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Recomp and Get Lean with Pharmaqo Labs

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Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0.  In this episode #72, Steve and Mobster go over Recomp and get lean with Pharmaqo Labs.  They talk about what recomping is and how hard it can be to achieve this ultimate goal.  They also talk about training and diet strategies to get lean and recomp.  Finally, they spend a good amount of time talking about their favorite Pharmaqo recomping and lean stacks that they love.

Recomping and getting lean thoughts

Steve starts with the reality check that recomping is the hardest thing to pull off in bodybuilding. He says, by definition, recomping means you are gaining muscle AND losing fat AT THE SAME TIME.  This is very difficult and he says many of you will not be able to achieve this naturally, but you will have a far better chance able to accomplish it with the help of Pharmaqo Labs anabolic steroids.

Steve says that history is important, if you were in really good shape before and got out of shape, then it will be easier to get into good shape again thanks to body/muscle memory.  But if you have never been in good shape, then it will be harder, but it is still possible depending on your genetics, training, diet, and anabolic steroids.

Mobster says he can remember the 80's magazines where they were put out advertisements promising you can take this or that supplement and recomp.  The truth is there is no magic supplement and it will be dependent on your training and diet.

Training and diet strategies recomping and getting lean

Steve says don't believe the 80's bro science that cardio burns muscle.  What guys back then were confused about was they thought if they did cardio it was a negative.  Steve explains the heart is a muscle too, and it's important to strengthen that muscle, and not just strengthen muscles you can see.

Mobster says when it comes to training it's important to put the hours in the gym and be consistent. He says when it comes to recomping and cutting he likes 17-24 sets per day and he likes to keep the rep range at 8-12.

Steve says that in America it's not about what you eat, but it's about what you DO NOT eat.  A simple trick is to go to your fridge, freezer, and pantry and pick out foods that aren't natural and donate them or get rid of them.  Only put real food into your body and stop eating out.  Learn to prep your food so you know what's in it.



Our favorite Pharmaqo recomping and getting lean products

Mobster starts this segment with Pharmaqo oral Anavar and they have a 10mg and 50mgs option, and he likes 30-50mgs a day for a male.  There is also a Pharmaqo Turinabol 30-40mgs per day for a male.  He likes this for 6-8 weeks.

Steve likes the Pharmaqo Androbolan 400 which is a mix of 200mgs of Testosterone E, 100mgs of Mast E, and 100mgs of Primo E.  This is a good option if you react well to Testosterone in a recomp or cut. If you aren't a fan of Testosterone you can do them separately and run Primo with some Testosterone.  A lot of times guys will like to use 500-600mgs a week of Primo and then stack 100-150mgs a week of Test just to give the stack a little kick.

Pharmaqo Fast Trip is a mix of short ester Trenbolone, Testosterone, and Masteron at 50mgs and Mobster likes to run this one 3CC's per week and stack it with 20mgs of Pharmaqo GW501516.

Pharmaqo has lots of Trenbolone options including Tren Ace, Tren E, and a Mix of those plus Hex. Steve says that if you are a good reactor to Tren then you can get crazy physique changes on this stack. He recommends if it's your first time go with Tren Ace in case the side effects get too bad.  A good dose of Tren is 200-300mgs a week, but he recommends either the Pharmaqo Tbol or Anavar at 25-50mgs a day, and running it up to 6-8 weeks.

Mobster likes the Pharmaqo Equipoise Test which is 300 of the EQ and 200mgs of the Test E along with the Pharmaqo Clen up to 120mcg per day.  This combo can be a really good cutter or recomper and it must be run for a minimum of 8-10 weeks.

Steve also says Pharmaqo Winstrol, Masteron, and Proviron are all excellent DHT options that will help you cut, get more vascular, and get more dry. They are great additions to any of the cycles above and the dosing on Winstrol and Proviron is typically 25-50mgs a day, while the Masteron is 200-500mgs a week.

Why Pharmaqo

Mobster loves the professionalism of Pharmaqo and how long they have been around. They are as close to pharma grade as you will find and are produced by professionals who know what they are doing in actual labs. The labels have verification and codes to verify what you are getting and they have the lab reports on their products to show they are dosed properly.

Steve says it's very important to run steroids from a brand that you are confident in. You have enough to stress about while on a cycle with sleep, training, time wasted, money spent, etc. You don't need that added trouble of questioning what you are putting in your body and Pharmaqo puts that to rest.


Where to buy?

Pharmaqo Labs can be purchased from Domestic-supply.com.

Domestic-supply.com is an approved source that has been around for 15 years providing customers with outstanding oral steroids, injectable steroids, ancillaries, PCT products, and more.  When you purchase from them you know you are getting authentic Pharmaqo brand and not fakes.

Domestic supply provides lightning-quick domestic shipping to American customers, with no need to worry about customs and no need to stress about how long it takes.  They ship typically within a few days and you get your package lightning fast.  They also offer international shipping as well to many other countries.

They have reps on the forums to further assist with setting up cycles and answer questions you may have.  If there is ever an issue they are on call to help with your order and make sure you are taken care of.


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