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Not All Organ and Liver support is the same

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Welcome to a brand new Evolutionary.org UG Supplements episode #6.  In this podcast, Steve and Mobster present a special episode called "Not All Organ and Liver Support is the Same".  Steve has interviewed bodybuilders who want to stay ignorant of their bloodwork and not pay attention to the damage that they are doing to their bodies.  At the end of the day, a lot of people will stick their heads in the sand when it comes to their health.  This isn't the correct way to do it and it starts with keeping your organs as healthy as possible and helping them out on and off cycle.  N2guard is a great way to cover all your bases, and in this episode, they will show you the difference between support supplements on the market.

How steroids affect your body and why you need N2guard

Steve starts the segment by talking about how important it is to get bloodwork done so you can see what is going on inside your body while on a steroid cycle.  It is normal for the liver to become strained on anabolic steroids, and this holds whether you are using injectables or 17AA oral steroids, however, it is important to keep this number under control.

Steve says when it comes to the liver you have 2 liver values to pay attention to:  AST and ALT.  Both these numbers should be under 55U/L and when you use anabolic steroids this number will go up 50% to 200% or more.  When you strain your liver too much it will cause fatigue, body and mental stress, sleep problems, energy, mood, your performance, and your gains.  It also will have a domino effect that puts pressure on other organs.

Kidney disease is now prevalent among pro-bodybuilders because they don't take care of them enough on cycle.  Steve knows many former pros who now have to be on dialysis for the rest of their lives because their kidneys do not perform as they should anymore.  Dialysis is where you are hooked up to a machine that does what the kidneys can no longer do, and it is very time-consuming.  If you stop your treatments you risk dying within days.

One of the big issues that steroid users have to deal with is also the heart strain.  Anabolic steroids will cause a rapid rise in blood pressure, high RBC count, thicker blood, higher heart rate, and cholesterol strain.  Not keeping these numbers under control will eventually cause a person to get a stroke or heart attack. Mobster says it is very important to start taking care of your organs from the start by using your support supplements, and not wait until big problems start happening.

How N2guard helps your organs

N2guard is a support supplement that covers you from A to Z and helps your organs stay strong on a steroid cycle. It also will help you during PCT when your body is under a lot of stress because it has ingredients to help with balancing hormones and feeling good.  A lot of people also use it between cycles at a lower dose to help with all of the above.

The key is the amazing 44+ ingredients that this product has including all your essential vitamins and supplements like Uva Ursi for your kidneys. It has milk thistle, picroliv, TUDCA, and more for your liver.  For heart health, it has apple pectin, CoenzymeQ10, hawthorn berry, tumeric root, Parsley leaf, policosanol, and more.

Comparing products

Mobster has owned supplement companies in the past so he knows how the business works.  He says it is very difficult to put together a successful supplement like N2guard due to the sheer number of ingredients, how expensive each ingredient is, the competition in the industry, and how the formulation was put together.

Another little-known aspect of making supplements that work is making sure the ingredients are standardized and made into the correct ratios.  When it comes to ingredients some are seeds, some are leaves, some are roots, some are stems and some are fruit. If you don't get the right thing it won't work and you are wasting your money.  Mobster says that most supplement owners are lazy businessmen who aren't willing to take the time to develop a product like this, so they will put out a crappy product that took them a weekend to formulate and is cheap to produce. This is where N2guard blows away their competition.

Steve says that social media influencers out there will promote an inferior supplement because they are paid to.  He pulls up 3 of the most well-known support supplements and compares them to N2guard.  One of them has a measly 7 ingredients, 2 of which are even any good.  Another has 13 ingredients including 6 vitamins, but it is missing the most pricey and best vitamins that we need.  The 3rd product has 17 ingredients, but only 5 of them are any good and it doesn't even include TUDCA which is considered the #1 support supplement.  Meanwhile, N2guard has 44+ ingredients including TUDCA, all your essential vitamins, a bunch of anti-oxidants, things to help all your organs, and piperine to help you absorb all of it.

More ingredients

Steve goes over more ingredients in N2guard that you won't find in most other support supplements including red yeast rice for heart health, beta1,3-1,4 glucan which is great for cholesterol, chlorophyll for detoxing and recovery, indole3carbinol which is great for fighting cancer, Yerba mate leaf which is a rich antioxidant, omega 3 fatty acids which is great for heart, Evening primrose oil which is used to help with arthritis and many more.

N2bm and its history

N2bm created N2guard to help bodybuilders and very serious athletes get better results on cycle, post-cycle, and between cycles.  The company has been around for over 15 years and it has constantly improved over time. It is a small company that doesn't spend millions on marketing or pays phony social media influencers to promote its products. Instead, they depend on word of mouth and repeat customers.  The guys finish the podcast by saying to try N2guard on cycle and you will not only feel the difference but your bloodwork will be much better vs. not using it.


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