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Russian High Jumper Suspected Of Doping Abuse, Says Coach

Anna Chicherova is suspected of doping abuse at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing where she won a bronze medal, says the personal coach of the 2012 Olympic champion in high jumps.


Yevgeny Zagorulko remarked Anna received a notice a few days back that her doping sample from the Beijing Olympic tested positive after a re-check and she called him. The coach said this is so far at the development stage and has not yet been finally confirmed and added but all are aware of this and dealing with the issue.

The All-Russia Athletics Federation said on its official website the ARAF presidium has introduced amendments to the criteria of selecting athletes who will go to the Olympics. The statement further reads that the list of requirements now contains a special clause saying that any potential participant in the Olympics who proved to have used doping in the previous years cannot be a member of the Russian national team and added the ARAF made this harsh decision for the sole purpose of doing its utmost to let clean athletes participate in the Olympics. The ROC said on its website it will in this context soon inform the IOC who of the athletes listed in the letter will be present during unsealing and analysis of B samples and added that representatives from the ROC will be present during this procedure as observers.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) notified the Olympic Committee of Russia (OCR) that 14 Russian participants in the Beijing Olympics were suspected of doping abuse. The names of Russian athletes have not been disclosed but it is widely believed that most of them are track and field athletes.

Earlier, the IOC reported that it had rechecked 454 doping samples taken during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with the assistance of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The study emphasized on the doping samples of those athletes who can potentially perform at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Up to 31 athletes representing 12 countries and six kinds of sport could now possibly be suspended from their participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil this year. The B doping samples of 31 athletes including 14 Russian athletes in three sports disciplines will be checked in an Australian laboratory in early June.

Match TV of Russia named all the 14 Russian athletes who tested positive for doping. They are: Yulia Chermoshanskaya, the 2008 Olympic champion in 4x100 relay race, Maria Abakumova, silver medalist in javelin throwing, Anastasia Kapachinskaya, silver medalist in 4x400 relay race, Denis Nizhegorodov, bronze medalist in 50km race walking, Inga Abitova, 10,000m running, Denis Alexeyev, bronze medalist in 400m running, Yekaterina Volkova, bronze medalist in 3,000m steeplechase, Nadezhda Yevstyukhina, bronze medalist in weight-lifting, Alexander Kornilov, boat racing, Alexander Pogorelov, decathlon, Tatiana Firova, silver medalist in 4x400 relay race, Maria Shainova, silver medalist in weight-lifting, Ivan Yushakov, shot put, and Anna Chicherova, bronze medalist in high jumping.

On November 9 last year, WADA’s Independent Commission published the results of its probe into the activity of the All-Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF), the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, the RUSADA and the Russian Sports Ministry. It was concluded by the commission that certain athletes and sports officials engaged in or supported doping abuse and were involved in other activities related to violations of international regulations on performance enhancing substances.

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