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New Years Cutting Resolution with Para Pharma


para pharma

Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0.  In episode #44, Steve and Mobster talk about New Year's Cutting Resolutions with Para Pharma.  This is the episode to pay close attention to if you are looking to do a reboot of your lifestyle. It is also great to get you motivated to cut down so you can see those abs popping year-round.

Why Para Pharma

Steve says that members have ordered Para Pharma products and had them sent out to be independently tested with excellent results. There have also been members who have gotten blood work done to confirm the products are dosed well.  Steve says if you buy Para Pharma you can be rest assured that the quality is the same as what you would get from a pharmacy paying a higher price.

Mobster likes Para Pharma because they have been around for over 12 years and have been used by many bodybuilders who trust their products.  They aren't a fly-by-night brand that shows up for a year then disappears, they have built a strong customer base and they cater to those customers by producing high-quality products.

How to make New Year's resolutions for cutting

Mobster says the winter feast is a natural thing, then the days start getting longer and the temperature gradually starts to go back up, with people start going back outdoors. With this comes a new start to the year, where you want to improve your life across the board, especially with your fitness.  Mobster says it doesn't have to be New Year's Day to do this, rather you should start today.  Throw out your cookies and chips and stop being lazy eating out.

Steve says the first step is to start today.  He says after college he started to eat processed junk, wasn't exercising the way he used to, and spent his evenings just watching TV and eating ice cream. After he went for a 1 mile jog he started to dry heave and realized how bad a shape he was in and said enough was enough.  He cleaned out his kitchen from all the junk food and banned it from his home.  That was his New Year's Day where he made big changes.


The goal of cutting and which steroids

Para Pharma has Anavar 10 and Anavar 50, which is good for men and women, has fat-loss properties, and is safe to use even if you are holding more body fat than you would care to admit. Mobster brings up a good point with Anavar about pumps if you like to do a lot of cardio, it could backfire a bit, so keep that in mind.

Para Pharma Clen is not a steroid, it is a drug, and people in fitness and celebrities have had success using it.  It comes in 40mcg per tablet packet. For some, Clen works incredibly well;  for others, the side effects aren't worth it.

When you use Primobolan you won’t have to worry bout pumps  They sell Para Pharma Primo 100, Arnold used it and it was very popular in the 70's.  You will want to use 300-1000mgs per week.

PP Masteron 100 is a short ester propionate, and they also have a Masteron 200mg/ml Enanthate version, if you don't like injections. It is a hardener and has some cutting properties. You will want to run it 250-500mgs per week

Mobster loves one called Cut Stack 150, which contains 50mgs each of Test, Masteron, and Tren.  he ran enough for 4 weeks to give him 750mgs a week and was able to cut in that short of time.

Tren is also an excellent cutter for many of you. Even guys who have eaten horribly on it have been able to shred up on it due to its effects on your metabolism.  Steve likes 30-50mgs a day with Anavar or Tbol.   There are several Tren options from para Pharma, Tren Ace 100, Tren E 200, and Tren Mix 350 which contains Tren E 100mgs and Test E 250mgs.

Winstrol is the best drying steroid out there so it is great for cutting at a dose of 20-50mgs per day. Para Pharma has a couple of options including PP Winstrol 10 tabs, PP Winstrol 50 tabs

Equipoise from para pharma is very impressive. They have a really good Boldo option of 300mgs/ml and 500mgs/ml, this cuts down on injection volume. Para Pharma has Turinabol20 which is effective with Equipoise if you want a cardio focus cutting routine.  You can use 20mgs a day of it at 6 weeks max, along with Equipoise at 300mgs a week for up to 12 weeks.

Para Pharma sells a ParaTropin HGH Kit which is 100ius total. Hgh is good for fat loss but needs to run a minimum of 3-4 months to get the best fat loss benefits and you should generally keep your dose modest at 2ius or less for fat loss.

PP Proviron 25mgs, don't waste your time or money using it solo but you need to stack it.  It is effective in a cutting stack because of its ability to make the other steroids more effective and its ability to help with hardening and cutting.

If you do choose to run a moderate amount of Testosterone on any of these cycles then Para Pharma also has you covered with aromatase inhibitor options including Aromasin, Arimidex, and Letro. Steve recommends you stick with Aromasin as your #1 choice on cycle but if you like Adex that is fine. Letro is a smart choice to have on hand in case but shouldn't be used unless necessary.


Final tips and tricks

Steve and Mobster also say you shouldn't keep junk food in the house, this way if you crave it or want it you will need to get off your ass to go buy it. This will make it less likely you will eat those junky foods.

Steve says food prep your food, don't eat restaurant or fast food because it's not healthy no matter what your goal.  He also says skipping 'breakfast' is a wise choice because it prevents insulin levels from getting elevated first thing in the morning.  Finally, he says fasted cardio first thing in the morning is huge because it forces your body to tap into stored fat for energy.


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