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N2SlinX with SARMS to get your abs again


In this new Evolutionary.org UG supplement episode #2, Steve and Mobster go over how to get your abs again with the help of N2slinX with Sarms.  The guys also talk about their favorite sarms to help you along in the process to lose body fat and keep your hard-fought muscle even while cutting down.

N2slinX vs. N2slin and Berberine

N2slin has been around for over a decade and has built a loyal following as a great nutrient partitioner and nonstimulant fat burner. The original formula has been changed and improved by 1 ingredient to form the modernized N2slinX.

Six of the ingredients stayed the same but the 7th ingredient of bergenin was swapped out for berberine HCL.  Berberine HCL is a naturally extracted plant-based supplement that comes from the Berberis shrub.  It is classified as an alkaloid and has been used in traditional medicine for many years for several things.

Steve breaks down the benefits of this amazing supplement which include lowering blood sugar, decreasing insulin resistance, decreasing sugar production in the liver, benefitting glut flora, slowing carb breakdown, and increasing glycolysis.

A lot of people out there try hard to lose weight with all kinds of diets and do a lot of exercises, and they still fail because their bodies are too insulin resistant.  This supplement will help you burn excess body fat and reverse the storage of body fat.

There are 2 excellent studies on the power of Berberine.

The first study was 12 weeks with obese individuals who took 500mgs 3x per day and lost 5 pounds on average and almost 4% of body fat. The second study done on both genders showed that body mass index dropped by 4 digits when using 300mgs 3x per day, and their lipid health also improved.

N2slinX additional ingredients

There are 6 more ingredients in N2slinX the guys go over.

*Crape Myrtle is great for nutritional partitioning so you are better able to utilize the food you are eating.

*Gymnema Sylvestre safely stimulates insulin to be released from the pancreas and better utilizes the foods you are eating to feed the muscles properly.

*4-hydroxyisoleucine helps you balance blood sugar when you are eating a meal

*green coffee bean extract will prevent the food you eat from being converted into stored fat

*green tea extract egcg is a well-known supplement that helps lower cortisol and calm down your body

*coleus forskohlii helps your muscles take in nutrition more efficiently, including from protein

Dosing N2slinX

It is very important to use N2slinX correctly or you will not have the results you want.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to using it is 1 cap per 20g of carbs. However, you must take N2slinX 30-45 minutes BEFORE your meals.  If you take it while fasting, and do not eat, you may feel hypoglycemic and get fatigued because the product essentially eats away at your glycogen quickly which aids in fat loss.  Steve recommends fasting first, then exercising while in a fasted state, then taking the N2slinX, then eating your meal, in that order if you want to maximize your fat burning.

Understanding glucagon, insulin, glycogen, and glucose


Steve educates the listeners on this important information to learn how the body works.

Glucagon forms in the body when blood sugar is low and it tells the body to convert glycogen back into glucose. It runs inverse to insulin which spikes after a meal, especially a high-carb or sugary meal. When it comes to fat loss, we want insulin to stay level or low, while we want glucagon to be high.  N2slinX will help your body stay in that fat-burning mode even after a meal!

Glucose is the sugar that the body will use for energy and is found in the bloodstream, while glycogen is stored energy.  This is why when you take N2slinX and don't time your meals properly, you may feel dizzy.  Essentially, it does the work for your body and pushes things along so your body attacks fat cells for energy, instead of the glucose from the food you are eating, which causes a steady fat-burning effect.

How to use sarms with N2slinX

There are many sarms on the market and they are selective androgen receptor modulators.  Not all products though that are sold as sarms are actually sarms. GW501516 Cardarine and Sr9009 Stenabolic are both nonhormonal drugs which are not really sarms.

Steve discusses GW which is a PPAR agonist and SR which is an agonist of ReverbA. They both increase exercise capacity by increasing mitochondria in skeletal muscle.  This means your body will derive energy differently while in an exercised state.  This makes it easier to lose body fat and will give you more 'wind' while training.

GW should be used at 10-20mgs a day and can be dosed as little as once a day for 8-12 weeks, while SR should be used 5-25mgs 90 minutes pre-exercise.

Mobster discusses Ostarine mk2866 which is an actual sarm. It is great to be stacked with N2slinX too because it will help build lean muscle mass while burning fat at the same time. The recommended dosage is 25-50mgs a day for 8 weeks minimum.

Final tips on getting abs

*Fasting:  Fasting is done by every living organism and humans have it ingrained in our DNA to do it.  When you fast, your body will switch to breaking down fat and create an acid called ketones. Steve says you can go to your drugstore and buy ketone strips to urinate on to see this for yourself.  You will burn fat at a much higher rate when you reach this ketosis stage.  For most, it will take around 20-24 hours to reach this state.  Steve recommends daily time-restricted eating in a 2-6 hour window and 24-36  hour fasts sprinkled in as well.

*Avoiding fat storing foods: It isn't so much about what foods to eat, but a lot of times it's about what foods NOT to eat. Avoiding refined oils, refined sugars, fast food, restaurant food, refined flours and anything processed is a good start.  These fake foods spike insulin levels very high and cause a lot of fat to be stored.

*Cardio: Even if you do not have time for cardio the guys recommend at the very least high intensity cardio and hill running which doesn't take long.

*Being uncomfortable: Steve brings up the point that to train your body to look a certain way you have to be uncomfortable sometimes. That makes you stronger.


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