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Orals Only Bulk – Dbol, Anadrol, Tbol – Geneza Pharma

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Steve and The Mobster present this Evolutionary Underground episode #19. In this show, they go over oral-only bulking cycles, compliments of Geneza Pharma. The main steroids they are going to talk about are Dianabol (dbol), Anadrol, and Turinabol (Tbol).   Listen very closely to their personal experiences and learn how to run these orals for maximum results.

Bulking in general

Mobster starts the topic by talking about stories he has heard where guys have gained upwards of 20 to 30 pounds or more which is incredibly attractive to someone young and skinny. He cautions that the reality is gaining that much weight is uncomfortable and horrible.  Mobster thinks that bulking has evolved a lot, and today is more about gaining a solid 5-6 pounds, vs. the old days when guys didn't care about dirty bulking and ended up looking like a watery mess.

Steve says that anabolic steroids work incredibly well and the advantage of oral steroids is they kick in very fast.  He says we live in a very impatient society where we have instant information at our fingertips, so he doesn't blame anyone for wanting to bulk up quickly by using steroids.

In terms of mistakes in bulking, the guys agree that bulking up too fast is a mistake, because the fat gain you put on is hard to get rid of due to an increase in insulin resistance.  So it's smarter to bulk up over time, instead of going all the way after just 1 cycle.  Orals allow you to gain more flexibility, because you can run short cycles, and they peak quicker in your system.

Geneza Pharma benefits

Steve starts by talking about why he loves the Geneza Pharma GP brand. First off, Geneza Pharma is a legitimate steroid brand, so when you buy it you know you are getting real anabolic steroids.

Next, this guy you buy steroids from at the gym has no clue what he is selling.  He likely gets the steroids from some meth dealer who is making products with zero regulations in a trailor in the middle of the woods.  Even if he is trying to be honest, he is likely incompetent because he produces inconsistent batches.  He will either end up getting arrested, poison you with dangerous products, or end up stealing your money and running.

Geneza Pharma is made in an actual lab by real doctors and scientists who are professionals in this field.  Mobster talks about how they have been around for many years, and have reps on forums and customer service to always help you whenever you have a question or concern.  If you order Geneza Pharma dbol, you know you are getting the real deal, same with their other products and orals.


Bulking with dbol, Anadrol and tbol

Steve says that the first oral steroid he ever used was dbol, and he feels it's the most dummy-proof bulking steroid out there because anyone can use it and get great results.  During his first week using it, he could feel the difference and noticed he could rep more weight.  He was able to put on a lot of mass quickly on it, so that makes it a wonderful bulker.

As far as Anadrol, he likes 50mgs a day for 4 weeks and his results were excellent but the side effects were there.  He says the main difference between it and dbol is that he felt much better on dbol and felt fatigued on Anadrol. However, he says because Anadrol is a DHT derivative you get thicker on it vs. getting more watery on dbol.  They both are very cheap and they both can help boost appetite so you can eat more easily.

When it comes to Tbol he considers it a lean bulker and a weaker steroid. Steve likes it for endurance, various sports, and other athletics outside of just weight training.  He says that you can stack the tbol with dbol at 20mgs each and they work well for those who enjoy bodybuilding and gaining some mass.

Mobster says that he considers Tbol a good lean bulker to gain 4-5 pounds and it has helped Olympians in the past.

Using Anadrol, he has seen people gain 10-20 pounds. Finally, dbol he loves for mood enhancement and appetite increase.  You can eat a lot of food on dbol and never feel satiated.

more dosing and stacking ideas

Steve says that Tbol was designed to be a stripped-down version of dbol.  So you are getting a pure and mild oral steroid, which won't work for someone who wants to put on 15 or 20 pounds. It works best for those who want to gain good, clean, keepable weight.  He says a solo stack ranges from 20mgs up to 60mgs a day.

When it comes to Anadrol, ranges of 25-75mgs a day are all you need.  The guys say they like 50mgs max because it hits you hard but you can run it a bit higher.

When it comes to Dbol the average dose is 30mgs, but the range can go from as low as 10mgs up to 50mgs.  In the '70s and '80s, when guys were bulking, they would take a handful of dbol per day and it worked very well solo or stacked.

Overall the length of the cycle can range from 3 weeks up to 8 weeks depending on how you tolerate side effects.


Final tips

Steve gives a couple of really good tips.

The first tip is to invest in a pill cutter, this will allow you to be able to split the pills in half so you can take a 50mg pill and easily turn it into a 25mg pill, etc.

Another question he gets asked a lot is how often you should take these orals. Steve says with dbol you should take it 2-3x per day due to the shorter half-life, while Anadrol and tbol can be taken 1-2x per day.  Sometimes Steve likes to take an extra dose ahead of a workout just for a slight psychological boost.

Mobster's tip is to learn how to meal prep and cook healthy food for yourself, rather than chase more calories from junk food or fast food.  He would like to see guys add another healthy meal to their diet to help them bulk up the smart way.


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