3 month steroid cycle and low sex drive.

Dear Evo,

How are you gentlemen, I hope you can find answer me.
I had a cycle for 3 month, and did my PCT ,
However my sex drive drop on my second week of PCT and never come back until now…. I went to doctor says my Testosterone level is ok and he says its only in your head, but im pretty sure there is something wrong ! What can i do to have my sex drive back what shall i check with doctors !?
My wife is getting pissed that im not hitting to her, im afraid that will destroy my marraige ,
 Do i need to do Testorone Replacment Therapy !?
One guy told me took one shot (1ml)of Sustanon every 8 days for 2 month ??
What do you think, please advise i need your help

Y Sparta

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bro you should redo your PCT as the perfect pct…

gearhead Answered on October 3, 2015.
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