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Oral Only Bulking Cycles for Winter with Geneza


Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary Underground #31.  In this special episode, Steve and Mobster go over Oral Only Bulking Cycles for Winter with Geneza Pharma.  This is the episode to listen to if you want to hit an oral cycle this winter for bulking!

Geneza Pharma promo

The guys make some good points on why Geneza Pharma is such a great brand.

  1. They have been around for many years and have thousands of positive feedback.
  2. They test their gear before they sell it.
  3. They are produced at a professional lab by professionals who make their living making these products.
  4. They have you covered not just with great oral steroids, but also will ancillaries you will need both on cycle and after.

What is bulking

Mobster starts this segment off by simply explaining that bulking means putting on muscle mass and body weight.   Steve says that it doesn't matter if you have a skinny frame, medium frame, or already have a huge frame; no matter what the situation you can still bulk up more.

Mobster says that the wintertime is the perfect time to bulk since you are already wearing sweaters and jackets anyway, so it's a good opportunity to put on some muscle mass even if it means you also put on some body fat and water too.


Oral-only cycles, can you do them?

Mobster starts this segment off by saying he has been using oral-only cycles for years and has had much success with them.  He not only is a world champion in gripping, but he has trained with other champions in bodybuilding and powerlifting who have taken advantage of oral-only cycles so of course they can work.

Steve also brings up a couple of good points when it comes to oral-only cycles.

  1. Some people can't keep needles around: Steve says he was in a situation where he planned on living with a lady who had a young child and she didn't want needles to be around the house. Many people have similar situations and it is much safer for them to just use orals.
  2. Injectable orals: Steve then makes the point that many oral steroids in tablet form are also produced in injectable form too. Anadrol and Dbol are 2 examples of this, so for people who say you can't run an oral-only cycle what if you used the injectable version?   The point is it's a silly argument as these are effective steroids whether you are using them as orals or injectables and will carry the same liver risks.

Our favorite oral-only cycles

GP Dbol- Steve starts by saying that Dianabol was the first steroid he ever used and he considers it the most dummy-proof steroid out there.  It was introduced to American Olympic athletes by Dr. Zeigler to help give them a boost vs. their Russian rivals.  One of the things Steve said he noticed was an immediate improvement in his strength and body weight increase.  He also said that Dbol is great for appetite which will allow you to eat a lot of food.

Steve likes to run anywhere between 20 to 30mgs a day, with some guys liking up to 50mgs a day.  He cautions that Dbol does heavily aromatize into estrogen so it will be important to make sure you use an AI with it. He recommends also picking up GP Aromasin and/or GP Arimidex.

Mobster also says that Dbol is one of his favorites since he likes to bulk up a lot, especially during the wintertime. He says he likes to run it 30mgs a day for up to 8 weeks.

GP Anadrol- Anadrol is an interesting bulking oral steroid because it is a DHT derivative, which means it will not aromatize into estrogen, creating water weight. However, Steve says that it does have the ability to bind to estrogen receptors and some people will want to stack in some GP Nolvadex with it to offset that.

The guys say that Anadrol is a great steroid for bulking and getting harder at the same time.  It can be run for 5 weeks at between 25-50mgs a day.

GP Oral Tren 250mcg per pill-  Steve makes the point that Oral Tren is simply not as effective as the injectable version, however, some guys seem to react well to it.  Mobster says that for him he thinks it's more effective when stacked vs. ran alone.  If you want to try it then run up to 750mcg per day, just don't expect it to be comparable to injectable GP Tren.

GP Anavar- Believe it or not, Mobster says he reacts very well to Anavar, even with bulking. He says when he uses it he always puts on a solid 5 pounds of size. Since Anavar is a DHT derivative it cannot aromatize, nor does it bind to estrogen receptors.  However, it is still extremely underrated when it comes to building muscle and Mobster likes to use it for up to 8 weeks at 50mgs a day.

GP superdrol- Steve finishes out the segment by calling superdrol a very toxic oral steroid which will make you feel horrible while on it.  He says that the way this steroid is structured means you cannot run it at high dosages and it should be run for only 3 weeks max.  He says 20-30mgs a day is more than enough and it will give you rapid strength and mass increase.

Tips and tricks to bulking on steroids

The guys finish the podcast by talking about final bulking tips.

Steve says when he used to coach and judge young weightlifters he taught them that you grow outside of the gym, not while in.  His tip was that while you weight train you are stressing out your body, so the worst thing you can do after the gym is stress it out more by throwing junk food at it.  He argues it is better to eat nothing at all than eating pizza or other junk food after a workout.  He also says that you should be putting nutritious- muscle-building food- into your body and never junk, even while you are bulking.  You will get better results that way.

Mobster says that training is important. He thinks a huge mistake he sees in the gym is guys not training their legs properly or enough. He says that a tree that is strong and that will flourish will always have a strong trunk, so it's important to make sure you are training your legs properly.


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