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Pharmacom – Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone


Steve and Mobster present Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #11.  This one is  featuring Pharmacom products.  The guys discuss their favorite Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone included.  They will tell you all the different options that Pharmacom has and why they love them so much.

Innovations with Pharmacom

Mobster starts the show by talking about how he is blown away by what Pharmacom has done, which is videotaping every stage of their process on their website.  They are all short videos of their facility where you can see the machines doing their magic and how their products are made.  Mobster has a background working in a food factory, so he likes seeing this out of Pharmacom, because it gives him the confidence that it's being done right.

Steve chimes in how cool it is to see a transparent brand like this because it reminds him of going out to eat at a restaurant and having them make the food in front of you.  This isn't a situation where it's a random person in the middle of nowhere producing these products out of his toilet or bathtub.  These are actual pharmacy-quality steroids made by medical professionals in actual labs.

When it comes to using Trenbolone, dirty tren can make you very sick. It is very important to buy Pharmacom Trenbolone because it's what Steve and Mobster trust to put into their body.

Spring cutting popularity

Spring is the time of the year when most people go into a cutting phase as they ditch their coats and sweaters, and switch to bathing suits and go shirtless at the beach.  Trenbolone is loved for this purpose because it works well for advanced steroid users, and allows us to show off the body we worked hard for.

Mobster believes that if you follow nature, then it becomes easier to cut when the weather warms up. He says that we want to look good and attract a partner while the birds are singing and the sunshine is out.  This is why spring is the best time to do this.


Pharmacom Trenbolone options

There are a whopping 9 options when it comes to Trenbolone from Pharmacom, and this doesn't even include the mixes/blends which the guys discuss later.

Steve starts by talking about PharmaTren 50 Base, which is in a water suspension and has no ester. This is great for pre-workout or if you are a tested athlete since it is in and out of your system quickly.

The next options are PharmaTren Acetate 100, both in vials and ampules.  These are great for cycles you want to run for 6-9 weeks since they have shorter half-lives than longer esters.

Next is PharmaTren Enanthate 200, which also comes in both vials and ampules. These are good if you want to do fewer injections since they have double the amount per ML/CC and contain the longer ester.

There is also Pharma Tren Hex in both vials and ampules.  The Hex ester is more intermediate so it requires injecting 2-3x per week.

Finally, there is Pharma3Tren 200, which is a mix of Tren Ace 50mgs, Tren E 100mgs, and Tren Hex 50mgs.  This one is a good option for those who want to use all 3 esters together as a nice change of pace.


Best orals to use with Tren

Steve starts the segment by making an important point, which is everyone is going to have their personal opinions and experiences. However, Steve has experienced Tren every which way, and says he likes to use a mild and non-aromatizing oral with Trenbolone to keep sides at a minimum and it also make it easier to cut.

Pharmacom has some really good options when it comes to orals.

The first is most people's favorite, and that is Oxandrolone/Anavar.  Pharmacom has good 10mgs and 25 mgs options that you can choose from.  You can stack in around 200-400mgs of Tren with 30-60mgs of Anavar.

The next is Proviron which is a versatile oral that doesn't do much on its own, but when stacked with Trenbolone will enhance your cycle. Steve likes to use it at 25-50mgs a day.

One that Mobsters likes is Tbol Turinabol.  It is one of his favorite orals because it helps him both cut and get stronger at the same time.  A good dose that he likes is 30-50mgs a day with no more than 250-300mgs of Tren a week.


Best injectables with Tren

The top injectable people use with Trenbolone is Testosterone. Pharmacom has a lot of testosterone options for you to choose from!   However, Steve says that not everyone cuts well on testosterone so it is important to know your body before deciding to stack in any injectable. Those of you who do well stacking them together will usually like to run your testosterone no higher than 400-500mgs a week.

The #1 injectable to use with Tren when it comes to professional bodybuilding is Masteron.  Masteron is a DHT derivative that will not aromatize into estrogen, has very low androgenic effects, and is a fantastic hardener.  Pharmacom has some great Masteron options to choose from and the guys recommend using anywhere from 300-600mg per week with half as much Trenbolone.

There are a couple more injectables Steve likes with Tren. If you want to keep sides at a minimum you can stack in 400-700mgs a week of Primobolan, which makes a great pair for a spring cut.

Finally, Steve likes Equpoise for those of you who want to use cardio to help with your cutting. Although Tren wrecks your cardio big time, Equipoise is one of the few steroids that will aid cardio.  For this reason, Steve likes using Equipoise anywhere from 300-500mgs a week with Tren, while doing daily cardio to burn those extra calories.


Blends and mixes

The guys finish out the show talking about some of their favorite blends and mixes that contain Trenbolone.

Steve's favorite of all is the Pharma Mix2 which contains Tren Ace, Mast Prop, and Test phenylpropionate (very similar to propionate but a slightly longer ester).  He likes this one for cutting because it works fast and is a great recomp stack that the best physique competitors in the world depend on.

Another mix that the guys haven't discussed yet that is good is Test E, Deca, and Tren E, although Steve says this won't work well for cutting for most listeners since it will increase appetite too much.

There is also a Test, Tren, and Winstrol mix called Pharma Mix 5 which contains all bases (no esters).  This is great if you want to cut quickly in 4 weeks or less.

Finally, there is a simple Tren E, Mast E, and Test E Pharma Mix6 which is good for those who don't want frequent injecting and want to run a longer cycle.

Final thoughts

The guys finish the show talking about how versatile Trenbolone is. There are a lot of different ways to run Tren and you can even run it solo if you want!

Mobster finishes out the show reminding everyone that it is important to always run legitimate high-quality gear, which is why he loves Pharmacom products.


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