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Rodriguez’s Regimen ‘Potent’, Says Tygart

Rodriguez's Regimen 'Potent', Says TygartU.S. Anti-Doping Agency CEO Travis Tygart has remarked the regimen of performance-enhancing substances delivered by Anthony Bosch to Alex Rodriguez was probably the most potent and sophisticated drug program developed for an athlete that we've ever seen. Tygart termed A-Rod's regimen as consisting of a potent cocktail of sophisticated PEDs stacked together to deliver power, aid recovery, avoid detection and create a home run champion.

Tygart said no one who cares about clean sports likes to hear it and added and don't just take my word for it, you just need to look at the findings of an independent arbitrator who saw all the evidence, sat through the testimony and laid the whole conspiracy out. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency CEO also said the regimen provided by Bosch included dozens of blood tests to find out how the drugs were metabolizing and which doses to use when. He also added that this regimen included peptides and female fertility drugs to supplement testosterone, human growth hormone, and an insulin-like growth factor.

A self-taught doping guru whose testimony and records brought down Rodriguez, Bosch, was paid $12,000 a month by the New York Yankees slugger. Recently, arbitrator Fredric Horowitz reduced the suspension imposed by Major League Baseball on Alex Rodriguez from 211 games to the 2014 season (162 games plus playoffs). After the verdict, A-Rod filed a lawsuit against baseball and the players' union alleging that Horowitz was biased in his ruling.

Dr. Gary Wadler, past chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned substance committee, said it was illegal from start to finish, and not all of it was scientific, but let's be honest -- this guy Bosch knew an awful lot of what he was talking about. Wadler said when we look at this case, it's troubling in a very real sense because most of the science passes muster. He added what he did stress is not the part about it being good science, but that it is illicit science and quite possibly, dangerous at some level, too. Wadler went on to add that there would be plenty of guys who would take the protocols of Bosch and adopt them and added enhancing performance is tied up with a lot of things, legal and illegal, but the bottom line is always money.

Tygart went on to remark that the real threat was the sophisticated and comprehensive knowledge about a doping regimen that Bosch was able to acquire and deploy. The owner of now-defunct Miami anti-aging clinic faces potential charges stemming from the investigation into his Biogenesis clinic in South Florida.

Meanwhile, Victor Conte, who in August last year told MLB investigators that Rodriguez had secretly sought nutritional advice from him in the summer of 2012 said the biggest challenge to the testing program of MLB is not new-fangled designer drugs but old-fashioned testosterone, administered in doses designed to stay below the trigger point for a positive test. Conte said testosterone is the engine that drives the whole thing and added that some of the substances A-Rod is accused of using are very difficult to test for because of their short half life.

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