on destroying cancer cells.

Weight training is not all benefits, you can cause yourself cellular damage from free radicals as a result of training. Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself, and any type of cardio training will burn fat and improve cardiovascular ability; however, increasing oxygen intake is exactly what causes free radical damage. Be it running, playing sports, riding a bike, or my personal favorite, training quickly with little rest in-between sets. These exercises will always cause oxidation which will lead to free radical damage. Read More..

There are a couple more things that Milk Thistle can help you with that are under the radar. They are:

    • Lowering blood sugar: Milk Thistle contains compounds that help boost insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar.
    • Acne: It will help with acne because of its anti-inflammatory ability.

Side effects

Milk Thistle is perfectly safe in 99% of users of the supplement. Very small amounts of people may experience allergies from the plant itself.


Milk Thistle dosage is between 100-300mgs per day and you should consider using it with other antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for best results.

EVO-Milk Thistle dosage - 100-300mgs

Milk Thistle dosage - 100-300mgs


There is a tea form of Milk Thistle produced from steeping seeds and leaves from the plant. Some people also will grow their own at home as it is very easy to do. Once the plant matures cut off the head and hang it for 5 days in the dark then remove the seeds. From there, crush and steep the seeds and either eat them just like that or make them into a powder to enjoy as a tea.

The easiest way to get Milk Thistle consistently every day is by simply buying the supplement. It is sold at any vitamin shop or online store that sells supplements.

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The best way to use milk thistle is part of a comprehensive supplement stack. We really like a product called M1-MK because it not only has 200mgs of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) [Root] (Standardized to 80% Silymarins) per serving, but it has an additional two dozen ingredients that all work to cleanse out your organs and keep you healthy whether you are on cycle or off. You can purchase it from bannednutrition.com and you can learn more about all the ingredients in M1-MK by going to evolutionary.org or elitefitness.com.

EVO-M1-MK - Standardized to 80% Silymarins

M1-MK : Standardized to 80% Silymarins



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