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New Year Resolution Cutting Cycles – Geneza Pharma

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Steve and Mobster present Evolutionary Underground Episode #20. In this episode, they go over the best New Year's resolution steroid cycles using the brand Geneza Pharma (GP).


New Years resolution thoughts

Mobster starts things off by pointing out that it is great to have yearly goals, but the mistake he sees people make is they wait until a certain day to start things off.  He believes that TODAY is the best day to make the change and the day you read this or listen to the podcast is the best day.  It doesn't matter the date because you run the risk of creating obstacles to reaching your goals if you keep delaying.

Steve has a different take. He says New Year's reminds him of playing a video game when he was a kid, and if you weren't doing well, you can hit the reset button and start over again.  He takes that approach to New Year's and likes to use it to start fresh in life.

They both agree that some of the best ways to reboot your life are to get out of a stale relationship, move to a new place, find a new gym, or put new music on your player.  When it comes to fitness specifically why not try a new diet or a new workout so you aren't bored anymore?

#1 tip for steroid cycles

The guys then talk about the most important thing to consider when choosing a cycle and that is the brand you are using.  The reason it is so crucial is to imagine you want to set up a good cutting stack, and one of the steroids you are choosing is Anavar, but the steroid source and brand are poor, so you end up with Dianabol instead. That would completely ruin your entire cycle and put you at risk for estrogen-related side effects like bloating, gynecomastia, and a lot of water retention that you don't want.

Geneza Pharma is one of the top brands in the world. They are high quality, and you know when you buy a specific steroid, you are getting the right hormone and the right dosing too. The most common review we see about Geneza Pharma is people coming on the forums and pointing out how much better their steroid cycles went when they started using the GP brand.


Cutting cycle idea for active people

Steve starts this segment out by talking about a cycle that he has used when he is living a very active life and doing a lot more cardio than usual.

EQ (equipoise) Boldenone GP Bold 300.   This is EQ in a 10ML vial and each ML is 300mgs which packs a punch, so you only need 1-1.5CC total per week.  The reason Steve loves EQ here is that it will benefit your cardio because it raises red blood cells (like most all steroids), but it doesn't hurt your cardio like most steroids, because it won't add water retention, hammer your lipids, create crippling pumps, or raise inflammation. Overall, he recommends doing 300-400mgs max dosage per week.

The other steroid he likes to add to this is Turinabol.  The reason he likes Tbol here is that it is mild and won't interfere with your cardio as long as you run 10-20mgs a day.  It is called GP Turan, which comes in a packet of 50 tablets which are 10mgs each.

He recommends increasing your cardio a lot on this stack with a lot of consistent bicycling, running, pyro pilates, or hill running to burn a lot of calories combined with your weight training.


A harsher cutting stack

Some people will react better by increasing their weight and resistance training while focusing more on diet over cardio.  In this stack, the guys discuss Trenbolone and how best to use it here.  Steve points out he has seen guys eat a lot of junk food while using Trenbolone and still get shredded anyway. Then when they come off they look horrible the rest of the year. The reason for this is some people react very well to Tren due to its cutting benefits.  The guys recommend eating well on Tren and a lot of good things will happen.

GP has both Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate.  You can use either at 200-300mgs per week.

A good steroid to stack in here is the GP Anavar and you will want to use it 30-50mgs a day along with the Trenbolone.  Eat a good diet, try and do 10-15 minutes of cardio per day, and hit the gym hard and you should shred up nicely.

A hardening and drying stack

Mobster loves Winstrol and Masteron as his favorite hardening and drying stack.  GP has Masteron in 2 forms, including Propionate and Enanthate.

Mobster likes around 350mgs per week of the Masteron, along with around 50mgs a day of Winstrol. It is normal on this stack to experience some joint issues, so it is important to run a good joint support supplement.


The high rep/low weight cutting cycle

If you are a classic bodybuilder type who likes doing high repetitions, lower-weight training, enjoying drop sets, and feeling like a million bucks when you leave the gym, then this next cutting stack will be up your alley.

In this one, you also will include Masteron in it, and you should run 400-600mgs per week for 12-15 weeks. However, instead of using Winstrol in this cycle, you run a low dose of Testosterone of between 150-250mgs per week.   You can also add Anavar to kickstart the cycle and help increase vascularity and pumps in the first 6 weeks. Then the last 6 weeks you can finish things up with Turinabol.


Non-steroid cutters

GP also has a product called GP Clenbuterol which isn't a steroid at all, but rather it's a drug. Some will react very well to it and you can add it to any of the cycles above by using around 40mcgs and gradually increasing the dose by 20mcg every few days, with a max of around 120mcgs.


Final cutting tips

The guys finish off the show with some helpful cutting tips.

*Learn about 'time-restricted eating' and fasting and utilize those weapons

*Get your body used to fasted cardio

*Cut down ahead of your cycle and get into great shape so you can enjoy the cycle

*As you go through the cycle keep improving your diet and you lean out



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