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Anadur (nandrolone hexyloxyphenylpropionate), is a very little known version of nandrolone that has a slightly longer half life than deca durabolin, which has the decanoate ester attached. Due to the fact that its base compound is 19-nor-testosterone (19-nor), an absence of a carbon atom in the 19th position differentiates anadur from testosterone.

Fig 1. Anadur Amps

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19-Nor-Testosterone facts

Contrary to popular belief, nandrolones' rate of conversion to estrogen is roughly 20% less than that of testosterone. As a result, the use of nandrolones was popular during the latter stages of the golden age of bodybuilding, since bodybuilders did not have access to aromatase inhibitors yet, and they had few choices of compounds to deal with estrogenic issues.

On the flip side, compared to testosterone, anadur's binding strength with the ARs (anabolic receptor) is more pronounced. Interestingly, on paper the anabolic to androgenic ratio of anadur is 37:125, but it is important to remember that many times these A-to-A ratio's can be misleading. In this particular case, anadur, and its counterpart deca durabolin, are more anabolic than testosterone and have lower androgenic tendencies. The benefit of this lower androgenic activity is that with anadur you can expect less side effects than with other more androgenic compounds.

Understanding Esters and Half life

Anadur has the hexyloxyphenylpropionate ester attached to it. This ester has a large size and is very slow acting, making it contain less active nandrolone on a mg to mg basis than deca durabolin. The major advantage of such a long ester is that in spite of getting slower results, the user will experience less side effects and, in theory, slower estrogen conversion over the course of the cycle.

Half lives of steroid esters don't determine how long the compound will remain active in the body. Not understanding this concept is one of the biggest myths and mass confusion bantered on the internet forums. In this case, anadur contains a very robust 15 day half life, which is more than 2 weeks. However, this does not mean that anadur will be out of your system after 15 days. Instead, it is the amount of time it will take the drug in the body to be reduced by exactly 1/2 of a given concentration. Therefore, several half lives will have to pass before the drug is completely out of your system.

Hence, anadur will be completely out of your body only after 5-6 weeks or more. This makes the use of this compound very risky for those who seek to run several cycles per year, and requires a much longer post cycle therapy (PCT) and longer off time, both of which are essential for a complete recovery. Interestingly, for this reason users will notice that they continue gaining mass weeks after their last injection.


Men will usually take anadur at a dosage of 300-500 milligrams (mg) per week, whilst experienced users will go higher, as the side effects are milder in comparison with such compounds as testosterone or trenbolone, which allows them to be more liberal with their dosages.

Females should only run 25-50mg per week and be cautious because even though anadur's side effects are mild, there are still androgenic effects from this powerful hormone. As a result, females abusing this steroid may experience such virilization effects as deepening voice, enlarged clitoris, and facial/body hair.


It is popular to stack anabolic steroids, and anadur is no different. Users will combine anadur with other androgenic compounds in order to give it a kick. However, the smarter way of doing this is by using a DHT derivative with it.

For instance, an effective way of stacking anadur is to use a short acting oral steroid to kickstart the cycle off; this is beneficial since anadur has such a long half life and is so slow acting. Yes, it's true - certain steroids take longer to 'build up' in the body, and you shouldn't believe anyone who tells you differently. Anadur will need several weeks to start giving visible results because it has a whopping 15 day half life, so feel free to stack anavar, dianabol, Tbol, SARMS, or whatever oral of your choice to start things off.

Side Effects

Just like deca durabolin, anadur is very mild in this regard. It is a myth that nandrolones have horrible side effects, and this myth is brought on by the dreaded 'deca dick.' Deca dick got its name because users complain about not being able to get an erection while on or post cycle. Nevertheless, this can be easily solved by using a DHT derivative, since it will increase the 'sex hormone' in the body. Thus, you can use proviron or masteron with it, and this will help with the dreaded 'deca dick.'

Other than that, in spite of the fact that anadur is 'mild,' it is still a powerful hormone that has the typical side effects of all steroids. There will be some aromatization, so if you are prone to estrogenic side effects you are best served running an aromatase inhibitor (AI), such as aromasin. Furthermore, you can expect some lipid and organ strain, so I highly recommend a support supplement to help balance things out. The best support supplement for this purpose is N2Guard.

And finally, although not directly related to side effects, a good suggestion with all anabolic steroid cycles is giving blood every 6-8 weeks because it is a great way to thin out the blood, and additionally you are saving lives in the process.


Anadur is just like deca durabolin; except for the difference in ester's half life, which makes it a slower acting and longer lasting steroid. It is a mild steroid, and is best used by those who like to run longer cycles fewer times per year.


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