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Piperine Explained

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Piperine is the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of certain peppers, such as black pepper. It is used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases. Piperine will multiply the strength of many supplements and drugs by making them more bio-available. When you eat a pepper, and notice the spicy taste to it, that is piperine showing itself.

piperine chemical structure

Fig 1. Piperine chemical structure

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Piperine is mostly grown in south Asia. It has been used in traditional medicine since the very early 1800's, when it was discovered after it was isolated from the fruits of the piper nigrum plant (pepper). Ever since, it has been used for numerous ailments, which we will discuss below.

piperine plant

Fig 2. Piperine plant

How it works

Piperine acts by manipulating four mechanisms in the body:

  1. It inhibits enzymes responsible for metabolizing drugs and supplements.
  2. It stimulates the activity of the amino-acid transporters in the intestines.
  3. It inhibits pump protein that removes substances from cells.
  4. It decreases the intestinal production of glucuronic acid, which allows more active forms of substances to enter the body without interference.

Use in bodybuilding

If you have ever taken multi-vitamins, you might notice you pee out a lot of them (darker urine). Why is that? The body has mechanisms that reject what you put into it, especially if it feels overloaded; however, piperine can help over ride this mechanism and help your body absorb more of what you are putting in instead of wasting it. If an athlete is spending money on supplements, anabolic-androgenic steroids, or anything else, it would be wise to get the most out of it, right? Piperine will aid in getting far more out of the compounds they are using.

Another benefit is when a bodybuilder comes off cycle, he may get depressed as hormones drop in the body. Piperine has been proven in studies to curb depression, so the athlete can feel good and keep working hard in the gym.

Side effects

Piperine should never be overdosed, as the mechanisms it alters in the body are too strong and are necessary to maintain health. For this reason, never exceed the recommended dosage. You should never abuse any type of supplement, this is especially true with piperine - where 'moderation is better'. You do not need much of it to get the job done.

Other benefits and studies

There have been numerous studies done on piperine. The journal of biometals did a study on herbals and found piperine showed the most efficacy at restoring cell damage. Food and chemical toxicology did a study on depression and found piperine is a food that improved brain function. Planta Medica study done on both rats and humans showed bio-availability of a type of ginger/turmeric increased 20 times after being given piperine. More studies have shown piperine helps with colon cancer and also depression.

In traditional medicine, piperine has been used for 200 years to treat inflammation, stomach ailments and pain.


2mg a day is the recommended dosage. If you exceed 15mg per day, it can hurt more than help, so you should always stick to a moderate dosage per day. Combine it with your other supplements or steroids to get the necessary results.

Where to find it

If you research piperine, you will notice that it is sold in bottles with a ton of fillers included. Essentially, you are getting a tiny amount of the actual supplement you want, and a host of other fillers so that the taste is hidden. This does the athlete no good!

You need to use Piperine as part of a supplemental stack because, as illustrated above, that is how you get the benefits from it. The study done by Planta Medica is a good example. As a result, I recommend a supplement called HCGenerate ES (ES stands for extra strength). It contains 2mg of Piperine and more than a dozen other ingredients all designed to feed off of each other. The piperine is simply added to enhance the potency of the other ingredients, so your body can actually absorb them and not waste them. You can get HCGenerate ES from N2BM.com.


Piperine is a weapon added to a supplement stack to enhance the bio-availability of the other supplements, a tiny dosage can make a world of difference. If you want to get the absolute most out of your cycle, add piperine.


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