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oxandrovarby: GK ProHormones

Supplement Facts:




(EPISTANE)-2,3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallo cholan-17b-ol-.......20mgs

(TRENAVAR)-Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione- …...........20mgs






When it comes to cutting cycles, picking the right compounds to use can be very difficult and is obviously extremely important. Too many times guys use the wrong compound, either out of sheer ignorance or because they lack access to the products they really want to use. It is often a lot easier to talk about the compounds you will use in a cycle and a lot harder to get your hands on legitimate products all at once.

Cutting cycles are the real science, in contrast with the art of bulking. The guys who are bulking have it easier since all they have to do is ingest more calories than are burned during everyday of their cycle. In contrast, the cutting cycle is an exact science of knowing your numbers, you caloric requirement, and intake. The perfect cutting cycle must be structured around the proper diet and compounds to ensure you lose fat, while still having enough protein and nitrogen retention to maintain the muscle mass that you worked so hard for. While you cut down on calories to burn fat, you want something to help you maintain your muscle mass, and if possible help you build new mass.

To run the very best cutting cycle, you have to build it properly from the ground on up, the way the pros did it. Combining just the right compounds of Dehydrotestosterone derivatives, with Progestenic steroids and even some Methylated compounds to kick off the cycle quickly. The knowledge of what hormones can be mixed together and which ones you can't has been accumulated over the years. From the days of Arnold, all the way to the most recent UFC years, all of the professional athletes are well educated and know or know somebody who knows just what compounds you can stack together and what you cannot. They have a strong understanding of which compounds when mixed, will maximize your sex-drive, and which steroid will extinguish the flames of libido when dosed incorrectly.

When we talk about a product like OxandroVar, we are talking about a product that puts to work, all of this underground knowledge of putting several anabolic hormones together, all with different, yet complementary characteristics. Using the proper amounts of the right compounds, and using a time-release capsule so you can dose the product every 12hrs, for simplicity.

Putting a good cycle together is easy when you have the knowledge of how to mix the compounds and access to the highest quality raw materials. If you ask most experienced Bodybuilders, they would tell you the perfect cutting cycle would need to include include at least one DHT(Dehydrotestosterone) derivative hormone, for example, Primobolan, Masterone or for the Over The Counter market, Epistane. Epistane is a great DHT derivative hormone, and it builds lean hard mass without any Estrogen conversion, the same way most DHT derivative hormones work. These DHT-type hormones work very well alone, but in a cutting stack, those DHT-properties really play well with an Anabolic with Progestenic effects, like Winstrol or Trenbolone. For OTC products, we find Trenavar to be the ultimate muscle building Progestenic prohormone. as it has been reported to have about a 30% rate of conversion in the body to active Trenbolone. Trenvar's conversion to Trenbolone makes it the perfect stack with Epistane to really help bring out the anabolic potential of -2,3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallo cholan-17b-ol- (Epistane) hormone, by balancing out it's very anabolic nature with a heavier Androgenic punch in the Trenbolone conversion of Trenavar. You can find the powerful Trenavar and Epistane stack in the same bottle in OxandroVar which contains 60 capsules each with 20mg of Trenavar and 20mg of Epistane, along with the other powerful anabolics you will read about below.

Many guys use Testosterone as a base to their cycle, or something similar that will help balance out the possible side effects of lethargy from a cycle some using heavy anabolic hormones, not only helping your sleep cycle, your motivation and drive, but also just adding more and more milligrams and milligrams of added anabolic power to your system.

In OxandroVar this role is played by the addition of METHYLCLOSTEBOL, known by it's nomeclature of: -4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-4-en-17ß-ol-3-one- this methylated 4-cholo hormone is a is a close molecular analogue of Methyl-testosterone. This hormone is orally available and can attach to androgen receptors as ingested, without ever needing to convert. To balance off the stack in OxandroVar, a very potent non-methylated hormone called Hexadrone was added. Hexadrone, known by it's make up of 6a-Chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one, is perfect for cutting cycles since it does not convert to estrogen.. Not only does it not convert but it has been shown to possess estrogen lowering properties. Users of Hexadrone report very dry solid gains, and because this hormone is NON-Methylated, doses of up to 200mg per day can be used without hurting the liver like a Methylated oral does. Hexadrone, when utilized in the OxandroVar formula, is the perfect way to round off the stack, to deliver the best cutting cycle any Bodybuilder can purchase over the counter.

