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Peyton Manning and HGH Revisited

....Peyton Manning HGH Story Reopens: Home Delivered HGH, Men in Black & More....

In 2015, Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning was accused of using human growth hormone (HGH) to prolong his football career. This story seemed dead after an NFL investigation cleared Manning of the accusations. But it's been reopened again after a lawsuit against the Al Jazeera network.

More details are spilling out again about Manning's case, including HGH being shipped to his wife, the QB hiring men in black, and two professional baseball players trying to bring down Al Jazeera over the whole matter. Keep reading as I cover the entire story behind Manning's resurfaced HGH drama.


Lawyer Claims

....Lawyers Claim that Peyton's Wife was Using HGH....

Manning's attorneys recently confirmed that human growth hormone was shipped from an Indianapolis clinic to his Florida home. But they claim that the HGH was meant for Peyton's wife, Ashley Manning (1) — not their client. (this is possible, many women do use HGH)


Ashley Manning could be using HGH

The Guyer Anti-Aging Clinic sent the drugs to Manning's home in December 2015. This is the same point when the famed QB and his Denver Broncos were gearing up for a playoff run, which culminated in the team winning Super Bowl 50. Peyton, 39 at the time, was struggling on the field as injuries had withered away his abilities.

Al Jazeera filmed a documentary called “The Dark Side: The Secret World of Sports Doping," which covered the use of performance-enhancing drugs in American sports.

Charlie Sly, a former pharmacy intern at Guyer Institute, told the documentary crew that Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard and Washington Nationals were using the prohormone Delta-2 (Androgenetx). He also implied that Peyton ordered HGH under his wife's name.


The attorneys claim that Ashley was prescribed HGH to treat an undisclosed condition. The Washington Post later reported that her (non-reported) condition wouldn’t qualify for legal use of the drug (2).

The NFL investigated Manning's alleged HGH use and cleared him. Howard and Zimmerman were cleared of any wrongdoing by the MLB.

Why Relevant?

Why Is This Case Relevant Again?

Zimmerman and Howard have recently launched a defamation lawsuit against Al Jazeera. The 212-page court filing questions how The Dark Side crew came to the determination that the players were using PEDs.

The problem is that all of the evidence comes from Sly, who's proven to be a sketchy source. He's since recanted his statements on Manning.

charlie sly hgh-manning

Charlie Sly vs Manning

Al Jazeera filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit (3). But a judge from the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia denied the motion and will allow the case to continue.

Men in Black

....Manning Hired Private Investigators to Speak with Sly....

Manning isn't involved in the lawsuit against Al Jazeera. The likely reason why is because Sly recanted his allegations about Peyton receiving HGH.

Manning's lawyers hired a mysterious team of private investigators to visit Sly before the documentary aired. The pharmacist corrected his previous statements afterward, saying that he lied about Manning receiving HGH via his wife (4).

Sly videotaped himself recanting all of the statements before the Dark Side aired. The bizarre timing made Washington Post sports reporter Will Hobson question if Manning's men in black coerced Sly into clearing the retired QB.

The same investigators were also sent to the Guyer Institute to examine Peyton and Ashley manning's medical records just prior to the NFL's investigation into the matter.

Why lie?

Why would Sly Lie about Manning Using HGH?

Sly spoke with ESPN's Chris Mortensen about why he lied regarding Manning. Sly said that he only worked at Guyer Institute until 2013, two years before he allegedly gave HGH to Manning (5).

The reason why he allegedly lied begins with undercover Al Jazeera reporter Liam Collins, a former British hurdler. Collins spoke with Sly under the guise that he was an older athlete looking to reclaim his athletic peak.

The former athlete-turned-reporter also claimed that he could help Sly get in contact with English Premier League soccer players regarding supplementation.

Collins, however, ran into some trouble when he was accused of duping real estate investors out of $1 million.

Sly claims that he became suspicious of Collins at this point and began telling his new business partner about random athletes whom he supplied with PEDs. The pharmacy intern claims his reasoning for lying is that he wanted to “test” Collins.

What Sly didn't know is that Collins wasn't taking their taped conversations to English Premier League players, who might then be convinced to work with Sly. Instead, he was taking them to Al Jazeera for the documentary.

When Sly learned of The Dark Side, he supposedly wanted to clear the air regarding his statements. He claims to have used Manning’s name after seeing that the quarterback and his wife were Guyer Institute patients while the documentary was being filmed.

Did Peyton Manning use HGH?

Did Peyton Manning Actually Use HGH? Or Not?

The thought that an aging Peyton Manning would use HGH during the final playoff run of his career isn't so far-fetched. He was battered after an 18-year career that included many viscous hits during the 2015 campaign.

Manning had his worst statistical regular season with nine touchdowns against 17 interceptions that year. He also briefly lost his starting job to Brock Osweiler after missing several games due to injury.

Given all of his physical problems, HGH would've been the perfect drug for Manning. Human growth hormone can heal damaged ligaments (6), bone fractures (7), and lower back injuries (8). Using this drug in the early winter would've helped Manning heal before his team's eventual run to a championship.

It's strange that Ashley Manning received the very drug that would help her husband get over his many injuries.

peyton ashley manning-1

Of course, nobody has any proof that Peyton Manning ever took HGH. There are only vague dots, such as the fact that the drug was being shipped to his home.

Even if Manning didn't use HGH, it’s guaranteed that plenty of NFL players are currently using the compound. After all, football is one of the most-brutal sports. And HGH can help these pros stay on the field longer and come back from injuries quicker.

I personally think HGH should be legal for all athletes, so it can help them recover. Why ban something that isn't enhancing performance, but, rather, helping athletes fight life-threatening injuries. NFL policy on HGH makes no sense.

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