A handful of vitamins for everyone

You can easily make a fresh smoothie or shake yourself. The colorful fruit and vegetable drinks will be ready in a few minutes. A handful of leafy vegetables in the blender, squeeze oranges, peel kiwi, ice cubes or frozen berries, done. Yoghurt, milk, cream cheese or banana make it especially creamy.

Our smoothie and shake recipes are vitamin-rich thirst-quenchers that can vary greatly. How about, for example, a green herbal smoothie or an exceptional spinach orange smoothie, a creamy cheese cookie shake or a sweet pineapple mango smoothie? Simply fix and fruity – with our sophisticated recipe ideas you have prepared the most delicious creations in no time at all.


Rainbow Smoothie

Mango, kiwi, raspberries, blueberries and orange – that’s full of fruit! How to make the smoothie yourself, we tell you in this recipe from the GEOlino treat.

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This is how the Rainbow Smoothie is made:

Peel the oranges, mango, kiwis and avocado. Remove the seeds from the mango and avocado. Cut the pulp of all fruits into pieces. Place these fruit cubes sorted on a tray lined with baking paper and freeze them for at least 1 hour.

Then puree the mango pieces with 125 g yoghurt and 4 tbsp milk and divide the puree into 4 glasses. Put the glasses in the fridge.

Mix the raspberries with 125g yoghurt and 4 tablespoons milk. Take the glasses out of the fridge, add the thick juice to each one with a tablespoon. Never pour – otherwise the layers will mix! You also have to transport the glasses carefully, their contents should not slosh back and forth. Restores the glasses cold.

Now it’s the kiwis’ turn: Mix them with the baby spinach (that’s not disgusting – wait and see!), The remaining yoghurt and 110ml of milk, “green” the smoothie and cool it again.

Purée the blueberries with the avocado and the remaining milk (150 ml) and give this blue-violet juice on the other layers, everything is cold … you know that already.

Finally, purée the pieces of orange with the carrot juice and 4 ice cubes and spoon this juice as the top layer on the smoothie.

What is a smoothie?

Smoothies are trendy – they are more in demand than ever before. But what is a smoothie anyway? The answer to this question can not be reduced to one sentence. On this page we show you what the popular drink is all about.

What is a smoothie?

Overview of the most common ingredients

    • Preparation of smoothies


    • Importance for the diet


    • Demarcation from the green smoothie


    • Sugar content of fruit smoothies


    • Influence on insulin secretion


    • The enjoyment must not be neglected


    • Many colorful smoothies


A smoothie is nothing more than a fruit-based drink. Depending on the recipe, one or several different types of fruit are processed. They are crushed – in such a way that the pulp is still contained. In contrast to the classic fruit juice, the fruit flesh is deliberately not filtered out, so that the drink remains beautifully creamy. Some experts therefore also speak of a porridge.

Smoothie Recipes: Just make fruit smoothies yourself

Discover a selection of exciting smoothie recipes that we have developed ourselves. Even with a few ingredients you can prepare delicious smoothies yourself. Here are our recipes for fruity smoothies.

Find the right amount of water

The addition of water can greatly simplify the smoothie preparation, but the amount needs to be well-balanced. Our hints and tips on the amount of water.

Overview of the most common ingredients

The range of ingredients that are suitable for the preparation, is extremely large. Theoretically, it would be possible to process only one type of fruit, but in practice this is rare. Usually two to three varieties are crushed, sometimes even considerably more. The goal is to achieve a great interplay of flavors.

Each individual ingredient not only influences the taste, but also the consistency. Many types of fruit liquefy when crushing. Avocados and mangos are a common ingredient in fruit smoothies for good seediness. Only the banana is processed even more frequently, it promises a creamy consistency.

Normally, sufficient fructose is already present, so that it can be dispensed with a complementary sweetening. Nevertheless, it is possible to change the taste by adding sugar or sweetener. In view of the importance of health, it is advisable to use sweeteners such as stevia or xylitol, as they contain fewer calories compared to sugar and have a reduced risk of caries.

Preparation of smoothies

The central element of the preparation is the shredding of all ingredients. In the domestic environment is gladly resorted to the blender, because this is simply available. Because of the greater comfort and the better mixing performance a blender is best used.

The burden that occurs here is not to be underestimated. Even fruit smoothies can be a stress test for a household mixer. As with the preparation of green smoothies, the use of a high-performance mixer is also recommended. A device, such as a Vitamix TNC 5200, is particularly powerful and is therefore not easily forced to its knees by tough ingredients. To try out green as well as fruity smoothie, a simple household mixer is sufficient, provided it is not overloaded. If you like the smoothies, you should think about purchasing a high-performance mixer.

Importance for the diet

Most people like the smoothie primarily because of its taste. But also in terms of nutrition, the enjoyment is recommended. The reason for this is the high content of nutrients, which is due to both the ingredients and the preparation.

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. Depending on the ingredient, however, there may be great differences, so a targeted selection – especially if smoothies are to contribute to a healthy diet – even more important. Also, the antioxidants contained is awarded by many nutritionists a high importance.

The preparation has an influence on the content of nutrients, because they are not filtered out. In the mixer, the fruits are intensively crushed, but ultimately all the nutrients remain in the drink, which makes the crucial difference over juice. Especially since fruit juices are preserved. Here, a heating takes place, which among other things can reduce the content of nutrients. Freshly prepared smoothies are therefore the better choice.

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