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Secrets to mail-order steroid success


In this Evolutionary.org Underground Episode #7, Ricky V Rock and SteveSmi discuss and rant about the topic of ordering steroids. They were having a private conversation off-air about how things have changed from their younger days of the '90s and 2000's vs. today in the early 2020s. They decided to publicly talk about their thoughts on this topic for your listening pleasure in this podcast.


How things were


RickyV starts the show talking about how 'back in the day' (late 90's/early 2000s) the only thing you could buy was legitimate human grade products or veterinarian products and the only thing that came close to underground (UG) products were guys extracting Trenbolone from Finaplix pellets. The reason they did this was you couldn't get Trenbolone anywhere else because it was off the market, because Negma France discontinued producing it in the '90s. So the only underground lab option was guys baking their Trenbolone in their kitchen from Finaplex pellets purchased from vet online stores.

Injectable trenbolone acetate was first released for use in the cattle industry in the 1980’s under the name Finajet. At the time, it contained the short acting acetate ester. This Trenbolone preparation was used to beef up cattle right before slaughter. Read more...

How things are today

Fast forward to today, almost 99% of the anabolic steroids in circulation being taken by bodybuilders are underground labs. RickyV talks about how there are different levels of underground labs.

A: There is the low-down guy making steroids in a bathtub who gets raws from China that aren't even tested, nor does he test the final product he produces. They don't make legitimate stickers, they just take the product and put it in a vial and sell it to people that he knows from various meathead gyms. These products can also contain heavy metals and other contaminants. These are the typical guys who get busted by local authorities because they are breaking the law.

Geneza Pharma

B: The other options is legitimate brands like Geneza Pharma, Dragon Pharma, and Alpha Pharma which are a few of the best brands in the world. These companies are out of Asia or Eastern Europe and they are using legitimate labs that are registered in their countries to make anabolic steroids, antibiotics, and other medical drugs. Their products are well made, clean, and professional. The big difference is they test their raw materials, they test their products during the process, and after the process to make sure it is real.

So when it comes to underground labs, the difference between A and B above is huge. When shopping for steroids I would be wary of buying steroids that is made by some dude who doesn't even understand what he is doing or what he is selling. Make sure when you shop underground you are buying from a legitimate place like Geneza Pharma.

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Experiment gone wrong


Steve talks about how the experiment of buying steroids from some random guy online or at the gym who made the steroids in his toilet or bathtub is long gone. There was a time where steroid forums would allow anybody to come on with no vetting and pay a fee to advertise to sell their garbage products. So the sponsors were made up of guys with no medical background, no education, who sell low-quality steroids cheap. People who were using them started developing abscesses, lumps, fevers, etc. They would complain about inconsistent batches where one batch would be good and the next batch would be bad. So you must choose a high-quality steroid brand. You want to stick to vetted sources and brands which have products made by actual scientists, doctors, and medical professionals.

Steve then compares the two choices.

A: Steroids from a guy who is baking steroids in a trailer in the middle of some rural place with no education, no medical background, making the steroids out of his toilet, and getting the raws shipped in from overseas with zero ideas what he is getting. There is no quality control here!

B: A brand that is made by a medical professional, in an actual lab, with the highest quality standard 99% pure.

Which one makes more sense to put into your body?

Paying for steroids


First of all, you should never buy steroids with a credit card. Next, walking into a Moneygram or Western Union to send money to a source is risky due to all the private information you have to give them plus it's all on video. RickyV says the best way to buy steroids in 2022 is via cryptocurrency.

Steve talks about how he has gotten tired over the years of using Western Union or Moneygram and dealing with depressed and angry employees who hate their jobs, plus they act like they are doing you a favor. Steve says MoneyGram won't exist in the future because of the poor customer service and hassle.

He also believes cryptocurrency is the answer because all you need is a wallet address and you can send it to anyone, and it gets there quickly and the fees are much less than any other way. This is the #1 way that sources are accepting money today for steroids. Some sources even offer discounts when you use crypto, because not only is it so easy to send it, but also to receive it.

One other way some sources accept payment is cash by mail. Steve says this is risky because if your envelope goes missing or if it gets delivered to the wrong place you are out of luck. The source could also get it and claim they never received it, pocketing your money.

So Steve says cryptocurrency is the best way and you should learn how to do it.

Where to send the steroids

Steve talks about his reasoning on why having steroids shipped to a PO Box makes the most sense. He recommends paying for the box for 6 months, and if for some reason something goes wrong where the address is flagged, you can simply get another PO Box number. This might be safer than using your home address and having that address flagged.

If you do decide to have it shipped to your house then you should make sure to take care of your postman and get to know them. It is a good idea to tip them so they take good care of you and won't make a stink about you ordering steroids if they do see what is inside a package.


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