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New Year Resolutions with Geneza Pharma


Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org Underground.  In episode #32, Steve and Mobster talk about New Year's Resolutions with Geneza Pharma.  They go over why New Year's resolutions are important and how to best implement them. They then go over different steroid cycle strategies for getting stronger, bulking, and cutting.


Why Geneza Pharma

Mobster starts this segment by talking about professionalism when it comes to steroid products. He says that Geneza Pharma products are professionally done and come with testing and vetting to ensure they are dosed correctly.

Steve says that members have anonymously purchased Geneza Pharma products and had them sent out to be independently tested without anyone's knowledge.  The products all came back at 99% purity.

New Year Resolutions and Why it's Important

Mobster says that today is the best day to start your fitness journey.  He says writing it down and declaring it to the world is a bet with yourself to reach a goal. Keep your short-term goals small, but not vague, so once you achieve them you can move on to the next bigger goal.

Steve says it's normal for gyms to get crowded after New Year's but people will start quitting after a few weeks because they give up.  He says to treat New Year's or any date as a reboot to start over to give you a fresh mental perspective.  Put your past behind you and set new goals over the next month, 6 months, 1 year etc.  A good way to do this is by coming to the forum and starting up a log.


The goal of getting stronger and which steroids

Testosterone at mild dosages is going to be androgenic, so they will naturally be good options to get stronger.  Steve says a common dosage of straight Testosterone is 500mgs a week and it will yield good strength gains.

The most popular Testosterone options are Test Cyp 250 and Test Enanthate 250, which you can pin 1-2x per week.

GP Test Prop 100 should be pinned every other day. GP Test Suspension 100 does not have any ester attached so you can use it as a pre-workout to give you a strength boost.

GP Test U250 (Nebido) Undecanoate has a very long ester so you can pin it once or twice a month.

Finally, there is GP Sust 270 which has a 20mgs addition of Test Acetate along with Test Prop 30mgs, Test Phenylpropionate 60mgs, Test Isocraproate 60mgs, Test Decanoate 100mgs.  This can be pinned anywhere from twice a week to every 3 weeks.

Mobster has had success using  GP Oxandrolone (Anavar). He runs 10mgs split up during the day. He also likes using GP Deca 300mgs and stacking it with Sustanon.

GP Tren Ace 100mgs and GP Tren E 200mgs are their Trenbolone options and there is no better steroid for pure strength. If you want a very strong oral route you can also go with GP Superdrol 10mgs.


The goal of cutting and which steroids

Steve says Winstrol is the best drying steroid out there so it is great for cutting at a dose of 20-50mgs per day. Geneza Pharma has several options including GP Stan 10 tabs, GP Stan 50 tabs, and GP Stan 50 Injectables.

GP Turan 10 is Turinabol and is great for cutting as well at a dose of 20-60mgs per day. GP Prima 100, Arnold used it very popular in the 70's.  You will want to use 300-1000mgs per week. GP Proviron 25mgs, don't waste your time or money using it solo but you need to stack it.

GP Masteron 100 is a hardener and has some cutting properties. You will want to run it 250-500mgs per week. Tren is also an excellent cutter for many of you. Even guys who have eaten horribly on it have been able to shred up on it due to its effects on your metabolism.  Mobster likes 30-50mgs a day with Anavar or Tbol.

GP Helios is Clenbuterol and Yohimbine mixed.  It comes with 40mcg of Clen and 6mgs of Yohimbine per ML and each vial is 10ML's.  Steve cautions you not to use this product if you have existing heart issues.


The goal of Bulking and Which Steroids

Mobster says that Dianabol is the first steroid he took and it's the most popular oral steroid of all time. He says it's foolproof and 30-50mgs a day is a guaranteed way to bulk up no matter what.  GP has a 10mgs option and a 50mgs option.  Since it has a short life you want to dose it 2x per day.  He was able to bulk many pounds on each cycle he used it.  He also says it was one of the most important steroids that Americans started using to get an edge in strength.

Steve says GP Oxy 50mgs Anadrol is a nice oral steroid and it will blow you up like crazy.  It isn't like Dbol in that it gives you a bunch of water retention, instead it will make your muscles bigger and harder.  Like Dbol, you can gain many pounds in a short amount of time.

GP Phenyl 100, is a shorter ester of what people know as Deca.  Steve explains that most people don't understand that there are 2 Nandrolone options which is the long ester Deca version but there is also a short ester Nandrolone Phenylpropionate.  If you want something that will be in your system quicker and you can do an 8 or 10-week cycle then try this option.  You can pin 3x a week 1CC, which would give you 300mgs a week.

Final tips and tricks

Don't use steroids without getting your diet and training on point first. Wait until you are already on point with everything then introduce the steroids. Mobster also says you shouldn't keep junk food in the house, this way if you crave it or want it, you will need to get off your ass to go buy it. This will make it less likely you will eat those junky foods.

Part 2 bonus episode

The guys follow up on the above information in an episode of UG32 Part 2. Make sure you also check that one out where they continue giving you more tips and tricks to getting the most out of your New Years resolutions.


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