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Orals only vs Injectables only Cycles with Geneza Pharma

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Welcome to Evolutionary.org Underground episode #37.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster discuss oral-only cycles vs. injectable-only cycles with Geneza Pharma.   First, they go over the different meanings of oral only vs. injectable only.  They then go over the positives of each option and the stacks they like.  They finish the podcast by talking about why Geneza Pharma is such a great brand and why they trust them.

What do we mean by Oral only vs. Injectable only?

The guys explain that Oral only simply means you are using just orals on your cycle. This is controversial by some, however, the guys assure you that it is perfectly fine to do and many steroid users have been doing just orals for decades with no problems.

When it comes to injectables it's the same concept, except you are just using them and not using any orals.

Positives of doing oral only and injectable only

Mobster says the stigma of using needles has been around since the mid-20th century and is associated unfortunately with heroin use among drug addicts.  It isn't fair, but it has caused many people to decide that they don't want needles around the house, so they will stick with oral only.  Overall with orals, you want to stick with shorter cycles but with injectables, you can push them longer.


Different stacks we like

Orals to run solo only:

Steve likes GP Oxy Anadrol.  50mgs is all you need as it's a potent steroid and will transform your body in 4-5 weeks at that dosage.  Just make sure you train and eat and good things will happen.

Mobster likes GP Anavar 50mgs a day for males and 5-10mgs for females.  For a big guy, you wouldn't think he would like it, but it's a great option for strength and lean size. He says to run it up to 8 weeks.

He also loves Dbol solo and you can run a dose of 10-50mgs a day.

Steve touches on his experience with Dbol and says you might want to consider strongly using one of GP's AI options either Aromasin or Arimidex to help control estrogen on it.

GP Turan Tbol is another great option from Geneza. Steve says Tbol isn't one you take and blow up on, but it has very low sides and he likes the cardio benefits you can get from it, especially at a dose of 20-40mgs a day.

Superdrol is one that Steve ran a couple of times when he was in his prime and it helped him break plateau's. the GP Superdrol is very powerful and should only run 3-4 weeks at a dose of up to 30-40mgs a day.

Orals to stack:

Mobster talks about Proviron and Dbol, he says using Proviron is a great way to bind to SHBG and get good results and make your dbol even more potent.

Steve likes the Tbol and Dbol stack as well.  He says he ran that a couple of times for a smooth cycle with low sides, he likes to run 20-25mgs of each per week for 6 weeks.

Another one he likes is GP Stan Winstrol 50mgs a day and throws in some Dbol at a low dose of 10mgs a day.

They finish this segment by talking about GP Oral Tren up to 1mg per day max, but most will be fine at 500mcg a day.  There is also a GP M1T which you should stick with 10-20mgs per day.


Injectable only cycles they like:

Mobster starts this segment talking about GP Boldenone at 300mgs per week with GP Test Cyp or GP Test E at 400mgs a week for 12 weeks.  He likes that stack for lean gains and mild strength boosting for 12 weeks.

Steve says the #1 selling blend from Geneza is GP Andromix 150mgs/ml.  it contains 50mgs each of Test Prop, Tren Ace, and Mast Prop. It is one of the best recompers on the planet and one of the most favorite stacks for professional bodybuilders.

Steve then talks about GP Prima (Primobolan) 100mgs/ml and says this was Arnold's favorite steroid back in the golden era. You will want to dose it from 300-700mgs per week in total.

Mobster loves the old-school stack of GP Deca 300mgs and GP Sust 270.  It causes him to 'blow up' and get huge and strong.  It also causes a crazy boost in appetite which allows you to eat a lot of food. They both are such long esters that you will be on for weeks after the last injection, so the recovery will be long and difficult.  Steve suggests if you want to recover quicker and want a shorter ester simply switch out the Deca for the GP NPP.

Also, a tip Steve gives you should consider adding in Masteron, GP has both GP Mast Prop and GP Mast E.  It will help balance DHT and DHN in the body and make your cycle and recovery more smooth.

Steve finishes it off by talking about injectable Stan 50 (Winstrol) and also GP Tren Ace and Tren E.  They also have a Test and Bold 200mg each, which is a popular blend.


Why Geneza Pharma

Mobster says you always want a brand that has been around a long time like GP.

Certificates of analysis are important to Mobster. We've had members anonymously ordered from Geneza Pharma and had them sent off for testing at their own expense and they've come back all good to go.  We also have countless reviews that get posted almost daily that are all positive, and if there ever any slight issue with an order or shipping, they have 2 or 3 reps on top of things.

Steve says back when he first used steroids they were extremely expensive and extremely faked so it was a gamble to order them. This is why he loves Geneza Pharma because he knows they are good to go and what he takes from them is what it should be.

Where to buy?

Geneza Pharma can be purchased from Napsgear.org.

Geneza Pharma is an approved source that has been around for 15 years providing customers with outstanding oral steroids, injectable steroids, ancillaries, PCT products, and more.  When you purchase from them you know you are getting authentic Geneza Pharma brand and not fakes.

GP provides lightning-quick domestic shipping to American customers, with no need to worry about customs and no need to stress about how long it takes.  They ship typically within a few days and you get your package lightning fast.  They also offer international shipping as well to many other countries.

They have reps on the forums to further assist with setting up cycles and answer questions you may have.  If there is ever an issue they are on call to help with your order and make sure you are taken care of.


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