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Russia Stripped Of 2008 Olympic Relay Gold Medal

The International Olympic Committee has announced on Tuesday that Russia has been stripped of the women's 4x100-metre relay gold from the Beijing 2008 Games after Yulia Chermoshanskaya tested positive for forbidden substances in retests of samples.


In a statement, the IOC said the Russian Federation team is disqualified from the women's 4x100m relay. The statement further reads re-analysis of Chermoshanskaya's samples from Beijing 2008 resulted in a positive test for the prohibited substances Stanozolol and Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone (Turinabol). The IOC statement also reads the corresponding medals and diplomas are withdrawn and shall be returned.

Stanozolol and Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone are exogenous anabolic steroids that are listed in the WADA 2008 Prohibited List and in all subsequent lists.

The IOC on 3 June 2016 notified Yulia of the adverse analytical finding and of the institution of disciplinary proceedings to be conducted by the Disciplinary Commission. The IOC also informed Yulia Chermoshanskaya of her right to request and attend the opening and analysis of the B2-Sample, either in person and/or through a representative and Yulia was informed that the process was scheduled to take place on 13 or 14 June 2016. She was finally informed of her right to request a copy of the laboratory documentation package.

Yulia Chermoshanskaya finished eighth in the 200m and then ran the first leg of the relay race and is now disqualified from both races. Her relay teammates in that competition were Aleksandra Fedoriva, Yulia Gushchina, and Yevgeniya Polyakova.

The IOC Disciplinary Commission, composed for this case of Denis Oswald (Chairman), Gunilla Lindberg and Ugur Erdener, concluded that Yulia was found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation pursuant to the IOC Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008 (presence and/or use, of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers in an athlete’s bodily specimen). The Russian track and field athlete is disqualified from all the events in which she participated on the occasion of the Olympic Games Beijing 2008, namely, the Women’s 200m and the Women’s 4x100m relay and has the medal, the medalist pin, and the diplomas obtained in the Women’s 200m and the Women’s 4x100m relay withdrawn and is ordered to return the same.

The IOC has asked the world governing body of athletics, the IAAF, to modify the results of the above-mentioned events accordingly and to consider any further action within its own competence. The IOC has asked the Russian Olympic Committee shall notably secure the return to the IOC, as soon as possible, of the medals, the medalist pins, and the diplomas awarded in connection with the Women’s 200m and in connection with the Women’s 4x100m relay to the Athlete and to the other team members of the Women’s 4x100m Russian Federation Team.

Yuliya, the daughter of retired sprinter Galina Malchugina, was reported in May 2016 as one of 14 Russian athletes, and nine medalists, implicated in doping following the retesting of urine from the 2008 Olympic Games.

With the announcement, Belgium would now get the gold medal and Nigeria would be promoted to silver and the original fourth-place finishers Brazil to bronze.

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