A question from Prison

Whats up man? First and foremost love and respect to you all.
I want to ask you for advice and pick your brain a little. Im in prison, needles are not an option as getting the gear in here is hard enough as it is, needles are out of the question. Im gonna do an oral only cycle, been reading, watching , researching whats available. I ordered the following cycle:
Dianabol week 1-6
Winstrol week 3-8
Proviron week 3-8
Nolvadex Week 4, 6, 8 &9

So I got that template from the site i ordered it from.
Really just asking for advice, i would greatly appreciate it. Been in here for 10+ years, worked out hard through all of them but with No weights to lift aside made water/dirt bags, Im somewhat limited to a calisthenics workout. Im confident I’ve reached the peak of my natural gains and wish to grow more.
27 years old
175 lbs
BF no idea , I have no way to test

Hopefully you can give me some advice on the cycle I mentioned. Thank you for your time.

A fellow inmate

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