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N2Guard vs Liv52 – the truth!


Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org UG Supplements. In this 10th episode, Steve and Mobster go over the truth behind comparing Liv52 and N2guard. This one is a hard-hitting episode that could potentially extend your life by protecting your organs properly during future steroid cycles.

Why it's important to use support supplements

Close Up of Male Athlete taking a scoop of protein powder or other nutritional supplement

Steve starts this segment by pointing out that when you use anabolic steroids a lot of things happen in the body that you might not be aware of.  The reason steroids strain your body is we use way more dosages than what is therapeutically safe, putting a tremendous amount of pressure on your body. Things like the reproductive system, heart, kidneys, liver, and other organs take a beating.  A harsher steroid like Trenbolone will cause you to become more sweaty, more winded, more fatigued, and harm your sleep in the process because it is so inflammatory.

Steve brings up the example of when you flush your toilet and the waste goes away to the city of your septic tank.  When you use anabolic steroids, your organs become so strained that it becomes harder for toxins to be moved, so instead of the waste leaving your home it gets backed up and spills over.  These effects will cause you to gain less muscle, lose less fat, and feel extremely fatigued which is a domino effect to health problems the longer you stay on steroids.  Support supplements are important to help your organs function correctly and help your body balance out quicker.  This will help you get better results!

Steve finishes up his rant by saying when he uses N2guard he can feel the difference and see it in his blood work and lipid tests.  He says his blood pressure is better, his heart rate is more controlled, he sleeps better, he has more energy and he has an easier time losing fat and gaining muscle.

Mobster says that 'back in the day' guys had very little knowledge about the health ramifications of steroids and were dealing with problems with no solution.  He says that using support supplements is like an insurance policy where he can push himself hard on the cycle while also doing everything he can to be safe.  This is why he likes N2guard.

N2bm the company

Steve tells the story of how N2bm was started back in the 2000s by an Army vet chef, and an MMA athlete, who both loved bodybuilding and using steroids.  One was an immigrant, and one was born in the USA, so they had very different backgrounds but they bonded for their love of bodybuilding and steroid use.

N2bm doesn't depend on advertising, rather it depends on word of mouth and repeat customers to support their products. They also cater their products to those like Steve and Mobster who are very serious about this stuff, and want to take the highest quality products, not to grandma and grandpa who are just looking for cookie-cutter supplements.   One of the great things about N2bm is they have modernized their products.  With N2guard, although the formula has always contained around 40 ingredients, they have worked to take some out and add some back in, to make the product better and more effective.  On the other hand, a product like Liv52 has failed to modernize, and is not geared toward steroid users at all and the guys will explain why.


Liv52 and its history

Liv52 was formulated by Himalaya Wellness Company.  Steve explains, that this company has been around since 1930, and came in a time before anabolic steroids were even around.  They came up with a product they named Liv52, that was designed for people who had mild liver problems, and not for bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids.  This is why Steve gets irritated when he sees someone online recommend a weak product like Liv52 on Cycle, which will do little to nothing for a steroid user.

Another thing Steve pointed out to Mobster is that Himalaya Wellness Company has 10,000 employees while N2bm has less than 10 employees.   One company has a huge overhead including board members and officers who are making millions of dollars and don't even know a thing about bodybuilding, while the other has a handful of guys and gals who are committed to bodybuilding for life and are formulating supplements for that lifestyle.

The ingredients of Liv52 are below:

Himsra (Capparis Spinosa)

Kasani (Cichorium Intybus)

Mandur Bhasma

Kakamachi (Solanum Nigrum)

Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna)

Kasamarda (Cassia Occidentalis)

Biranjasipha (Achillea Millefolium)

Jhavuka (Tamarix Gallica )

This is a product with inferior ingredients designed for grandma, NOT a serious weightlifter who uses steroids.  It has only 8 ingredients, while N2guard has 44 ingredients.  To make matters worse, they fail to include dosages which means they can underdose them, and they also list the scientific names of the ingredients.  Steve says it's a misleading thing that supplement companies do to make their product look more impressive and confuse the consumer.

There are some reviews that the guys found online on Liv52 that were very troubling.

"This product is not good can cause rash and digestive problems"

"This product is not for what it said, you can have a serious problem with your health if you take it"

"Liv52 did nothing for me, my liver numbers did not improve on it"

"Do NOT use this if you use steroids, it will make your numbers worse"

N2guard and its history

N2guard has 44 ingredients, and they list their full ingredients on the bottle with no BS. Steve and Mobster go over some of their favorite supplements that include many vitamins and minerals.   Some of the glaring things that Liv52 fails to have that are in N2guard include things like milk thistle, picroliv, and TUDCA. These 3 are considered the top liver aid supplements.  N2guard also contains ingredients that help with the following that Liv52 does NOT include:

Provides a source of essential vitamins and minerals

Helps with heart health including cholesterol and blood pressure

Detoxifies the liver whether on or off cycle

Balances hormones including estrogen and testosterone

Increases energy and vitality

Boosts kidney function

Increases immune system

Digestive Aid

Helps absorption

Repairs and grows healthier cells

Mobster finishes up the podcast by discussing how important it is to source quality ingredients with supplements.  He says N2guard will pay a premium price for the top-tier products to use, even if it means the product might go out of stock for some time.


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