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Peptides with Euro Pharmacies

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Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode #35.  In this podcast, Steve and Mobster go over Peptides with Euro Pharmacies (EP).  They will tell you what peptides are all about, discuss the differences between GHRP and GHRH, IGF-1 and MGF, and how to inject and store your peptides properly. They also will talk about the most popular selling EP peptides and how to dose them.

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Mobster says he has requirements when it comes to using any sort of PED that he will put into his body. First, the company has to have a long track record of over 10 years.  Next, you need a brand that makes their products in actual labs and not on counter tops of someones kitchen trailer. He also requires certificates of analysis to prove the products have been tested along with independent testing. Euro Pharmacies has you covered on all of that.

Steve says he has used plenty of peptides over the years and a lot of times he has gotten fakes.  Companies will sell you something labelled wrong due to greed and incompetence. It is important to use Euro Pharmacies so you know you are getting what you bought.

What are peptides?

Steve explains that peptides are short chain amino acid monomers which are held by a peptide bond.  We use synthetic versions to boost our existing amounts in our body. When we use peptides, we are able to get MORE of this working in our body to give us all kinds of benefits, and we can do that more safely then using harsher drugs.

GHRP and GHRH information

All of us understand that as we age our levels of GH will drop.  Mobster says this is why we don't recover at 50 years old like we did at 20 years old.  The idea behind GHRP's and GHRH's is that we can level that playing field by using them.

GHRH stands for Growth hormone releasing hormones and they cause the body to secrete small amounts of GH.  Some peptides can secrete in a short burst and some will do longer.

GHRP stands for Growth hormone releasing peptides and they cause a much larger pulse of secreted GH and more effectively than GHRH.  GHRH increases the amount of GH, while GHRPs targets the pituitary and forces GH pulse.

Many athletes and bodybuilders choose to get the best of both worlds by combining them in stacks, although you are welcome to use them solo.


IGF-1 and MGF

IGF-1 stands for Insulin-like growth factor and MGF stands for Mechano-growth factor.

MGF stimulates the recovery of damaged muscle tissue and orders cells to produce more muscle tissue. This is why it is typically dosed post workout, or on recovery days, to build globs of muscle.

IGF-1 has different variations and many versions do nothing in the body. The ones that do benefit athletes and bodybulders are the ones the guys will talk about on this podcast. A lot of people will use these to target lagging body parts and boost IGF-1 to extremely high levels vs. just using anabolic steroids.


Injecting and storing

Peptides can be mostly injected subcutaneously, but you can also do them intramuscular.  Euro Pharmacies sells them in a white powder that must be reconstituted with bac water, saline or sterile water.

Storing peptides as also important. Steve recommends you always keep them in the refrigerator even before you're mixing them. After you mix them they must be kept in the fridge or you risk rapidly losing their potency.


Family of peptides and what they are good for

Steve goes over the classification of peptides and says that CJC-1295, Sermorelin and Fragment 176-191 are GHRH's.

The GHRP family includes GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin, and Hexarelin.

The IGF family includes IGF1-LR3, Mechano Growth Factor and surprisingly also Fragment 176-191 (which is also in the GHRH family technically).

Almost all of these peptides are great for fat loss, recovery, muscle building, and aging.

The exception being Mechano Growth Factor MGF which is only good for recovery and muscle building.

Most popular selling EP peptides and how to use them

In this segment, Steve and Mobster discuss the peptides you can purchase at Euro Pharmacies and how to use them properly.

The top selling peptide they sell is HCG, which is competely different then anything they have talked about so far.  HCG is actually a hormone and it is synthesized from pregnant female urine. It is used in bodybuilding to mimic LH in the male body and also as part of the HCG diet.  Although Steve and Mobster don't agree it should be used in PCT, that is a big way guys are using it to help them feel better and boost estrogen/testosterone. It is also used on cycle to boost the size of the testicles and boost libido. Proper dosage is 500IU-2000IU 2-3x per week.

HMG is similar to HCG, but instead it mimics FSH. The dosage of that is 75IU's 2-3x per week.

CJC-1295 is more popular than the version with DAC.  DAC stands for drug affinity complex, and that is an option for an extended half life.  It is really good for muscle growth, fat loss, anti aging, and metabolism. Dosing is 300mcg and it is popularly stacked with Ipamorelin (200-500mcg total per day) so you can mix the GHRH and GHRP together.

IGF1-LR3 helps grow muscles, which is why guys who are top level pro bodybuilders love this peptide. Common dosing is 20-100mcg once daily for 6 weeks and then stopping for a month.  It's important to take your carbs and protein before you take it.  Going hypo is possible with this peptide so you need to tweak your diet.  It gives you a lot of the HGH benefits and more to make you huge but also lean.

HGH Frag 176-191 is used for fat loss. Just imagine the GH compound being spliced to just give you the fat loss benefits, that is what this peptide is all about. It helps inhibit fat gain.  Use 200mcgs before you break your daily fast.

The next ones are GHRP-6 and GHRP-2.  GHRP-2 releases higher levels of growth hormone.  They are both popular, though with GHRP-6, slightly more use it because it drastically increases appetite, while GHRP-2 may only slightly.  They both help with recovery time, libido, anti aging, immune system, fat loss, muscle gains, and all the stuff that you can get with HGH.  Steve says that they are popularly stacked with anabolic steroids.

Hexarelin does a lot of good things that HGH will do. It tends to boost sleep a lot more than the others and also is great for athletics. Use it 100mcg 2-3x per day and don't eat 1 hour prior or 1 hour later.

PAL-GHK helps with skin, repairs DNA, and breaks down old tissues/cells.  It can help with wounds, nerves, wrinkles and other anti aging benefits.  The first month use 1-2mgs per day.

Mobster finishes up with MGF.  It causes wasted muscle tissue to grow. It is a great peptide for those who want to get hugely muscular.  It doesn't have the other benefits of HGH that other peptides bring you, but it also is best for those who want to grow.  Common dosing is 200mcg and its usually stacked with IGF-1 LR3.


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