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N2Guard with Oral Steroids


Welcome to Evolutionary.org UG Supplements episode #4!  A lot of people ask questions about what supplements they are supposed to use with their oral steroids, either stand-alone, or when they stack with an injectable steroid cycle.  N2guard is very important to be using in all scenarios, and this is what Steve and Mobster are going to explain why in this podcast.

what N2bm is all about

N2bm is the company that created N2guard, and Steve says that N2bm has been around for a long time.  He says he remembers when they first started back in the old days on forums. The founders were a couple of guys who spent their lives on the forums helping people with their steroid cycles. They decided to start their own supplement company, but they want to cater to people who were serious steroid users.  Since then, the original owner sold the company and it has been modernized and improved. They have several supplements, but N2guard is the #1 seller because you can tell the difference when you use it vs. not using it.  There are main side effects of oral steroids including lethargy, insomnia, and organ strain (specifically the liver).

Mobster has owned his own supplement company so he knows how it works.  Creating a supplement line with legitimate ingredients is very expensive.  It becomes hard to navigate the tight margins, so when you take a look at the N2guard formula it is very thorough.  Mobster loves the N2bm line of products because they cater to people like him and not old ladies.

Steve finishes the segment by saying he asked a doctor friend what they thought of the N2guard formula and they were shocked at how many ingredients there were and the amount of dosing.  It is truly the best all-around formula for support on cycle.

The science behind oral steroids in the body and what happens

Steve starts this segment by saying that on this podcast they always go by the science.  He says that people are welcome to go get before/after bloodwork done when using oral anabolic steroids, and it will be right there for them to see what effects they have on the liver and other organs.  Steve points out a study that shows the chemical substitutions at the testosterone molecule that increase potency and duration of action, hence why these steroids were designed in the first place.  Although they were originally developed to help with various health reasons like boosting RBC, fighting muscle wasting, and helping with anemia, they've since had their dosages increased substantially to be used in performance enhancement.

To allow the steroids to be taken orally and still be effective there is a 17 alpha-alkylated modification.  That is why when you use oral steroids they strain your liver.  The frequency of severe side effects depends on the dosage, duration of use, formulation of the drugs, etc.  To use these oral steroids at PED dosages you are jacking up the dose which has a major effect on your organ health. This is why it's important to use N2guard on the cycle to protect your liver and organs.

N2guard ingredients that benefit the liver and beyond

Steve points out that all the vitamins including A, B, C, D, E, etc are all good for your liver health and more.  They are found in many foods, nature, and multivitamins.  N2guard has all of these included so you can cover all your bases.

N2guard has ingredients that are NOT going to be easy to use and that is what Steve and Mobster discuss in this segment.

The first one is TUDCA, which has been very popular in Asia for years due to its amazing organ benefits but was inhumanly gathered from animals. Luckily it is now produced in a lab so it is animal safe, and it is great for the liver.  Steve says that N2guard originally did not have this ingredient, but the modern formula has plenty of it to give you amazing benefits.  He says that any support supplement should include this one, they even use it in hospitals and modern medicine.

The next one is Picroliv, this is a very important ingredient and it is expensive.  But it works great for the liver.

Milk thistle has been popular in bodybuilding for many years, however, it does not work great solo for bodybuilding. This is why it is important to use it as part of this formula.

Parsley leaf is a great addition because it produces glutathione, which naturally protects the liver.

Policosanol helps cholesterol production in the liver.

Dandelion Root is a great laxative and helps with digestion, it also shows in research that it helps liver function.

Tumeric Root helps with symptoms of the liver fatty disease.

Mobster mentions a couple more that are good for the liver and other benefits too including Uva Ursi and Thiamine.

Steve reminds people that oral steroids are capable of straining kidneys, heart, and immunity too.

Astragalus Root Extract, Garlic fruit extract, apple pectin, yerba mate, red yeast rice, and Omega 3 fatty acids all help with heart health and much more.  In total, there are 40+ ingredients in N2guard which all work in synergy to help you on and off cycle.


how to dose n2guard with orals

The guys recommend you use N2guard 90 minutes before, or after, you take your oral steroids to prevent any sort of conflict.  Proper dosing is 7 capsules per day, which gives you 1 month's worth per bottle.  However, the guys recommend running up to 10 caps per day on very harsh cycles.  Off-cycle, you can use 3-4 caps a day to give your health a boost.

which oral steroids are worse on the liver

The guys rank the main oral steroids on how bad they are for the liver.

The worst may be Halotestin.








However, the guys caution that a lot of this is dose-dependent.

final tips on protecting on liver

The guys give final tips on protecting the liver.

*Avoid alcohol

*don't use lots of liver-toxic prescription drugs

*eat healthily


*make sure you always have N2guard on hand


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