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Rich Piana in coma

News broke today that Rich Piana was in the hospital and unconscious. Details are coming out slowly and we will update as we know more. But first, let's take a look at who Rich Piana is for those not familiar with him.

Rich Piana is a 45-year-old actor, bodybuilder, businessman, and social media star. He is most known for the quote "Whatever it takes!" and his nickname was "One Day You May." He has proven himself on the bodybuilding stage as NPC Mr. California Champion, and he has an impressive powerlifting resume with bench presses at 500 pounds and a 275-pound barbell curl. Piana started weight training at a young age and was inspired by watching his mother and her friends work out at the gym.

After bodybuilding as a teenager, he continued to compete into his 20's and 30's off and on. As he got older, his focus turned to his acting and businesses.

Rich Piana

Rich Piana (possibly in Thailand)



Piana has a very successful business empire involving clothing, supplements and food prep. His website (rich-piana.com) features 5% nutrition label. His products can be purchased at the retail level and include the usual cookie cutter products like pre-workouts, creatine, whey protein, and an organ defender. He has also sells unique supplements that he calls “Real Food” which contains things like oats and sweet potato.

Piana boasts a 100,000 sq ft warehouse where he says 5% nutrition is headquartered in Clearwater, FL.

5% Nutrition rich piana

5% Nutrition @ Rich Piana

His social media is huge. He has a big youtube and instagrams following with millions of subscribers and followers.

Medical news


TMZ reported on Thursday (August 10, 2017) that Piana was 'fighting for life' after falling ill in his FL home. The story says that he suffered a medical emergency, but did not get more specific. According to law enforcement sources: emergency personnel responded to a possible overdose call at Piana's home on Monday. Piana was unresponsive and was taken to a hospital and put into a medically induced coma.

What is a Medically induced coma?


An induced coma is a temporary coma where the individual is put into a deep state of unconsciousness by a controlled barbiturate drug. This is typically done for a few days up to 2 weeks, anything longer is very rare. The purpose of doctors doing this is it allows the brain to rest, and swelling is more likely to decrease. This prevents further brain damage.

Jerry Ward insider info


Jerry Ward was out with a video giving the most information. Ward claims that he has been in contact with many of Piana's close friends that are part of his 5% crew, so he has the inside scoop. According to Ward, it is true Rich Piana is in a medically induced coma, but no drugs were found in Piana's system. The reason Piana was knocked out was 'he fell and hit his head, and you must remember Piana is a big dude so any fall would be more dramatic.' He did say as of this morning that Piana is doing well and things are looking positive.

Ward also said that it was 'shitty' that people are making videos bashing him and talking shit and making assumptions that he was on recreational drugs. He also said he just saw Piana 2 weeks ago and he looked 'perfectly fine.'



JonnyBravo had a different take. He said that he has inside info that Piana has had a history of almost dying from opiates, and he speculates that Piana mixed a cocktail of 'something that isn't very good.' He said that in the past 2 years there has been several occasions where Piana was found almost dead from overdosing.

You can read more about Rich Piana and his controversies here.

We should know more in the coming days, please check evolutionary.org forums for the latest updates.

August 13, 2017 Update


The rumors have been confirmed, TMZ reported Rich Piana was found with crushed white powder when emergency services showed up.  It seems he overdosed on a white substance, possibly cocaine or heroin.  Information is still in the rumors, he-said she-said phase, but more facts are coming out from TMZ, read latest drug accusations:  https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/anabolic-steroids-peds/rich-piana-coma-54196.html

Rich Piana Dead August 25, 2017 Update

TMZ and other online sources are reporting that Rich Piana died on August 25, 2017 after spending over 13 days in a medically induced coma.  Many are confirming that he died of a drug overdose, including close sources from 5% nutrition.  Read full Rich Piana death article here.



Check out the discussion on the Evo forums about the Rich Piana Coma and possible death story:

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