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Shawn Rhoden Steroid Cycle

Shawn Rhoden, better known as “Flexatron,” is relatively new to the bodybuilding scene, but boy has the man made an impact. His pro debut was at the IFBB Europa in 2010, where he literally placed dead last – 16th. In 2011, he decided to try again and placed 3rd in the same show. He tested the waters at Mr. Olympia that same year, placing 11th. Amazingly, in 2012 it was a different Shawn Rhoden! He placed 1st in the Tampa pro and Europa supershow and took 3rd at the Olympia. That's right, only 2 years after going pro, he took 3rd place at the Olympia. The man is a beast. In 2013, he placed 1st at the European Arnold classic and 4th at the Olympia. In 2014, he's starting out strong, with a 2nd place finish at the Arnold classic and 1st at the Australian pro.

Shawn Rhoden is interesting because he entered pro bodybuilding fairly late, at 35. He's 39 now as he debuts at the 2014 Mr. Olympia. His size and mature physique make him the most talked about bodybuilder in the sport. He's considered the tall Shawn Ray, with the same amazing symmetry and look. At 5 foot 10, he comes on stage at 240lbs, walking closer to 280lbs offseason. He looks great, just check out this symmetry shot:

Shawn Rhoden posing

Shawn Rhoden Side Abs Pose

As with all professional bodybuilders, the question arises as to how he got to look this great. Let's face it, Shawn Rhoden looks amazing. Though, in Mr. Rhoden's case, the question is what he took to go from placing 16th at a low level show to placing 3rd at the Olympia within 2 short years. There is discussion of his steroid use, insulin use, hgh use and other drugs; however, none of this is solid or proven. We have to be real, a lot of pros use hgh/insulin combinations, but the question is how does his base steroid cycle work. I'll try to lay it out here along with some explanations on why certain steroids and compounds were used.

Shawn Rhoden Steroid Cycle





Shawn Rhoden steroids

Shawn Rhoden Side Triceps and Lat Spread

Why were these specific drugs used on the cycle?

HGH – every professional bodybuilder uses HGH as a base with their insulin and sarms. It's a very typical base, almost like a test base for regular steroid users. Generally, 12-25 IUs per day are used, both in the morning and after training.

Equipoise – due to the lean look, he's probably using equipoise regularly. It helps cardio and improves red blood cell count. Allowing for better training, at higher intensity.

Testosterone Cypionate – a good test base is a requirement with all cycles, but it's especially true for the professionals. A high dosage of test is used to keep gains going.

Arimidex – as an aromatase inhibitor, arimidex is used at high dose to help with estrogenic side effects.

Cardarine (GW-501516) – this PPAR inhibitor is mainly used to stay lean, hard and boost cardio shape. It helps better training with a lot more intensity.

N2Guard – this product is used to protect the liver, kidneys, organs and overall health. It's perfect for steroid side effects.


Shawn Rhoden cycles



DISCLAIMER: This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. There is no evidence or proof that Shawn Rhoden used any performance enhancing substances or steroids. The cycle above is our opinion on what Shawn Rhoden could have cycled with. These are purely for entertainment and do not make any claims about Shawn Rhoden.

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