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Overtrain on Cycle,Masteron Estrogen crash,EQ and Trenbolone

Evolutionary.org Podcast #369-Overtrain on Cycle,Masteron Estrogen crash,EQ and Trenbolone

Evolutionary radio presents another exciting podcast. Host Stevesmi is joined by co-host Rick . Totally raw and unfiltered, this time they answer all questions sent in by you guys and gals. They cover a bunch of topics on steroids, diet, working out, and relationships:
1. possible to overtrain even on cycle? The guys debate this hot topic
2. will masteron crash my estrogen? Do you still need an AI?
3. how would you run EQ for muscle gains - is EQ a good bulker?
4. highest dosage of tren i can run - What happens if you run too much tren
5. using phone apps to track macros/calories a good idea? - Why you shouldn't count these anymore

learn about Masteron https://www.evolutionary.org/masteron

learn why tracking macros and calories does not work long term. study: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/202138

Follow Ricky V on Social: http://www.RickyVRock.com/

Follow Ricky V and ask him anything: http://www.BigRickRock.com/

Check out the Evolutionary Radio Podcast: https://www.evolutionary.org/podcasts/

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Steve Smi (Also known as Steve Smith), has over 12 years of experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. He's the co-Host of the popular Evolutionary Radio Podcast - over 500,000 listens! He has been a personal trainer and writer for the last 10 years with over 1000 articles written. He's been a moderator on forums for over 10 years. Steve holds the following certifications and records: NASM Personal Trainer NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Florida Local Powerlifting champion Top writer for 2019 Fitness rated

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