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Special Doping Clause Introduced By Mark Hunt For Next UFC Fight

New Zealand-born UFC heavyweight star Mark Hunt has announced that his return to UFC came after he persuaded the UFC to agree to his demand of including a special clause in the fight agreement contract that will guarantee him the pay packet of any rival that is caught doping.

The 'Super Samoan' is locked in to fight Alistair Overeem at UFC 209 in Las Vegas on March 4. Hunt said he and Overeem have a verbal agreement with the UFC and insisted that the fight could be scrapped if the UFC fails to meet his demands. The condition is a contractual clause, which states that Hunt gets compensation in the form of a large chunk of his opponent's purse for the fight if Overeem is caught doping.

Mark Hunt added his clause will protect him in this instance and take the financial gain of the opponent of caught cheating. Hunt went on to said that he will not fight without this clause as he had already fought three dopers in a row and added he is not going to fight again without security as all he wants is a fair go and an even playing field.

In July 2008, Hunt and Overeem fought when Overeem submitted Hunt via keylock in the opening round of DREAM promotion bout in Japan.

Hunt has refused to budge in his standoff with the UFC ever since his controversial loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 in June. This fight was overturned to a no-contest result after it emerged that Lesnar tested positive to hydroxy-clomiphene, a banned estrogen blocker, and had failed both out of competition and in competition drug tests.

Hunt initially demanded half of the reported $2.8 million fight purse of Lesnar. The UFC fighter even employed the services of a lawyer for discussing his options for grabbing some of Lesnar's pay.

The fight could bring Hunt and Overeem to a title fight against heavyweight division champion American Stipe Miocic as a top ranked contender. However, Overeem and Hunt would have to make a good fight of it for getting an opportunity to take the Octagon against Miocic with Brazil's Fabricio Werdum (No. 1 contender) and American Mexican Cain Velasquez (No. 2 contender). Velasquez was deemed unfit to fight Fabricio Werdum at UFC 207 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

A statement by the Nevada State Athletic Commission statement said Cain Velasquez is unfit to fight based on medical records, interviews and the best judgment of Chairman Anthony Marnell, attorney general J. Brin Gibson, the executive director's office and our physicians, in an effort to protect the health and safety of the athlete. The statement also reads that the financial incentive for fighters to compete is strongly compelling, and it is the responsibility and obligation of this commission to intervene when excessive risks are evident and added Velasquez is physically compromised, and competing would place him in significant physical risk.

Overeem is coming off a first round knockout loss to heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. Hunt also fought Miocic in 2015 and lost via knockout in the fifth round.

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