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Recomping Primobolan and Anavar from Para Pharma

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Welcome to another fantastic podcast from Evolutionary.org. In this Hardcore 2.0 #34, Steve and Mobster go over recomping with Primobolan and Anavar from Para Pharma. This is the episode to listen to, if you've ever wanted to cut down, while also keeping or even gaining muscle in the process.  The guys give their secrets on how to best dose Primo and Anavar, which are two of the most expensive, yet popular steroids of all time.   Also, they go over the best ways to diet and train while on this stack, while also showing you the difference between fake and real steroids.

Recomp, what is it? And how difficult?

Steve first says that recomping (aka recomp) is the hardest thing to do in all of fitness.  Everybody wants to put on muscle, while also burning fat. But the reality is that accomplishing something in a natural state is very difficult.  Ideally, you would have to have your diet extremely on point, come from a place where you have a lot of body memory, and have extremely good genetics to pull it off, without the help of anabolic steroids.

Mobster says that many people idolize the bodybuilding physiques of the 1970s and 1980s, over what we see today with the monsters that are going on stage at the open bodybuilding competitions. This has caused a reversal of what people are looking for. In the 1990s and 2000, guys were more obsessed with getting as big  and strong as possible. Even though it meant that they had big protruding bellies and a wider waist.

Those that want to still be able to put on a lot of muscle and strength, but also cut down their body fat at the same time, have come up with their modern day recomping strategy. The guys also say that they love it because it is so challenging, and since life is never easy, they welcome the challenge. Both of them have accomplished recomps with the help of anabolic steroids several times in their life.


If ever there was a steroid that recompers love it would have to be Primobolan Primo became extremely popular in the 1970s during the Golden Age of bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to run 100 mg of this steroid every day. He loved it because it did not aromatize into estrogen and cause any sort of water retention or bloat. It also had low side effects and they were able to both body build on it and cut on it very easily.

Steve says one of the reasons that Primo is so good for cutting and so good for recomp is that you can limit the amount of calories that are going inside your body. You can fast on it, you can do a lot of fasted cardio on it and you can cut back on the amount of carbs that you're taking in. Other steroids do not allow you to accomplish this because they are too androgenic and anabolic, so they act as nutrient partitioners, and when you fail to get in enough carbs and calories the food and sex cravings will drive you crazy.

Primo allows you to just focus on your weight training without messing with your head and that is what the guys love about it.



Anavar (or var for short) is very similar in that it has very low side effects, and doesn't have much anabolic or androgenic activity to mess with your head or mess with your libido too much. You can also limit your calories and carbs while you are on the steroid as well, and it will harden you up and increase vascularity beautifully.

Mobster says that Var is one of his favorite steroids of all time and he thinks it's very underrated for many reasons. He says that because people tend to get fake products, they tend think that it doesn't work well. Once they try the real Var, that is properly dosed from a legitimate source like Para Pharma, then they realize how good a steroid it is.

The only downside to Anavar during a cut is if you like to do long-distance running, it will cause back pumps and leg pumps, which may interfere with that.


How to stack and dose

Primobolan is typically dosed somewhere between 400 and 600 mg a week.

As far as Anavar, you will want a dose of somewhere between 30 and 60 mg a day.

This type of stack can be 12 weeks, and you can run the Anavar the first 4 weeks and last 4 weeks.   The reason you have a little gap in the middle of the cycle is to give your liver a break since Anavar is liver-toxic.

There are a couple of steroids that Steve and Mobster also like to stack with this cycle.

You can add some testosterone to this stack, but you don't want to add too much because you don't want to increase water retention. Usually, guys will run no more than 150 milligrams of testosterone with it.

Another good steroid to run would be Equipoise if you're looking for a testosterone derivative that doesn't aromatize very much at all. Guys will run somewhere between 250 milligrams per week, up to 500 mg per week, with this cycle.

Finally, one of Arnold's favorite things to stack with Primo would be Dianabol, although it does aromatize into estrogen. If you keep the dosage low, and keep your dosage flexible where you drop it in case things don't go well, you will be fine in this example. Steve and Mobster recommend 10 to 20 milligrams a day.


Diet, training, etc

The guys give some tips when it comes to diet and training.

  1. Fasting and fasted cardio are very important.
  2. Eating in a time-restricted window helps burn body fat while conserving muscle since it keeps insulin down during the day.
  3. Instead of doing long-distance running, stick to lower-impact high-intensity training.
  4. Train with drop sets and high repetitions with limited breaks between sets to keep your heart rate up.

Why Para Pharma

Para Pharma has been around for over 12 years. Their products have certificates of analysis and they have been tested by members and staff of our forums over and over. They are a trusted brand with a long history of success, and their products are used by both gym rats and also professional bodybuilders. You can be rest assured when you buy Primo or Anavar from Para Pharma that you are getting exactly what you paid for.


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