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Reg Park Steroid Cycle

1951 mr.universe reg park

Reg Park posting at 1951 Mr.Universe

When I say the name Steve Reeves, guys in the bodybuilding world light up and know we are talking about Mr. Universe, the oldschool father of modern bodybuilding. However, we tend to forget the amazing Reg Park, who was the first non-American to win the NABBA Mr. Universe title in 1951, up until that time only Americans had won the coveted title.

Reg Park, is considered by many, including myself, to be one of the pillars of modern bodybuilding. He was to the bodybuilders of today what Dorian Yates was to the mass-monsters of today, a man who led the way. He came into shows at 6'1 topping 250lbs. at times – while these days these stats don't say a lot, imagine this almost 70 years ago when performance enhancing drugs were limited to dianabol and testosterone if you're lucky. He won the Mr. Universe title 3 times, during 1951, 58 and 65, cementing him as one of the greatest in the sport. After his death, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that one of the biggest reasons he became a bodybuilder was Reg Park, who inspired him to become the best bodybuilder of all time.

reg park bodybuilder

Today, we'll go over 2 cycles for Reg Park, the oldschool steroid cycles used in the 1950s and the new cycle we at evolutionary would have him use.

Reg Park 1950s Steroid Cycle

WeekDianabol (Methandrostenolone)

This is something a lot of youngsters in our sport don't know, but oldschool bodybuilders didn't use a lot of steroids and they generally used them for very short periods to avoid side effects. They were basically always on, but used pyramid dosages due to the lack of AIs and PCT.

These days, we have both Aromatase inhibitors, think Aromasin, Arimidex and Letrozole, and we have proper post cycle therapy we can run. Therefore, he is a redone version of the cycle.

Reg Park 2000s Steroid Cycle

WeekSustanon 250DianabolOstarine(MK-2866)AromasinN2Guard
11000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
21000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
31000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
41000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
51000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
61000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
71000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
81000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
91000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
101000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
111000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED
121000mgs/week50mgs/ED25mgs/ED25mgs/ED7 caps/ED

Whats the difference between the Reg Park 1950s and 2000s cycles?

In the 50s, bodybuilders mainly had access to dianabol, while these days we have a ton of great steroids and designer drugs. He would get amazing bulking from sustanon, great anabolic effects from Ostarine (MK-2866), perfect aromatase inhibitor Aromasin would keep his bloat down, and N2Guard would negate any liver/kidney/organ side effects from his cycle. It's the perfect modern evolution of his cycle.






DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Reg Park was an amazing man and we wanted to share with our fellow bodybuilders a bit about him.

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