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N2Guard is it worth the money?

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Welcome to another episode of the Evolutionary.org UG supplements podcast.  In episode #8, Steve and Mobster answer the question, N2guard is it worth the money?  This is a fantastic podcast and we will go over the background of the company that came up with the formula, how and why N2guard was developed, what happens inside your body when you use steroids, the ingredients of N2guard, and how to most effectively dose the product.

N2bm company info and how N2guard was developed

N2bm was founded by a military veteran and a businessman/athlete who wanted to cater to hardcore and serious weightlifters and bodybuilders who were using anabolic steroids.  They came up with several different supplements that had an amazing amount of ingredients and dosages that would work best for people who were trying to improve themselves.  Their main focus was a company that had the best supplements on the market, while also combining that with excellent pricing and customer service.  They pledged never to turn the company into a corporate shill that was only after money.  If you notice other supplement companies you will notice a sharp difference in marketing.  N2bm markets based on user experience and word of mouth, while other supplement companies market by using paid-off bodybuilders and paid social media phoney’s to promote their junk overpriced products.  This is why N2bm can keep the prices of their products low while also packing their supplements with the biggest and best ingredients.

Steve continues the segment by telling a story of how he used to go to his local vitamin shop and spend hundreds of dollars on supplements to use on his cycle for support.  He started to realize that the products he was buying had inferior ingredients and inferior dosing vs. what was recommended by top doctors and experts.   He got tired of wasting all that money on BS products and that is how he found out about N2guard.  Once he looked at the amazing ingredient list he was amazed and started to use the product himself and he was hooked!  He has been using N2guard and N2bm products for over 15 years now.

Mobster says he first used N2bm products around 6+ years ago and could tell the amazing difference between their products and other products. He points out that large supplement companies compete with each other based on price and will sacrifice quality every single time for more sales volume.  He says that N2guard is 100% worth the money because it is a very high-quality supplement that contains over 40 ingredients all in 1 bottle.  More importantly, those 40+ ingredients are all dosed properly and you will get results using them.  Steve finishes the segment by saying that using N2guard is like cheating, because you are getting all those ingredients as 1 supplement, for an amazing price.

What happens when you use steroids

Mobster says that people aren't gonna drop dead from using steroids, but it will be a slow death process if you are abusing steroids and abusing your body.  This is all caused by the stress we are putting on our system over the course of years.

Steve jumps in and says anabolic steroids are anabolic, so they are inflammatory in the body which is an automatic stressor on the organs.  Your kidneys and liver have the job of detoxing, cleaning, and filtering.  People who don't have properly functioning kidneys, for example, will need to go in for dialysis to have a machine filter the blood for them.  When you use anabolic steroids it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your liver and kidney which will open you up for a domino effect of side effects and problems. This is why many professional bodybuilders who have abused steroids for many years end up with liver failure and kidney problems.

Heart health is also a huge problem for steroid users because they will throw off cholesterol levels, cause a sharp rise in blood pressure, and cause other issues like water retention, which further stresses the body and stresses the heart.

N2guard has many ingredients that help your liver, kidneys, and heart. It is a true supplement for serious anabolic steroid users.


Our favorite ingredients and what they do

N2guard has so many ingredients that the guys don't even have time to name them all, however, they give you some of their favorites.

Steve says it has every vitamin and mineral you can imagine including Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C,  Folate, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc and Boron, etc. All these help with various things including boosting your immune system, antioxidants, muscles, testosterone, and nerve function, boosting your mood, boosting your bone health, and even things like helping your cells and helping your organs.

The guys discuss CoenzymeQ10, Policosanol, and Apple pectin which are amazing for your heart health.

Mobster gets into Tumeric root, hawthorn berry, and garlic fruit extract which helps things like your brain, inflammation, and heart.

Another great ingredient is dandelion root extract and taurine which help with water retention and electrolytes.  Taurine is also an important ingredient to help you with cycle control pumps which can interfere with your workouts.

TUDCA is perhaps the guy's favorite ingredient as it can help with all your organs and does so many things in the body.

Milk thistle, pricroliv, and more are among the best liver supplements that are in the formula.

Indole-3-carbinol is also one of the best supplements for fighting cancer and Omega 3 fatty acids are great for blood pressure and joint health.

The guys go over several more supplements that help you with everything from A to Z.

Dosing it

The guys say dosing of N2guard is pretty straightforward.

7 capsules a day will be the normal serving size, and the bottle will last you for a month at that dose.

Steve recommends if you run a harsh steroid cycle like Trenbolone, Superdrol, etc. that you consider upping the dosage up to 10 caps especially when you are deep into the cycle.  During PCT it is smart to also use N2guard to help your body balance everything, but Steve says you can get away with 3-4 caps a day.

Off cycle, you can run anywhere from 3-7 caps a day depending on your budget.


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