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Stephen Dank Fires Back At David Jones

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Stephen Dank, the former Essendon sports scientist accused of providing banned drugs to club players, has lashed out at AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal Chairman David Jones just before a judgment in his case is expected to be handed down.

Stephen Dank

Jones, a former county court judge, discovered in the decision clearing 34 current and former Essendon players of doping that evidence from Stephen Dank was unreliable. Dank is presently facing more than a dozen anti-doping charges and said he has not contributed any evidence in the case and did not attend the tribunal hearings.

AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal recently cleared 34 past and present players on the grounds that paperwork outlining what they had been given in 2011 and '12 was missing.

Dank has been urged by Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority chief Ben McDevitt to deliver his records but Dank remarked he left all information with the club when he was sacked. The sports scientist remarked he was forced to initially keep manual records. Dank added records kept by anti-ageing clinics Skinovate and Hypermed, where the players received treatment and had been injected, had been handed to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

Dank also claimed Bombers club doctor Bruce Reid endorsed the initial player blood tests and said AFL integrity officer Brett Clothier did not acted after his discussion about peptides with Coach James Hird in 2011. Dank denied claims Reid had been "marginalized" and said certainly the indications while he was there was that he was. Stephen Dank also said and one thing that has really struck him since he left Essendon that every person who has been involved in this investigation has come out with all sorts of statements after he left.

The Essendon club has remarked that AFL had forensic accounting firm Deloitte seize every computer hard drive and other records at the club as soon as it was discovered it had reported its supplements program.

The sports scientist remarked he finds the statement by Jones saying that the evidence provided by Dank is dishonest as laughable. Dank said he had not provided any evidence and called for a senate or judicial inquiry into handling of the saga by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

Dank admitted that he administered permitted Thymomodulin and not banned Thymosin Beta-4 to Essendon players. The former sports scientist reiterated his intention to sue the ASADA and Australian Football League (AFL) for defamation. He added that he did not want to cooperate with inquiry conducted by ASADA as it had been corrupted and did not contest his case at the tribunal since he wanted the facts tested in a court of law.

Stephen Dank also rejected claims that there was no or little recording of what was injected into the Essendon players by saying we kept quite a deal of paperwork, for want of a better term, at the football club. He went on to add that particular paperwork was crucial to the management of the program and he left them with Essendon on the day he left the football club and added it is the property of Essendon. Dank also said they have obviously somehow disintegrated, because those records were intact and complete.

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