The OxandroVar formula goes as follows:



Fig 1. MethylClostebol


This powerful analogue of Mthyl-Testosterone does a great job of stacking with the DHT-derivative called Epistane and also balances out the Progestenic actions of Trenavar.


epistane chemical structure

Fig 1. Epistane Chemical Structure

(EPISTANE)-2,3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallo cholan-17b-ol-.......20mgs

Tried and true now for years Epistane has been used in cutting cycle and in Recomp Cycles to help make dry lean gains, even while calories are low. It works great in the OxandroVar formula.


(TRENAVAR)-Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione- …...........20mgs

With it's rumored 30% conversion to Trenbolone, in this formula it adds all of the strength and power of a great Progestenic hormone, the strength increases should be through the roof at around week two on this bad-boy hormone.



When the two capsules are taken every 12hrs, you get 200 power-packed milligrams every single day. Since this is a Non-Methylated oral, such dosages can be used with minimal liver issues, as compared to Methylated orals of course. In this stack it add Anti-E properties to the whole stack and really helps add some depth to the Anabolic synergy of all the other ingredients in the stack.




This agent is included in the capsule and it is meant to coat the active ingredient with a gel once the capsule begins to dissolve in the stomach, thus making the hormones time-release, this way a single capsule can be take every 12hrs as a standard 2-capsule per day for this whole cycle.

If you are buying four to five bottles of product for your cycle, like Epi-Strong, Helladrol, 6-Mdrol and Xosterone to stack together, then you are paying for each of those bottles to pass though the assembly line and be handled and for each individual run of capsules and for the labels, as well as the extra shipping costs for weight and space. You are getting four or five and sometimes six different units when you cycle, each with it's individual single-ingredient manufacturing overhead. Unfortunately, there is no way to make this process cheaper for you. GK has found a solution to this problem. Now, products like Oxandrovar provide your entire stack in one bottle. One mix of ingredients and one single run through the encapsulating and bottling machine. We all know we want to stack these powerful ingredient to harness their powerful synergy, so now it is finally possible in a cost effective way. Just put it all in one bottle to go please! Makes sense doesn't it? GK ProHormones has you covered with OxandroVar!

GK ProHormones made the whole process cheaper for you by putting all of your favorite ProHormones products in one capsule and one bottle, thus saving you a ton of cash in manufacturing overhead, and also making dosing much easier. So your whole cycle is coming in one bottle, much the same idea as say Sustanon250 has four different Testosterone Esters in the same vial for easy dosing, now you can have 4 and 5 different ProH ingredients, all specifically dosed for your cycle needs. The average supplement capsule can hold about 700mg, yet most Prohormone products made by companies with outdated formulas only use around 100mg or less of that capsule, making the other 600mg wasted space, wasted space that is costing you, the customer, extra money. If you do the simple math, you can comfortably fit an entire cycle of maybe 200mg of NON-Methyl ProH products, with maybe 50mg of a nice strong Methyl as well. Now, instead of making one little bottle of each ingredient, and making YOU pay for the overhead, it all comes in a compact and very inexpensive way to buy on your end. The expense of stacking a bunch of single bottle formulas is something that the guys over at GK ProHormones think of as a very outdated way to get ProHormones cycles out to the customers at an affordable price.

GK ProHormones just puts the right amount of each product that you already use and love, into each capsule, and you are all set. No guess work is needed on cycle dosages either, as these formulas are top notch... Not only that, but for those of us who must take our supplements with us to work and the gym, it really makes it a lot easier to have a single bottle to carry around, or maybe just 2 concentrated capsules for an entire day, instead of dozens of tiny capsules with different fillers and bottles and labels. By adding a slow-release agent like Carbopol, you now make these two powerful capsules time-released, so one capsule every 12hrs is all you need...

Many of you may be blown away by this concept. Maybe even questioning how effective it can be... To put it into perspective, please picture yourself the way you take your supplements in the morning now, during a good cycle, you stand in front of all these tiny bottles and twist caps on and off until you get a handful of capsules and you most likely take them all right then and there. Now, you have most of these top ingredients in one concentrated capsule that is time-released. You just don't need to twist as many bottles, swallow as many pills, or even pay for all of those pretty labels and bottles and the labor expenses and even environmental impact off all those bottle for one cycle.

You won't have to spend a ton of cash buying up five and six different bottles for your cycle, GK ProHormones has them all in one OxandroVar bottle. You will never have to spend countless hours online trying to piece together a cycle, because GK ProHormones has already put one together to fit your cutting goals. If you are cutting, or bulking or trying to just gain lean mass, and not spend a ton of cash then GK ProHormones has resolved this issue for you. You are now going to save more cash than ever before and get BETTER, more COMPLETE products for your dollar!


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