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Secret Steroid Stacks using Geneza Pharma and Dragon Pharma – Underground Episode 6

In this episode, Ricky V. Rock and Steve Smi go over steroid stacks including 2 steroids that they believe aren't talked about anymore but more of you should be taking a closer look at if you want to take your gains to another level. If you want to hear some different perspectives about these steroids then this is an episode that you want to listen to.

The 60's and 70's stack

Ricky V. Rock starts the show off by talking about a stack that guys in the '60s and '70s loved to use that you should give a shot sometime if you want to try something different.
This stack has been forgotten and it involves Primobolan and Dianabol.


Rick says depending on experience levels he recommends running about 4-7CC's of Geneza Prima100, which would be a total of 400-700mgs per week. It is always important to get Primobolan from a well-known brand that cares about its reputation otherwise you run the risk of getting a fake product. Geneza Pharma GP has always been solid according to Rick so you can be confident in their quality because Primobolan is an expensive steroid that gets faked a lot.

GP Deca

He recommends stacking that Primobolan with AlphaBol, which is Dianabol Dbol from Alpha Pharma. This Dianabol comes in tablet form and each tab is 10mgs. Rick recommends running it 20-40mgs a day and it isn't expensive. So here you are stacking an expensive steroid Primobolan and a cheap one in Dianabol.

Dr. John Bosley Ziegler was the first distributor of dbol to United States Olympic athletes. However, this was only done after he became suspicious at the 1960 European Championships that the Russians were doping their athletes. Of course, he was correct. Read more..

Alpha Pharma

Rick feels like you can gain solid muscle mass even on a caloric deficit and it will make slow quality gains where you aren't amped up. Your muscles will get tighter, you will get leaner, and if you post cycle therapy properly you should be able to keep most of your progress on this stack thanks to the Primobolan which solidifies the gains.

Rick finalizes his thoughts on this stack by saying there are 2 ways to run this stack.
Conservative: Dianabol 4-6 weeks 20mgs a day. Primobolan 400-500mg a week up to 8 weeks
Experienced: Dianabol 60mgs for 6 weeks. Primobolan 1000mgs a week.

Deca and tren stack

Steve talks about an underrated stack involving Geneza GP brand Deca Durabolin 300mgs. What Steve likes about Deca Durabolin is you can inject 1CC a week and you don't have to worry about injecting it often and you are good to go. What he likes to stack with it is GP Tren Enanth 200, which is 200mgs/ML of Trenbolone Enanthate. So he recommends mixing 1 CC of each Deca and Tren in a syringe.

GP TrenAce100

He likes this as a yin and yang effect due to their synergy of a very anabolic steroid and a very androgenic steroid all in 1. Although he says it is probably the #1 steroid stack you could use, he cautions that you should be experienced with these compounds before using them. It isn't a stack for a newbie who is just starting, it is for someone who has run both before so you know how you react to each. And if you like each, you can run them together and it is one of the most powerful stacks, and it's so easy to run cause you just pin once a week 1CC each.

Steve describes this as a dream cycle for anyone who is bulking or strength training. The Deca helps with joints and the appetite, while the tren is great for strength and size.

Anavar and Tren stack

Rick says we know that Anavar is one of the safest orals and he likes the GP Oxan Anavar brand. Most guys that start with steroids will usually do Anavar as a first cycle while Trenbolone is one of the strongest steroids with the most side effects. Rick says that mixing the two works very well for cutting by running that Anavar up to 100mgs a day, but you can get away with half of that.

Rick is choosing Geneza for this cycle because it is a very well-known brand so he doesn't mind spending a little more on quality. He warns that buying from a fly-by-night operation or some guy at the gym is a bad idea because Anavar is highly faked.

GP Prima 100

Stack that Trenbolone Acetate, GP TrenAce100 with it. He recommends 100mgs of the Tren every other day along with that Anavar every day. He says you can solidify your gains by using the Tren maybe a week or two longer than the Anavar up to 8 or 9 weeks.

This is a legit stack that works well and is very effective. You are stacking one with little side effects and one with high side effects.

Keep the calories clean, keep up with your cardio and weights, and you will get some very nice results on this stack and go into fat-burning mode. When you break down that muscle this stack along with diet helps with repairing that muscle.

Muscle Building Stack

Dragon Pharma stack

Steve is very excited to talk about his favorite under-the-radar Dragon Pharma stack!

Bulking is one of the most sought-after goals among gym rats and bodybuilders. Anabolic steroids are a great way to boost your muscle mass and they work incredibly well. In the Evolutionary.org underground podcast #5, Ricky V and Stevesmi take the time to go over their favorite bulking steroid cycles, and also give simple tips to make it easier for anyone to get great results. Read more..

Some people would rather not keep needles in their homes and just want to run orals which is respectable. For those of you who aren't into injecting, Steve did not forget about you, and it is okay as he knows many who have done it for 20+ years with no problems.


Two oral steroids that work well together are Dianabol20 with Turanabol20 from Dragon Pharma. Each pill is 20mgs of each, so you can run 1 pill of each every day and you are good to go. Dianabol has a short half-life, so Steve says you should cut the pill in half and take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

The reason Steve loves this stack is that Dianabol is a wet compound that aromatizes into estrogen, while Tbol is a dry compound that binds well to SHBG and is very mild. These two stacks well together and they are similar to that song "Opposites Attract" from back in the '90s when Rick was growing up.

Steve says some guys will say they aren't good together cause they are so different, but he says that is the point of stacking them! Just like eating a Porterhouse steak and getting the best of both worlds. He finishes the show off by saying this is one of the best oral-only cycles he has ever run in his life and you can get really good clean gains on it just doing 6-8 weeks.


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