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Stacking N2Guard and HCGenerate, how?

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Welcome to Evolutionary.org Underground (UG) Supplement episode #9.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster will go over how to use and stack N2guard and Hcgenerate.   They also will discuss Needtobuildmuscle (N2bm), which is the company that developed these products for people like you, who are serious about weight training and bodybuilding.  Finally, they will go over the ingredients in each product and how you should use them.

How great is Needtobuildmuscle?

Steve starts this segment by admitting how old he is because he started using N2bm products in the late 2000s, which seems like forever ago.  He says an Army veteran along with a MMA fighter decided to start up their own supplement company by developing their own supplements and food products to help hardcore and serious weightlifters who were using steroids.  Their cream of the crop products were N2guard and Hcgenerate, which he estimates account for 90%+ of their supplement sales.  People will come back over and over to buy more consistently, with the key being what is in these products that helps them improve their cycles and PCT.

Mobster says he has been using N2bm products for over 5 years.  He said, back in the day, guys would take 15 different products that were on their shelf.  N2bm makes it much easier by consolidating the products into 1 bottle to save a person money and hassle.

The development of N2Guard and HCGenerate

Mobster starts this segment by talking about how difficult it is to source high-quality standardized active ingredients.  Most supplement companies do not bother to get it right or go the extra mile to make sure they are putting the right things into their products.  N2bm is different, their developers used science and math to put together just the right ingredients and ratios to make the products just right.

Steve says that it would be impossible today to come up with a supplement company and a supplement line like this due to how large and competitive the industry has become.   It would also be very difficult to pull in a profit as well.  Luckily, N2bm started their company at just the right time and has been able to survive through a lot of ups and downs thanks to a very strong customer base that loves N2guard and Hcgenerate.


N2guard ingredients

Steve starts this segment by saying that N2guard has 44+ ingredients that help you whether you are on cycle, off cycle, or completely natural.   It has every vitamin and mineral that you can imagine including Vitamin A, B, C, D, B6, B12, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folate, Pantothenic acid, calcium, Iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and Boron.   So you do not have to worry about using a multivitamin on top of this.

When it comes to heart health it contains Coenzyme Q10 which is one of the top supplements for this purpose.  Other ones are apple pectin, garlic fruit extract, omega 3, hawthorn berry, and dandelion root, which all help with heart health.  It has at least 6 ingredients that also benefit the liver including picroliv, milk thistle, and TUDCA.   N2guard also contains things like Tumeric Root which helps the joints and Taurine which helps with cramps or pumps.

There are even ingredients like Chlorphyll and Indole 3 carbinol which are great for detox and fighting cancer.    You save a fortune buying N2guard vs. buying all these products individually.


Hcgenerate ingredients

Hcgenerate has a more simplified ingredient list but they are all dosed well with very high quality.

Steve says that Fadogia and Tribulus have been used by humans for hundreds of years to help with fertility, sex drive, strength, and muscle gains.  In the bodybuilding industry, they have been used since at least the 60s and were one of the top herbals over the past 50 years.

Mobster says that during the 80's Tribulus took off especially in Eastern Europe to help their athletes take their fitness to another level.  It was popularly used before their workouts to give them an advantage.   He then discusses Zinc, Vitamin E, and Boron which are very important ingredients that help with your sex life and testosterone levels.  If any of these compounds are low in your body you simply will not be able to produce male hormones at all.

Steve talks about 3,4, Divanill which is a very important ingredient that binds to SHBG, which increases the amount of free testosterone.  This means it will not only make your steroid cycle more effective and powerful, but it will also help you time in PCT and off cycle when hormonal levels will be lower.

Fenugreek is another important supplement that helps with sex drive and muscle growth.  It also aids with inflammation, blood sugar, and balancing your heart health.

Overall, Hcgenerate is the best testosterone booster on the market and it is safe to use and beneficial no matter what stage you are at in your steroid cycle and PCT.

How to dose them both

In the final segment, the guys go over how best to use these products for the best benefits.

Hcgenerate dosage is 5 capsules per day.  If you want a boost to your sexual health you can take all 5 caps 1 hour before activities.  You can also take it around 90 minutes before your gym session as well to give you a bump.

Otherwise, you will want to run it 2-3 caps 2x per day for at least 30-60 days for best results.  During PCT it is a must-use to help get your HPTA back functioning strong again.

As far as N2guard the recommended dosage is 7 caps per day.  However, if you are running a very strong cycle you may want to run 8-10 caps per day.  On a mild cycle or during PCT, you can run 3-4 caps per day.

Using these supplements solo is wonderful, but using them stacked is even better.   They can be used year round safely and do not cause negative side effects.


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